Modico will showcase its range of high-tech stamp machines and stamp consumables, at the Sign Africa Durban Regional Expo, taking place from 6-7 March at the ICC Durban. 

Modico uses a new and revolutionary manufacturing method for stamps: the permanent stamp – also known as Flash Stamp, because it is produced with a flash-unit. Sharp and even imprints of best quality characterise these kinds of stamps.

How the Modico stamp works:

The ink pad is placed behind the printing plate which is made of a microporous special foamed material, that stays ink-permeable only at the unexposed areas. The exposed areas are ink-impermeable. If you press the stamp, the ink will be dispensed through the ink-permeable areas of the text plate onto the paper. This is why there isn’t any loss of quality, which is the result of the uneven transfer of ink from the ink plate onto the text plate, like it is common with conventional wooden – or self inking stamps made of polymer or rubber.

A new modico® is created in three minutes. Its imprint is razor-sharp. Its resolution gains up to 600 dpi. Graphics, grey scales, photos, personal signatures and fonts down to 4,5 points are reproduced precisely. It uses an intelligent technology that makes a profit margin of up to 200 percent possible.

All you need is a laser printer, the modico-exposure-unit and a little bit of creativity.

The modico is based on an the flash process, allowing an emission-free designing of your individual stamp. An energy – and space-saving exposure-unit does the job in just a few minutes, completely without any chemicals. Even when used daily, the modico remains ecologically friendly.

Advantages of the stamps include: 

  • Fast production in three minutes from the artwork to a completed stamp.
  • Easy application.
  • All ink colours are the same low price.
  • Revolutionary design modico® combines perfect function with aesthetics and ergonomics. Models in different sizes, including the world’s largest self-inking stamp,and up to five different variants of colours are available.
  • Award-winning design: the modico golf ball stamp is the winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design award.
  • Brilliant imprint quality: the stamp is even able to produce half-tones in several shades.
  • In addition to the six different stamp inks, stamps with fast drying inks are also available. With those you can stamp on a variety of materials, e.g. photo paper, metal, synthetics, wood, ceramics, textiles etc.

Modico Exposure Unit

The modico exposure unit fits in very small offices and business premises. It is compact, easy and safe to use and has the newest microprocessor-controlled technology. It has a wide range of applications, for microporous text plates and various brands of stamps.

Advantages of the modico Exposure Units:

  • Small investment 
  • No current costs, no service contract needed 
  • Up to 50000 exposures per lamp (replaced for free by Modico Southern Africa)
  • Usable for every flash Stamp 
  • High quality product made in EU, with 2 yearr guarantee.

Entrance to all the Regional Expo’s is FREE. Pre-register online, attend the Expo, and you could win R1000 in cash:



Colour Corporate introduced the new Epson SureColor large format printer range at an event hosted at its Johannesburg offices on 14 February. 

The following machines were displayed:

Epson SureColor SC-S50610

This super-fast signage printer maximises productivity, helping busy commercial printers and sign-makers to increase their wide-format throughput.

Designed to deliver a very high level of efficiency, the SC-S50610 uses two thin film Piezo printheads, running two sets of CMYK (or CMYK + white for the 5-colour model) ink simultaneously, to print at speeds in excess of 50sqm/hour. Reliable, Epson-engineered parts throughout the printer help minimise downtime. A built-in dryer ensures prints are ready quickly and, for high productivity applications, an additional drying system is available as an option.

Loading a new roll is a one-person job using the jack system at the rear, and the media loading lever is conveniently accessible from both the front and rear of the printer. Heavier rolls up to 80kg can be easily accommodated using the printer’s optional heavy-roll supply system.

The printer prints over 50sqm/hour, automatically optimises media handling and printhead alignment for the media type, and automatically adjusts the substrate tension to enable accurate media feeding. Feed adjustments can be made during printing without stopping and re-starting.

Epson SureColor SC-S70610

This high-quality signage printer simultaneously supports white and metallic ink, and enables companies to expand their portfolios.

High-quality prints are assured with the combination of Epson’s UltraChrome GSX Ink and proven Micro Piezo TFP printhead, which gives precise droplet formulation and a long production life. The SC-S70610 delivers clarity, fine detailing and smooth blends, and can achieve print resolutions of up to 1440 x 1440dpi.

Wide Colour Gamut

The UltraChrome GSX ink-set, featuring light magenta, light cyan, light black and orange as well as CMYK, gives the 8-colour SC-S70610 the widest colour gamut of Epson’s SureColor printer range. The 10-colour model includes white and metallic inks to increase versatility and scope for production, from simple signage to high-end displays and décor. Both models achieve ultra-smooth tonal gradations and transitions thanks to the use of light inks, including light black ink for enhanced, neutral grayscale.

Substantially faster than many competitors, the SC-S70610 prints at up to 27.3sqm/hour (high-speed mode) when using eight colours, and achieves speeds of up to 4.1sqm/hour with metallic ink enabled.

Epson Surecolor SC-S30610

This is a flexible, high-performance eco-solvent printer for production of signage and decorative finishing solutions. It is designed to work with Epson’s range of enhanced media as well as a wide variety of industry standard stock. It can be used to produce banners and posters, backlit panels and POS displays, window signs and vehicle wraps, wall and floor graphics. It features a high resolution, high speed print engine with easy loading, fast start-up and automatic media handling. It uses Epson’s most advanced ink technology, UltraChrome GS2, which provides for a safer user environment while enabling a superior colour range and enhanced print durability.

Designed from the ground up to offer efficient and environmentally-friendly production at the lowest total cost of ownership, the printer enables print firms, sign makers, digital copy shops and repro centres to expand their service offering.

The printer can produce everything from posters, signs, banners, backlit panels and POS to vehicle wraps, interior decorations and exhibition displays. With a wide range of roll media supported, users can reliably and cost-effectively print on vinyl, canvas, clear film, photographic paper and a range of popular banner substrates, at up to 162.6cm (64-inch) width.



Enfocus has launched PitStop Pro 11 Update 2 and PitStop Server 11 Update 2. The latest of the industry-leading preflighting software brings new functionality to printers, publishers and designers.

The new versions come with full compatibility with the latest releases of Microsoft Windows and Adobe® Acrobat®. In addition, printers and publishers will benefit from the improvements to the usability of Action List technology to increase automation even more. 

Both releases also include value-added new features such as Split Pages as well as improvements to existing functions. The further development of Smart Preflight enables more workflow functionality to be driven dynamically, improving productivity and preflight accuracy.

‘For our more than 130.000 PitStop users worldwide, this latest update will be welcome news,’ said Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus. ‘With this release, we demonstrate our commitment to keeping pace with the newest releases of world-standard software and operating systems. At the same time, we continuously add sought-after features and functionality based on customer input. This is part of our philosophy to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and underlines our industry-leading position.’



Bruce Wallis, technical sales representative for Kemtek Imaging Systems in Johannesburg has been cycling into the record books for a good cause. During the past 12 years, has achieved six Guinness World Records in endurance cycling, with his longest ride totaling 81 hours and 20 minutes.

Notably, he has the full support of Kemtek CEO, Gavin van Rensburg, who has also implemented several corporate fundraising initiatives. ‘Kemtek is committed to supporting several deserving charities and we therefore applaud Bruce for his cycling accomplishments, generating thousands of well-needed rands for a very worthy cause,’ said van Rensburg. ‘This festive season, we forfeited our annual Christmas lunch and staff and customer gift purchases and redirected funds to our nominated charities, giving each a welcome boost for the New Year. We’ll continue our charity efforts in 2013 and wholeheartedly support Bruce in his future cycling endeavours.’ 

‘I’ve always pushed myself to achieve my best in any sport and when I started teaching Spinning for the Virgin Active Group, it was no different,’ said Wallis. ‘I’ve gravitated to spinning instead of road riding, eventually becoming a coach in this discipline and, in 2001, I challenged myself to a 60-hour endurance cycle to raise money for charity.’ 

His desire to make a difference caught the attention of Denise Modlin who was involved with CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa) who collaborated with Bruce to make his dream a reality. 

The special fundraising spin-athon event, which took place during the launch of Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal, was Bruce’s first Guinness World Record achievement and served as the platform for a long alliance with the CHOC Foundation. 

Today, he’s a fully-fledged member of the now infamous CHOC cow brigade (where every cyclist wears a cow-print outfit), riding to raise funds for the charity’s numerous upliftment projects. 

Most recently, Bruce completed a 12-hour spinathon, raising R46 000 for CHOC, and he hopped on an ice cream seller’s bike, in a full cow suit, to complete the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Johannesburg. 

‘Support from every CHOC rider in the Momentum 94.7 road race is always phenomenal and 2012 was no exception. A record R3,2-million was raised for the charity at this event alone,’ said Wallis. ‘There are now over 400 riders around the country who are putting on their cow outfits for charity. During the last five years, they’ve helped to raise over R14-million for CHOC. This money is being put to great use.’

To date, CHOC has bought a residence in Soweto to house children who are being treated at Chris Hani Bara Hospital and October 2012 saw the opening of a new paediatric ward at the same hospital. Several vehicles were also purchased so that children can be safely transported to and from treatment sessions. 

Additionally, CHOC is helping to upgrade the children’s ward at Johannesburg General Hospital and, with the money raised from the 2012 Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, it will be buying a new CHOC house for children in East London and extending its Circle of Care activities in Johannesburg, including educating healthcare professionals on how to detect early warning signs of cancer in children. 

These activities, and more, are the driving force behind Bruce’s future cycling goals. ‘It’s really rewarding to give something back while doing something you love,’ said Wallis. He’ll be back in the saddle in 2013, raising additional funds for CHOC and attempting to breaking some more Guinness World Records along the way. 




The Sign Africa Regional Expo will stop off in Durban at the Durban ICC from 6-7 March. The Expo aims to evolve your business by showcasing the latest equipment and consumables related to the signage and display industries to help you grow your customer base, offer your clients a wider range of products and solutions and remain at the forefront of technology.

The Expo is also targeted at entrepreneurs interested in exploring new business opportunities, right in their own city. You’ll see products and services for digital printing, banners and flags, photo books, photo’s on mugs, dye sublimation, screen printing, inks, paper, vinyls and substrates, display and directional signage systems, routers and engraving, laser cutting and engraving, equipment to print on T-shirts and digital signage.

The Expo is also an opportunity for exhibitors to communicate business solutions directly to customers in their own region.  

The Sign Africa Regional Expo’s are proudly sponsored by Avery Dennison and Roland.

Expo organisers, Practical Publishing, are excited to visit this major city. ‘We are looking forward to visiting Durban again and believe the RoadShow will attract not only local visitors, but also visitors from other provinces,’ said Charnia Yapp, Organiser of the Sign Africa Regional Expo’s. 

Entrance to all the Regional Expo’s is FREE. Pre-register online, attend the expo, and you could win R1000 in cash:

Forthcoming RoadShows include:

Bloemfontein Roadshow: 9 May, Kiepersolrant. Roadshow times: 9am-5pm.

Cape Town Roadshow: 29-30 May, CTICC. Roadshow times: 9am-6pm (29 May) and 9am-5pm (30 May).



SIHL has introduced a glossy artist grade poly/cotton blended canvas for high quality graphic arts applications. The bright white coating allows for a huge colour gamut and deep print densities. In addition, the printed surface is water-fast and has a very short drying time off the printer. Compatible with eco-solvent printers like Roland and the new Epson Sure-Color range the printed canvas will not crack or tear when stretched over a wooden frame.



Falcon showcased the new Hex-Flex White/Black High Strength digital printable PVC at the Sign Africa Port Elizabeth Regional Expo, which took place on 13 February at The Boardwalk.

Specifications of the PVC include: 1000D x 1000D 9 x 9 510gsm and it is available in 1067, 1100, 1370, 1600, 2200 and 3200mm wide x 50m. It is also suitable for Latex, UV and eco-solvent printing.

The company will be showcasing this product, as well as a new range of products like NCL LED’s, MCA Cast Acrylics sheets, Plexiglas Extruded Acrylic sheets, signage tools, directional signage, display units and Dye-sublimation products at the Durban Regional Expo, taking place from 6-7 March at the Durban ICC.

Entrance to all the Regional Expo’s is FREE. Pre-register online, attend the expo, and you could win R1000 in cash:



Trotec has introduced a new line of CO2 laser sources from US-based manufacturer Iradion Laser, Inc. The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic – this is unique in the industry. 

Benefits of the ceramic design:

Usually all-metal, and sometimes glass laser sources are used for laser processing. CeramiCore® technology redefines the basic laser source concept. The ceramic design gives tremendous benefits compared to all metal or glass lasers: there are no aluminum welds or sealings, which leak over time – this is guaranteed by the production process; two ceramic half shells are fused together to form the resonator during manufacturing and the ceramic resonator is fired at 800 degrees andthe burning process effectively cleans the interior surface immaculately.

Furthermore, all of the optical elements are glued onto the ceramic, the electrodes are mounted on the outside of the resonator and the gas is excited through the ceramic body. This means that there are no interior metal surfaces that could damage the gas mixture’s equilibrium. The result is a pure gas composition over the whole lifetime of the laser source. Longest lifetime is guaranteed.

Ceramic lasers can be operated at much greater pressures resulting in faster pulse speeds, which in turn are critical for high speed engraving and marking applications. Laser users can benefit from highest engraving quality. The electronics’ innovative architecture features a lower energy consumption, with benchmark tests showing a reduction of up to 30%.

The laser sources have been perfectly optimised for Trotec laser systems to maximise the CeramiCore® technology’s benefits.

‘We’ve tested Iradion laser sources stringently and extensively for a number of years. We wanted to assure ourselves that CeramiCore® technology is a perfect match with Trotec laser systems. Above all, the power stability of the laser sources throughout their lifetime impressed us,’ said Stephan Fazeny, head of R&D at Trotec.



The Sihl Clara Beneficial Canvas 350g is ideal for large format digital printers using water-based inks and can also be used with latex inks. It is ideal for framed art and high quality photographic prints. 

The trend in artistic motifs and digital photos on canvas remains unbroken. In the age of digital and cell-phone cameras, pictures are becoming increasingly random. This is why creative, high-class prints are gaining importance. Fine surface structure and matte finish also give the printed product itself a very sophisticated look. 

Sihl Clara Beneficial Canvas 350g combined with Epson, Canon and HP printers make it possible to produce prints with clear, brilliant colour definition and a three-dimensional effect. Another positive quality of Sihl inkjet canvas is its easy handling. Prints can be stretched easily across frames and the flexible surface of the canvas means that cracking does not occur even on the edge of the frame (90°)



Right Stuff has launched its new website, with an all new modern look, feel and easy to navigate panels. The website is also multi-platform compatible, so it can be viewed on a Mac, PC and Mobile Platform and in various languages.

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