Printster Launches Personalised Face Wrap For Valentine’s Day

Printster Adds In Your Face Personalised Wrap For Valentine’s Day

Personalised print specialist Printster’s new product is aimed at the Valentine’s gift market and enables customers to use photos of their own faces to create unique wrapping for their loved ones’ gifts.

The 10-staff Bristol based company produces personalised wrapping paper in hundreds of designs, but said that its latest offering, In Your Face, is its most fun and outrageous to date. The service allows customers to upload a photo of somebody’s face, which the company will crop and plaster all over the wrapping.

Printster owner Ben Williamson said, ‘We’ve been doing personalised wrapping for about 18 months and it’s probably our fastest growing product. In Your Face just seems to catch people’s eye, it’s quite a funny present. You can go for something cheeky and fun or more romantic and classy in your design. You can also add your own printed message, whatever you want to say, to add to the unique feel of the wrap.’


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