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Cycling Business Uses Graphtec Cutting Plotter For Bicycle Wrapping

Graphtec's FC8000 Cutting Plotter has enabled a business to expands it service in wrapping bicycles. Shack Wrap is owned by avid mountain biker and ex-cycle...
Harvesters wrapped in Grafitack Cast AE38C for Nampo.

Harvesters Wrapped In Grafitack Cast AE38C For Nampo

Bloemfontein based Ninim Designs used Grafitack cast AE38C material to wrap two Case 7140 Ladybrand harvesters for agricultural exhibition Nampo 2018.
Yello Tools’ Yello Gear ensures flexibility.

Yello Tools’ New Yello Gear Ensures Flexibility

The Yello Gear tool pouch system is designed to be as flexible as the user’s daily tasks. Whether wrapping a car, boat, wall, object, window...
Grafityp introduces new wall decoration films.

Grafityp Introduces New Wall Decoration Films

Grafityp Selfadhesive Products introduced their new Grafiprint Wall Decoration Films. The range consists of five qualities, two monomerics, two structured polymeric and one cast film. Grafiprint...