Agfa Debuts Acorta Automatic Cutting Plotter


Agfa has debuted the Acorta Automatic Cutting Plotter, an automatic cutting and finishing plotter dedicated to respond to the requirements of the cardboard, digital printing and signage industries.

It helps wide-format printing companies turn a wide variety of printed rigid and flexible sheet media into finished decorations, containers, banners etc. that truly stand out.
Dominiek Arnout, Vice President for Inkjet at Agfa Graphics said, ‘We are developing and all-integrated approach in which our customers can add an extra in-house finishing step, all driven by Asanti. Rendering, printing and cutting in one workflow allows them to be more productive, more efficient suppliers with a higher return on investment for their business.’

The Acorta uses an innovative auto-recognition system and a multi-tool cutting head. It automatically recognises the printed images and reference points from the designs on the cutting table. The multi-tool cutting head can fit different tools for various materials.

Acorta also features a powerful and bright high-resolution video projection system, which clearly projects the printed image and cutting shapes onto the sheet. This makes an easy visual check possible and avoids making errors.

The Agfa European debut of the Acorta Automatic Cutting Plotter was at FESPA 2015, which took place at Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany from 18-22 May 2015.

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