Aleph Introduces LulzBot Open Source 3D Printer

Aleph Introduces LulzBot Open Source 3D Printer

Aleph Objects’ LulzBot TAZ Pro is the company’s first-ever industrial open source 3D printer. The TAZ Pro is the first true multiple-material 3D printer with dual linear actuated hot ends at a prosumer price point.

This version boasts a dual-material extruder system and was designed for creating functional prototypes, print-on-demand parts and manufacturing aids. It’s also larger than previous TAZ printers, with an increased build volume of 280 x 280 x 285mm.

The 3D printer has independent vertical lifting E3D hot ends with 360 degree part cooling giving the printer dual-material capabilities. The result is clean transitions, so users can print with unique material types, such as high-strength composite materials and materials with soluble supports, not just different colours.

Aleph Objects manufactured the printer with hardened-steel components to ensure printing high-heat composites is possible. The printer also comes with a sensor to alert the printer operator when more filament is needed.


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