OSRAM has introduced a selected range of new products at this year’s Light+Building Preview, giving a glimpse of what it will showcase at the Light+Building expo, the largest and most important trade fair of the lighting industry. The company has introduced the first LED substitute for the 75W-light bulb in Europe; its first LED-module in accordance with Zhaga standards; the sure course to the world of LED-street lighting as well as the latest generation of lighting management systems.

‘In the course of the past year, OSRAM has succeeded in establishing itself as a full-range supplier and is now in a position to offer products and solutions for the entire scale of customer needs,’ said Klaus-Günter Vennemann, CEO of the OSRAM Business Unit General Lighting.

The economic answer: Parathom Classic A75
The Parathom Classic A75 LED lamp offers customers energy savings of approximately R4 000(400 Euros) per lamp, when considering the entire service life. This lamp is the first LED-substitute for the 75W-light bulb available on the European market and can be used in standard E27-sockets. LED-retrofits – the name of which refers to the new source of light for the old socket – such as the Parathom Classic A75, offer simple access to LED technology for numerous customers. According to a study conducted by the management consulting firm McKinsey, the number of sold retrofits is expected to treble within the next five years and is anticipated to exceed the number of energy-saving lamps by the beginning of the next decade.

The flexible answer: Prevaled
The rapid pace of the LED age implies a great challenge for manufacturers of luminaires: the large leaps in performance made in the field of light diodes, as well as the concomitant technical changes have led to the current situation in which virtually every new generation of LED products calls for an entirely new luminaire design. A solution to this situation is offered by standardized LED-modules. LED-modules are units of numerous jointly connected LED’s.

To ensure that these are universally applicable, 170 companies in the lighting branch have already joined forces in the so-called ‘Zhaga Consortium’. The consortium defines certain interface specifications for LED-modules as well as the corresponding electronics required (the control gear). Together these form what is called the ‘LED-Light-Engine’. In the course of this, mechanical, thermal, photometric and electrical interfaces are taken into account. With these defined parameters, the Zhaga-certified Light-Engines form the counterpart to the standardized lamps of the traditional world of light, such as light bulbs or fluorescent lamps.

Specified basic data facilitates planning certainty for the manufacturers of luminaries, providing them with more flexibility, as they are now able to focus on their core business: the actual development of luminaries. OSRAM will be presenting the first Zhaga-certified light engine at Light+Building 2012: the round LEDmodule Prevaled Core Z2 for spot- and downlights, which is approximately ten times more efficient than an incandescent lamp and provides performance levels of up to 108 lm/W. What is more, the rod-like LED-modules Prevaled Linear and Prevaled Linear Slim will also be introduced for use in offices, in addition to application in industrial buildings. Their LED-points of light are positioned so close together that the source of light radiated is particularly uniform and evenly distributed.

A major technological change is presently occurring in the lighting market. Semiconductor-based technologies like LED and OLED are opening up a world of new opportunities in fields such as efficiency and light quality. Since the last Light+Building, OSRAM has directly approached and communicated with customers and to date has already spent more than 50 000 days of consulting in retail, in addition to launching a roadshow that reached approximately 7 000 lighting designers, architects and electricians. The appearance at Light+Building 2012 will present the answers found by the company in reply to the insights gained during this time.



Chemica has added various new media to their wide product range. The company has been producing innovative and high quality products since 1983 and has developed a wide range of heat transfer products that are designed for visuals communication, screen printing and the textile markets. 

Hotmarkprint 1792 is a printable white matte polyurethane media for use on eco and true solvent printers, for heat transfer applications. Used for transfer onto white and dark garments with a nominal 50 micron, the product can be used for applying colourful designs with minimal deposit, thanks to it’s incredible thinness.

Also new in the Hotmark range is Hotmarkprint Nylon 1992, a white matte polyurethane media for use on eco and true solvent printers for heat transfer applications on Nylon, cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibres.

With the new Easyprint Nylon and Glossyprint Nylon, heat pressing onto Nylon will no longer be a problem as the special glue on the back of this media adheres to most textiles.

The new Clearprint Matt 1690 and Clearprint Glossy 1700 can be used for white garments, have a transparent carrier, and can be used for mirror printing.

Subli-Tex 1603 is a white polyester textile for sublimated printers for heat transfer applications.?Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibres, it has a thickness of 210 microns.
To assist customers in creating vibrant designs and images, see the CHEMICA website for free downloads: http://www.chemica.fr/downloads.html,cr,2,7.

Graphix Supply World, Africa’s leading one-stop supplier to the digital print, signage and textile industry, is the exclusive distributor of Chemica to Sub-Saharan Africa. GSW welcomes this news of the new products in the printable range, as this is one of the best-selling ranges. 

Chemica’s success as a heat transfer media manufacturer can be attributed to good technology used to develop products which are very thin and easy to cut and weed, thereby allowing for greater flexibility. Attractive patterns and finishes are possible as the product quality enables easy overlapping, with a wide variety of colours and printable options.

GSW is looking forward to demonstrating the Chemica quality at the upcoming trade shows.

See GSW next at:
– Label Summit Africa in Cape Town, South Africa: 19-20 March 2012.
– GSW Road Show in Maputo, Mozambique: 3 April 2012.
– Sign Africa RoadShow in Bloemfontein 30 May 2012.



The company announced new options for HP Scitex wide-format presses, at the pre-drupa event in Israel this week. It also announced a range of new solutions, all of which will be exhibited at drupa, held from 3-16 May in Dusseldorf, Germany.

New options for HP Scitex wide-format presses

The company has introduced new options to improve the versatility and productivity of HP Scitex wide format presses, including a white ink kit and an automatic loader for the FB7500 and FB7600 Industrial Presses, and a new version of HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for automatic monitoring of HP Scitex industrial wide-format presses.

The FB7500/FB7600 White Ink Kit and Hostert Automatic Loader expand HP’s solutions for its highest-volume flatbed printers with the option to add high-opacity white inks or stack-to-stack operation. HP SmartStream Production Analyzer is the only complete data analysis and operations monitoring software available for large-format PSPs.

Expanded PSP Services organisation

The company has also has expanded its global PSP Services organisation, providing a wide portfolio of service and support programmes to address mission-critical needs and help PSPs operate more efficiently.

‘With the extraordinary scope and scale of these announcements, we are fueling an unstoppable industry transformation from analogue to digital printing,’ said Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP. ‘Our new digital solutions strike at the core of the printing market and are able to meet the toughest requirements of world-class brands, publishers and print service providers.’

Event attendees were also invited to HP Indigo’s Ness Ziona facility where they got an in-depth look at the new presses in Indigo’s laboratories.

The expanded HP Indigo digital press portfolio offers new levels of performance, image quality and application-driven opportunity to accelerate the analogue-to-digital print transformation and deliver profitable growth for customers. HP representatives showcased the new Indigo 10000 at its Indigo Customer and Solutions Testing Centre.

A customer panel was also held, with three of HP’s customers, Jay Dollries (USA), Yukinori Okamoto (Japan) and Marco Perlman (Brazil), explaining how digital presses offer significant improvements in turnaround time, efficiency and marketing response. They also commented that the three new wider-format presses will allow print service providers (PSPs) to take advantage of applications not previously addressable by digital. ‘The new platforms allow for penetration into the folding carton and flexible packaging markets. The Indigo technology gives printers all the versatility they need to help brands grow their business and to produce products in a wide array of markets,’ said Dollries.



This Polypropylene, 3D laminate has been developed to create 3D visual effects whilst at the same time protecting digital prints.  Suitable for indoor use, Maizey’s new 3D laminate can be applied to a variety of substrates. (Because of the relative stiffness of the material, application to PVC Banner is not recommended)

 Product composition:
– Front material: 75+/-10µm mm thick polypropylene film with a 3D-lenticular surface
– Backing paper: White PE craft paper of 105+/-5g/sq.m
– Glue: Special pressure-sensitive and permanent acrylic solvent based adhesive.



The International Geneva Motor Show is one of the most important car exhibitions worldwide. ?At this year’s show, the EDAG Light Car – Sharing concept car, an e-mobility concept for the booming car-sharing industry, was presented for the first time. The concept car from EDAG features visually striking PLEXIGLAS® LED backlighting in the “pads” on its bumpers and sides.

The backlighting for the pads is the result of cooperation between EDAG, Illmenau Technical University and Evonik. Whether the vehicle is charged, reserved or ready to lease: the LEDs and PLEXIGLAS® LED built into the pads show the vehicle’s status and are visible at a great distance. Sporting the engraved PLEXIGLAS® logo, the pads will glow at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show — and spark the interest of visitors.

PLEXIGLAS® LED (formerly TruLED) WH14, the superior choice for bright, energy-efficient backlighting, is widely used in illuminated signage and exhibition stand construction.

In the concept car showcased at the Motor Show, PLEXIGLAS® LED displays its advantages as a sheet material. But the new PLEXIGLAS® LED light-scattering molding compounds in the specialty shades of 0V200 and 0V606 are also perfect for LED illumination and, therefore, ideally suited to serial production in the injection-molding process. PLEXIGLAS® LED always creates a uniformly illuminated surface without the hot spots of LEDs and without sacrificing light yield.

In this project, Evonik assisted Illmenau Technical University and EDAG in the material selection and lighting technology. EDAG, the world’s largest independent engineering partner, develops production-ready solutions for the mobility industry, which frequently find their way into the production vehicles of the major automakers.



A simple answer to your edge sealing problems with vinyl application that require edge protection from washing, polishing and excessive physical contact. SealiTpen works like a magic marker, just draw around the edges of your graphic to seal the edges.

Each SealiTpen is filled with a 1 shot brand, 4005UV blocker, clear acrylic, for a fast drying (15 minutes), long lasting edge seal. Simply clean the surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining sealer when graphics need to be removed.

Compatible with all vinyls, thermal and digital prints, each pen will seal approximately 10 sets of truck doors.



The Sign Africa sponsor showcased various films for the graphics arts industry at the Sign Africa RoadShow in Durban, from 14-15 March at the Durban ICC.

The following products were showcased:


This specialty cast vinyl film designed to create a tattoo effect on the application surface. The film is transparent, with some black pigment and some metal flakes showing a dark shade on light substrates and light shade on darker substrates. 

The product boasts excellent performance on flat surfaces and simply curved surfaces; excellent layflatness and stability during cutting and weeding and excellent dimensional stability during use and application.


This is premium quality cast vinyl film for use in the vehicle market where high quality film finish and cost effective wrapping is required. The adhesive with Easy Apply RSTM Technology features an easy application mechanism which allows faster positioning and air-bubble free film application, as well as long term removability after the intended period of use. 


This is a high quality calendered film designed for use in fleetmarking and corporate identification applications providing enhanced ease-of-use during application. Entrapped air can easily be removed without the need to punch the film face – this feature offers the benefits of faster wrapping of vehicles.

MPI 1900 

This product offers perfection for temporary applications. It is a versatile, conformable, durable self-adhesive film specially designed for digital print. It can be printed wide-and super-wide-format inkjet with solvent or eco-solvent inks, and delivers an extensive colour gamut at high print speeds.


When ‘close’ isn’t close enough, Avery Dennison’s Colour Match Service guarantees you the best conformable film available, matched to that special colour your customers needs. The super-conformable Avery® 900SC film is available in a wide range of stand colours.  Additionally, the company can offer over 1000 Pantone® colours through our licence agreement with Pantone®.  And if none of these can give you the right colour to fit your customer’s needs, the company can offer an even greater choice through our Avery Dennison’s Colour Match service.


This is written assurance that the company’s products perform how they should from product through application and for the life of the graphic.  That’s why Avery’s range of innovative, high performance products are backed with a warranty you can trust. The ICS Performance combines its films with other qualified components to form a system which is guaranteed to be compatible and provide superior performance. You choose the application, production method, qualified printer, ink and application tape, coupled with our films, and we provide the warranty. 

To register online and for more information on the Africa Print RoadShow in Durban, visit: www.africaprintexpo.com.

Forthcoming Africa Print RoadShows include:

-Bloemfontein: 30 May 2012 at Kiepersolrant

-Cape Town: 20-21 June 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 



The company showcased 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes – Carbon Films at the Sign Africa RoadShow in Durban, from 14-15 March at the Durban ICC.
The films are durable, cleanable, flexible PVC films with 3M’s Comply™ Adhesive air release channels for fast, easy and virtually bubble?free application. Use DI-NOC film in place of or to enhance natural materials. These films have excellent adhesion and flexibility, allowing them to be used indoors or outdoors on flat or complex curved substrates, walls, furniture and fixtures.

To register online and for more information on the Africa Print RoadShow in Durban, visit: www.africaprintexpo.com.

Forthcoming Africa Print RoadShows include:

-Bloemfontein: 30 May 2012 at Kiepersolrant

-Cape Town: 20-21 June 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 



The Fespa Hall of Fame results are in. The Hall of Fame received 6 000 votes for more than 400 printers in 40 countries and the winner and Top 5 for have now been confirmed. The FESPA Hall of Fame is the international award which recognises the leading lights of the wide format print community.

Results are as follows:

WINNER: Rich Thompson, AdGraphics, (USA)

2nd Kishore Musale, Classic Stripes, (India)

3rd Birol Fedai, Sistem Printing, (Turkey)

4th Keith Ferrel, Cactus Imaging, (Australia)

5th Simon Pless, Erler & Pless, (Germany)

Duncan MacOwan, Head of Events and New Media for FESPA commented:

‘The FESPA Hall of Fame can be hailed as an unbelievable success. The number of nominations and votes far exceeded our expectations as printers voted in their droves from countries all over the world. It goes to prove once again the international audience that FESPA commands, and how valued these excellent printers are to our industry. The winner of this award must be very proud as this is an amazing accolade voted for by their peers.’



In addition to the latest industry news, the latest issue of Practical Sign and Digital Graphics features two exciting new sections.

In our new ‘Homegrown Heros’ section, we look at the locally manufactured and designed Ezee Applicator MINI and get an outline of the advantages and challenges of manufacturing equipment locally. With our ‘Green Light’ section, we take a look at how Grosvenor Branding Solutions helped a client reduce their carbon footprint with eco-friendly Re-board.

We also have a Fespa review, which features all the highlights from Fespa Digital in Barcelona, which Sign Africa organisers Practical Publishing attended – bringing you the latest news firsthand.

To view the latest edition, visit the link below:

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