Allrich Announces New Fabric Solutions From Germany

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Allrich Trading now offers textiles from Georg+Otto (G+O) Friedrich, Germany, for the printing and signage industry. Since its foundation in 1950 as a contract manufacturer for the foundation garment and the automobile industries, G+O Friedrich has developed to become one of Europe’s leading producers of warp knitted fabrics.

The production is run on state-of-the-art intelligent knitting machines with integrated error detection or error prevention, respectively. All tests relevant to the fabrics can be executed either in our in-house laboratory or by independent external test laboratories. By these means we guarantee that you will receive the top quality you expect.

G+O employs a staff of 75 at two production locations and at warehouses in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Austria. Monthly production is over 450 tonnes of grey (unfinished) cloth – equivalent to approximately six million square metres of finished fabric.

The company’s textiles for inkjet direct printing have been developed through its own research and development department, and close cooperation with manufacturers of printing machines and inks. G+O’s fabrics for digital printing are renowned for high maximum resolution, colour brilliance and acutance, which make digital printing the method of choice for many printers.


· Fabrics for digital printing.
· Banners.
· Flag fabrics.
· Fabrics for display systems.
· Fabrics for outdoor advertising.
· Fabrics for exhibitions.

Included in Allrich’s G+O range are frontlit, backlit, gazebo, flag and mesh. Whether customers require textiles for screen printing, digital transfer printing or inkjet direct printing, G+O are knowledgeable partners and suppliers.

Textiles for screen printing

For many years now the company’s screen printing textiles have been highly regarded and successfully used by well-known printers. Along with consistent, reproducible quality and excellent ink absorption and thanks to special pretreatment for screen printing, it is the flexibility on behalf of its customers that has earned G+O its outstanding reputation: with roll lengths from anywhere between 100 and 4000 running metres and widths from 103 to 225cm, all needs can be accommodated.

Textiles for digital transfer printing

The company has a wide range of qualities and widths, up to 320cm, available directly from stock. This large selection of textiles is complemented by pre-shrunk products and textiles designed for tents and backlit applications.

Textiles for inkjet direct printing

G+O are continually developing its products in this area in particular. Their research and development department and close cooperation with manufacturers of printing machines and inks combine to provide tried-and-tested innovations that secure a competitive edge, an advantage that is only increased through flexible applications.

Customers will find not only a number of textiles that have been treated with flame-retardant finishes, but also the right characteristics for every type of ink, be it water-based sublimation inks, oil-based sublimation inks or UV curing and Latex inks. The choice is yours thanks to INKTeX+ finishes.

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