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3M’s Commercial Graphics Division has introduced its Envision™ Translucent and Diffuser Films 3730, which are fabricated to much thinner dimensions, facilitating the use of far less LEDs in signage light boxes.

Kim Indermaur, Sales and Marketing Supervisor, Commercial Graphics Division, 3M South Africa said, ‘At 3M we constantly ask ourselves how we can reduce our products’ impact on the environment. This new line of graphic materials offers leading-edge technology, best-in-class performance and a sustainability edge.’ Indermaur went on to quote 3Ms Vice President of Global Sustainability Dr Gayle Scheuller who recently said, ‘Our ‘sustainability edge’ means there is no sacrifice in terms of product quality and usage.’

The application can be used for the majority of conventional light boxes and out of home energy-lit signage. The main benefit is that approximately 50% less LEDs are required to produce the same amount of light. This results in reduced energy consumption, maximising environmental sustainability.

Other advantages include:
• As the light force is placed much closer to the film a much brighter more visible sign is produced – standing out amongst the clutter.
• Smaller signs using less material can be made resulting in a substantial material cost saving.
• Reduced heat emanating from fewer LEDs has resulted in hot spot elimination.

Considering the advantages of the 3M Envision™ Translucent and Diffuser Films 3730, the estimated additional 10% to 15% cost, when compared to conventional translucent and diffuser films, is a small price to pay for the long-term benefit it offers.

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