Pigment Inc Releases GoTx Fabric Pre-Treatment System

Pigment Inc Releases GoTx Fabric Pre-Treatment System
Pigment Inc Releases GoTx Fabric Pre-Treatment System

Pigment Inc, a division of Impression Technology, Sydney, Australia recently announced its redesigned second generation 1.9m (75 inch) and 2.6m (102 inch) pre-treatment units.

After completely redesigning their first generation pre-treatment units, Impression has reduced the footprint size dramatically for use in areas where space is a premium.

Incorporating a new non-bath single sided surface coating technology, the GoTx 1900PT/2600PT units use transfer rollers instead of fabric crushing to maintain the fabric surface. This unit is one of the first to not use either spray or soak coating methodology. Fabric handling is facilitated by an integrated spreader roller for smoothing the fabric. Using adjustable guide rollers on the input and output side controls the coating consistency and prevents edge curling.

The fabric is dried with a new TurboDryer dual exhaust system for extracting humidity and steam. The TurboDryer system uses 30% less electricity than other units and has standard electrical connections.

According to Steve Richardson, managing director, Impression Technology, ‘After launching our first generation units, we traveled worldwide to review the requirements for our second generation pre-treatment machines. We believe our small footprint will open the market for coating and using fabrics never imaginable before. This is truly exciting for our customers.’

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