Updated ErgoSoft Version 15 RIP Streamlines Production Workflows


ErgoSoft has announced the next wave of new features and enhancements to RIP Version 15. With the release of the ‘distributed version’, which includes 64-Bit integration, an RGB profile converter, Network Licensing and a True Shape Nesting feature, the Swiss based high fidelity RIP solution provider continues its mission to deliver productive, easy to use applications for today’s digital print supplier.

‘Strengthening our development division during the past two years by assembling an expert team with extensive industry related know-how allows us to respond very quickly to the specific demands of our customers, generating a very high output of new and improved technologies even between major release versions,’ explained Anna Tobler, CEO at ErgoSoft AG.

The ‘distributed version’ is designed for multi printer and multi computer environments. In combination with the newly integrated network licensing ability, the new edition provides full, network wide production control and a most flexible production environment for every size and complexity of distributed, any to any configurations. The ability to separate the different applications such as JobComposer, RIPServer and PrintClients into Composing- or Output-Stations will help to streamline production workflows by making the required features available exactly where required.

True Shape Nesting enables ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 users to reduce their media waste by 40% on average. The intuitive and powerful option improves the arrangement of multiple images per job by rearranging the images based on their actual shape.

‘Using the new RGB profile converter to convert even multicolour output profiles into RGB profiles and use them directly in their graphic editing software opens up a variety of new composing workflows to our users,’ said Andy Brunner, Product Manager of the ErgoSoft RIP solutions.


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