Absen Launches New Outdoor Display Solution


GS series delivers strong visual performance thanks to its high image quality, high brightness and deep contrast. Featuring a wide colour gamut of 110%, high level of brightness and contrast ratio of 3840HZ, GS is capable of maximising engagement by offering dynamic and vibrant messages even under direct bright sunlight.

GS provides an outdoor display solution for advertising companies, system integrator, project contractors and beyond. Absen has recognised end users’ need for a reliable outdoor LED display solution that is able to compete for a broad spectrum of applications. With a wide range of pixel pitch options available from 3-16mm, GS series matches various outdoor applications, including billboards, exterior LED displays, transport signage, street furniture, digital boards and sports displays.

GS is created and tested to withstand varying weather conditions and climates. The rugged IP65 display product boasts special water-proof design and has strictly gone through various extreme tests before final delivery. It offers weatherproof SMD and DIP configurations that can compete with direct sunlight and withstand rain, wind and dirt, providing a reliable outdoor digital display.

Its water-proof design is coupled with a unique heat dissipation system, which enables the cooling speed to increase by 30% and in return leads to longer product lifespan. These advantages make GS series an ideal outdoor LED display solution.

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