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Sign Africa Video Series: Simulated Process Printing On T-Shirts.

Sign Africa Video Series: Simulated Process Printing On T-Shirts

In this video, T-shirt printing industry veteran Charlie Taublieb demonstrates simulated process printing. https://youtu.be/KW3kRfjMnvk Summary: • Simulated process printing: making a full colour image using half tones...
The screen printer’s handbook : adding bling to a shirt.

The Screen Printer’s Handbook: Adding Bling To A Shirt

According to Charlie Taublieb, head of Taublieb Consulting, shirt treatments help in taking a simple shirt and transforming it into a unique garment. Depending on the...

T-Shirt Printing Tips: Integrated Registration System

One of the biggest problems in a screen printing facility is the lack of an integrated registration system that starts with a template in the art department and

T-Shirt Printing Tips: How To Use An Exposure Calculator

Using an exposure calculator correctly will help the stencil last longer and hold the detail that the emulsion is capable of. There are several exposure calcula