Trotec Exhibits Laser Solutions At Sign Africa Cape Town Expo


Trotec South Africa showcased its latest laser solutions at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo from 15-16 March.

Products on display included the MOPA Laser (fibre laser) used in industrial marking. Qualitatively equivalent markings produced with the MOPA laser are often faster than with the conventional fibre laser, while the advantages of the conventional laser sources (maintenance-free, long life, air-cooled and economical purchase price, etc.) remain the same.

With the MOPA fibre laser sources, users can variably adjust the pulse duration and reduce it to a few nanoseconds compared to conventional fibre laser sources. Due to the short pulses as well as the lower pulse energy, the material is heated less.

For some plastics, the MOPA fibre laser can make full use of its strengths, like short pulses and thereby less material heating. Plastics that are difficult to mark with a conventional fibre laser can be laser-marked with the MOPA laser in a clearly more homogeneous manner, with less burning and foaming.

The company also reported that a material handling course, for the Troglass Cast Acrylic product (which works well on lasers and ensures a cleaner finish), was held recently and was well received.

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