15 May 2017

TRANSJET: Maximum Colour Transfer, Minimum Ink Consumption


TRANSJET® Swiss sublimation papers are designed for maximum, consistent colour transfer with minimum ink consumption. The sustainable printing media is PE-FREE, containing 100% recyclable pulp and produced in FSC quality. They are also designed to be universal, so are suitable for use with all common printing systems available on the market and with a wide range of inks. TRANSJET® papers are proudly imported, converted and distributed by Stuart & Marks, who will reach a milestone of 30 years of trading in the paper industry. This article appears in the March/April edition of Sign Africa Journal.

Due to Stuart & Marks’ in-house converting facilities countrywide, it can serve clients’ needs with custom size plotter rolls. The company imports a wide range of various products from paper mills across the world in jumbo reels. It has three branches, Johannesburg head office, Durban and Cape Town, with a total of 12 converting machines, which can produce high volumes of any media up to 3200mm wide.

The company’s finished printable media products cover the CAD, inkjet, solvent outdoor and dye-sublimation markets. With a high volume based industry and TRANSJET® papers that are consistent, customers can rely on Stuart and Marks’ production time and stock availability. TRANSJET® ensures excellent quality results in sublimation printing; the highest cost efficiency and consistent reliability. To enable customers to make optimal use of the potential of the latest generations of printers and inks, the company is always working to improve and further develop its sublimation papers.

The TRANSJET® Range Includes:


This sublimation paper has been developed in close cooperation with leading printer and ink manufacturers to achieve maximum efficiency in sublimation printing. Due to its outstanding drying capacity, it is ideally suited for use on industrial high-speed printing machines as e.g. MS Italy, Reggiani Machine, Robustelli and DGI.

With TRANSJET® Boost, the ink is instantly absorbed by the highly porous coating surface and passed through capillary tubes into the coating. During the transfer process, the capillary tubes act as a turbo channel, speeding up colour transfer by boosting the colourants out of the coating. Applications include: transfer onto various polyester materials, such as sportswear, banner, flags, skis and snowboards. The paper is available in 85gsm and 130gsm. The ultra-light grammage of this coated sublimation paper guarantees extreme cost efficiency in high volume productions such as the garment manufacturing industry.

TRANSJET® Boost, instant-dry (350sqm/h) is for use in industrial high-speed printers and features:
• Ultra-fast ink absorption and drying.
• High ink loads possible.
• Brilliant colours and enhanced colour release and densities.
• Extra large gamut.
• Excellent transfer rates.
• Excellent runnability and outstanding efficiency.


Applications include transfer onto all possible polyester materials: banners, flags, snowboards, gadgets (mugs, mouse pads and more) apparel and personalised interiors. Advantages include: high transfer rate, good drying time, excellent colour brilliance on polyester textiles and polyester-coated substrates.


With its grammage of only 60gsm and 45gsm, TRANSJET® Fashion delivers the same high colour transfer rate as any other TRANSJET® paper. To maximise print efficiency, TRANSJET® Fashion features excellent ink-drying properties. It is ideal for use in cost- and productivity-driven production processes on an industrial scale as e.g. fashion wear.

More Quality
• Excellent colour brilliance. The special coatings hold the ink on the paper’s surface. This increases the transfer rate and ensures brilliant homogeneous colours.
• Consistent quality characteristics. The performance and dependability of TRANSJET® with regard to colour transfer and runnability ensures added reliability to all of the print service provider’s processes.
• Precise transfer results. TRANSJET® offers a solution that completely prevents ghosting, a kind of shadowing, because the sublimation paper bonds with the textile during transfer. This guarantees homogeneous colour transitions and high line sharpness on the textile.

More Efficiency
• Shorter production times. TRANSJET® is designed for the latest generation of printers. The good drying properties of this sublimation paper allow faster print production and shorter transfer times. This reduces costs and saves time.
• Lower ink consumption. As TRANSJET® holds the ink on the surface, ink consumption can be minimised without any need to sacrifice colour brilliance.
• Ideal for extra-wide formats. Due to the paper’s high stability, your extra-wide production of up to 3.20m runs reliably and efficiently.

More Reliability
• Reliable production. As the ink penetrates the coating in a controlled manner, corrugation (wet cockling) is minimised during printing. This reduces both downtime and repair costs.
• Fewer rejects. Due to the activated tack effect of TRANSJET® Sportsline triggered by the heat in the calender, there is now hardly any shrinkage of textiles during processing.
• Secure margins. Quality fluctuations or reprints due to non-compliance with stipulated print qualities, along with high additional costs which reduce margins, are avoided.


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