09 March 2018

Rexx Showcasing Diverse Range Of Equipment And More At Sign Africa Cape Town Expo

OKI C612
REXX-T range

Rexx Screen And Digital Supplies will be showcasing a range of equipment at the upcoming Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, to be held from 14-15 March at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

These include:

OKI laser printers (C612 and Pro7411WT models)
Offering both the CMYK and White Toner options, these printers feature flexible media handling, low cost and produce high definition print resolution. Rexx’s White Toner option is able to print white and together with it’s SHOCKLINE product, one is able to transfer white toner directly onto dark garments, which is a key feature for setting any business apart from the competition.

SHOCKLINE laser papers
An Italian producer of transfer papers and decals for laser printers and inkjet plotters, they are suited for custom printing and decorating of any object or substrate, such as cotton, metal, wood, Plexiglas, glass, plaster, ceramics, natural and artificial leather, nylon, polyester, textiles (dark and light) and much more. Products like TOPDARKNEW and TOPCOLOR, offer a self-weeding process which transfers only the printed image and does not transfer the whole page. This gives one a softer and more appealing finish.

SEF heat transfer films
The softest flock films, and the thinnest flex films, offering a wearable soft hand feel finish. With a wide range of products from Puff and Metalflex, to glow-in-the-dark, SEF films will be able to cover all garment decorating needs. The heat transfer films are able to be pressed onto almost every sort of textile imaginable from coated to standard textiles.

GCC cutter plotters (AR-24 model)
Features optimised cutting abilities with a maximum cutting speed of 400mm/sec. It also has a maximum cutting thickness of 0,8mm.

Puma III
Powered by a digitally controlled servo system, the Puma III produces eye-catching graphics with up to 33 ips (849mm/sec) cutting speed, 400g of cutting force and five metres (16.4 feet) of tracking ability. This plotter is a versatile machine that has the ability to plot and cut without having to alter the plotter's mechanical configuration. For vector cutting or plotting it’s as simple as switching the blade holder with the pen holder.

Schulze heat presses
The BluePRESSLine series is the best choice for cost-conscious beginners or for ambitious small scale producers. Each single heat-press comprises of the same dedicated development, the technical know-how and the approved high-quality of manufacturing of the SCHULZE heat-press.

2017/2018 new colour and style range. New colours include: black melange, navy melange, medium grey melange, cobalt melange, military melange and oatmeal melange. Rexx has also added the Ladies Racer Back Vest to its style range, in black, and charcoal melange.

• All single jersey garments are manufactured in 160 gram combed cotton.
• All fleece garments are manufactured in 270 gram 70/30 combed cotton/polyester. The polyester is only on the inside of the garment, giving a luxurious soft brushed finish.
• All fabrics are enzyme washed to remove excess surface fibres giving a smooth and soft feel.
• All fabrics are dyed using dischargeable dyes, allowing for all printing techniques (royal blue and solar blue excluded)
• All garments have been individually styled for the latest trends in the industry.
• Only lycra rib is used in all garments, ensuring ideal recovery and optimum life span.
• Labels are tear-out, allowing one to easily rebrand garments to one’s own brand name.

Upcoming Sign Africa expo's include:
Bloemfontein: 10 May, Ilanga Estate.
Zambia: 6-7 June, Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.




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