Aeoon Introduces Kyo Hybrid Series

Aeoon introduces Kyo Hybrid Series.
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The combination of a screen printing and digital textile printing machine unites the advantages of screen printing with the pin-sharp 600dpi quality prints of the Aeoon digital DTG series.

The add-on to the Kyo Series allows printing on complex fabrics even without pretreatment. Users can print photorealistic designs on a white underbase created by a screen printing unit.

The best out of two worlds makes high-speed printing possible and allows incredibly fast printing with a silk screen ink. After only a few seconds of drying, the user can print with the company’s water-based pigment inks on top.

The Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series is pretreatment free and the user can adjust the screens precisely at 0.001mm.

Additionally, the Kyo Hybrid Series allows users to save all settings to retrieve them anytime via its own app. (The screen settings can also be adjusted easily with the app.)

About the Kyo Series

The Aeoon Kyo Series provides digital textile production on an industrial scale. With its direct to garment printer it is possible to stay ahead of the technological curve in the garment decoration market.

Digital DTG printing was once used for low volume or novelty production, but thanks to Aeoon’s new technology and the impressive speed of up to 1280 prints per hour (A4 size, one pass, depending on how fast the operator can load the machine), it can now become the industrial production method for garment decoration.

High resolution printing, beginning with a native 600dpi resolution, enables new design possibilities.