3A Composites Materials Used For Wide PPE Range

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Johannesburg-based signage, banner and graphic design business SK52 has created PPE solutions using 3A Composites’ materials.

The company created face shields for children with 0.5mm LUMEX® and the stand to hold them with 10mm SMART X®. These were all printed on a 1625 EFI UV printer and cut on a MultiCam.

The company has also created sneeze screens in various sizes using 5mm CRYLUX™, a reclining hospital bed that can be flat packed and easily assembled using FOAMALITE®, and sanitiser stations for high and low traffic areas using DIBOND® 3mm. They have been used in hospitals and supermarkets, and sold online and in store.

‘We chose 3A Composites because of the product availability, and because these products are very easy to work with,’ said SK52 director Craig Drummond. ‘The materials last longer and perform better during fabrication. They also hold ink better than other substrates and the materials have also been properly tested and approved.’

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