ProofMaster Updates Large Format Printing Software

Aurelon Updates ProofMaster RIP Software

The new ProofMaster software makes it easy for Mac-based agencies and designers to access high-quality and affordable contract proofing, which will increase the standards of colour being delivered to clients.

ProofMaster comes in two versions: ProofMaster and ProofMaster Plus for prototyping and design. The multi-platform installer supports MS Windows. ProofMaster uses Aurelon’s powerful VISU device-link colour engine to deliver advanced colour profiles. This enables users to reproduce greys, subtle colours and spot colours with incredible levels of accuracy with a ‘brand-brilliant’ mindset.

The VISU colour engine also lets users close-loop calibrate two or more devices to a single profile, and supports certification to industry standards for maximum proof-to-proof reliability and manages spot colour proofing via the very latest CxF/X-3 and X-4 industry standard data formats.

Toby Burnett, Director of Sales EMEA at Aurelon PrintFactory said, ‘All-in-one quality colour management makes a huge difference for end-customers with exacting standards. With this update, the VISU colour engine is being delivered at an affordable price – making this higher level of proofing possible for a market where, previously, it might not have made economic sense to invest in proofing software, or Windows-based machines at the end of a Mac-based design journey.’


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