Agfa Printing Solutions Win Awards

Agfa Printing Solutions Awarded

The Pinnacle Product Awards recognise products that improve or advance the printing industry with exceptional contributions in quality, capability and productivity. Five of Agfa’s inkjet printing solutions have won a Pinnacle Product award from PRINTING United Alliance.

‘The fact that we outperformed competitors in every major print category that we play in, is a testament to our dedication to deliver innovative technology with superior performance and reliability to print service providers. We are extremely honoured to receive this recognition’, said Vincent Wille, President of Digital Print and Chemicals at Agfa.

The following Agfa products won top honours:

Avinci CX3200 – RTR dye-sublimation on textile category

This new 3.2m wide textile printer produces vibrant high-quality prints on a wide range of polyester-based fabrics for indoor or outdoor soft signage, interior decoration, and fashion items. Its capability to print both directly to fabric and to transfer paper results in a wide applications scope. The new Avinci 110 sublimation inks offer deep blacks and brilliant reds that people are looking for in a dye-sublimation printer.

Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED – UV hybrid/flatbed high-volume production category

Agfa’s Ultra High Speed ‘beast’ is a heavy-duty, ruggedly built hybrid 330.2cm (130”) printer geared to extreme workloads and 24/7 printing of outstanding quality with the lowest ink consumption. For the highest efficiency and convenience, it features multiple automation options, including automatic loading and unloading.

Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED with MRTR and backlit camera – category automation equipment

The master roll-to-roll configuration of Agfa’s fastest Tauro printer features automated double-sided roll printing – even in a dual-roll setup. The integrated camera system reads QR codes, generated by the user interface of the printer, to identify the exact location of the image and adjust the print position at the start of every job, ensuring front-to-back accuracy of +/-3mm over 91.44m (300 feet), at speeds up to 900sqm (9688 square feet/h.

Jeti Tauro H3300 HS LED varnish – UV /latex hybrid category 

With the introduction of varnish printing (either spot or flood) at up to 74.9sqm (807 square feet/h), the latest member of Agfa’s heavy-duty hybrid inkjet printer family gives corrugated cardboard displays and paper a high-gloss finish as well as a protective layer.

Jeti Tauro H2500 LED + Light Black – UV/latex Hybrid category 

The 254cm (100”) version of the hybrid Jeti Tauro printer family features six colours. Next to the standard CMYKcm setup with light cyan and magenta, users can now also opt for a CMYKck configuration with light black ink instead of magenta. Light black ink provides image smoothness and a superior tonal range with stable neutrals – a must for high-end brands looking to show off their products in the best possible way – yet also allows for maximum grey component replacement, which decreases ink consumption up to 15% without compromising on image quality.

The PRINTING United Alliance hands out the Pinnacle awards to solutions from its member suppliers that are available for sale in the marketplace. Each entry is reviewed and scored by an independent panel of industry experts. The jury commented on Agfa’s submission, ‘The detailed reporting provided with the target print was phenomenal.’

Besides the Jeti Tauro H3300 with MRTR & backlit camera, and the Avinci CX3200, the Inca OnsetX3 HS will also be showcased at Agfa’s booth (C8130) at Printing United (Las Vegas Convention Centre, October 19-21).


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