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The company, which exhibited at drupa for the first time, launched its innovative d-cube roll-to-roll UV coating solution and demonstrated its innovative UV coating and curing solutions for a wide range of applications at drupa.

The d-cube fits perfectly in roll-fed production workflows for a wide range of applications where double sided coating is required. The d-cube will be available in maximum widths ranging from 52 cm to 102 cm, capable of coating materials 50 to 250 microns in thickness.

It offers unseen productivity advantages, running at production speeds up to 250m per minute, matching the production speeds of conventional, digital and hybrid web-fed presses. The system allows different varnishes to be used on either side of the web and varnish application rollers which can be customised to enable spot-varnish applications.

‘We are very excited to see the many new developments in digital print towards larger formats and higher quality, and we are proud to be able to respond to these developments and offer the best suited solution for UV coating for many, if not all of these newly announced print solutions,’ said Tony Michiels, CEO of Tec Lighting EMEA. ‘Our current track record shows that our customers have proven to be highly successful in adding value to the prints they generate and sell. The added value of Print-On-Demand on itself is quickly fading as customers get used to the possibilities and more providers become available. High quality UV coating of print is adding value well above the typical margins related to POD and helps printers grow their business.’

The company also showcased  a cost-effective high speed duplex coating solution using its proprietary STD: Sheet Turner Device system. ‘The principle is easy to understand,’ said Michiels. ‘Two high speed, single sided sheetfed UV coaters are placed in-line coupled by our innovative sheet turning solution. This allows for the coated sheets to rest and cure while being turned, prior to entering the second coater. All this happens in a smooth process without any loss in production speed.’



The company has introduced new options to improve the versatility and productivity of HP Scitex wide format presses, including a white ink kit and an automatic loader for the FB7600 Industrial Press, and a new version of HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for automatic monitoring of HP Scitex industrial wide-format presses.

The FB7600 White Ink Kit and Hostert Automatic Loader expand HP’s solutions for its highest-volume flatbed printers with the option to add high-opacity white inks or stack-to-stack operation. HP SmartStream Production Analyzer is the only complete data analysis and operations monitoring software available for large-format PSPs.

The printer also comes with optional simultaneous loading/unloading with the 3/4-automated media handling system, allowing you to print both flexible and rigid applications, saving set-up time.

Deliver outstanding image quality with accurate colour, using 6 HP UV-curable colour inks, and achieve maximum throughput and high margins on plastics with the FB7600. The new HP FB225 Scitex Inks provide cross hatch level adhesion and enable higher productivity and reduced labour and material costs.



Seiko I Infotech Inc’s. (SIIT) ‘NEON inks’, the world’s first solvent based fluorescent inks, offer eye catching vivid colours on signage. The inks are available in two colours, ‘NEON yellow’ and ‘NEON pink’, and have been developed for use on the ColorPainter W series wide-format printers. These two colours can be printed not only as spot colours, but also as composite colours with CMYK.

The company also showcased the ColorPainter H2 series printer, with the Bulk-ink system. The printer is is equipped with grey and light grey inks in addition to the conventional six colours (C, M, Y, K, Lc & Lm). Integrating the Smart Pass Technology 3 with Dynamic Dot Printing Technology, the ColorPainter H2-104s/H2-74s prints higher quality images while maintaining the high print speed of its predecessor. The fastest print mode achieves 50sqm/h (538 sfph) in 8-colour mode. The printer is best suited for large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times.



The company displayed its highly successful range of materials for repro applications such as Reprojet P HD for pigment inks as well as its new high performance version for Eco/Solvent printers, Reprojet ES CL, at drupa. The repro range forms part of a series of films, canvas, fine art papers, adhesive and clings with coatings for pigment, latex, Eco/Solvent, UV and dye inks.

The company also showcased the new clear and silver metallic film developed specifically for the Epson WT7900 inkjet printer used in the flexo and gravure packaging and proofing industry. The coating has been modified for this printer ink which also prints white. Good drying times and high colour brilliance ensure the ultimate performance for for the display of quality packaging proofs.

Also on display was the new version of Folex’s highly successful canvas for the production of lifestyle photo/fine art, Folajet Canvas P-W, an enhanced version offering a high white point without degrading the archival properties of the image. The coating offers drying times and has good smear and wet resistance and is suitable for inkjet printers using pigment or dye inks.

The new CLP Adhesive P Matt WO is a matt white self adhesive film which uses the same adhesive and paper liner as the gloss white and clear films but has a smooth matt white, non reflective, 0.0560 micron face film. Toner adhesion and run-ability ensure trouble-free use.



Aristo showcased the new Aristomat LFC 5252 at drupa. The machine is designed for the cutting of large format roll and sheet materials.

It boasts a freely accessible work surface, an extremely robust traverse bridge with minimal protruding at the sides. Powerful AC-servomotors and the modern CAN-Bus-steering technique enable high performance.

The range of large format cutters are sturdy and robust in their construction as well as quick, precise and reliable in their work. Their ergonomic construction and uninhibited access from all directions provide optimal workflow efficiency. The powerful vacuum technology guarantees process security.

With the easy-to-use CutterControlPanel software, that is available in many languages, the ARISTOMAT cutters are controlled from PC. An additional mobile control pad allows navigating or setting the origin from anywhere around the cutter.

Multifunctional tool heads change their integrated tools fully automatically. They can be combined with additional tool modules to process the most varying materials.

Available sizes of ARISTOMAT LFC:
(WxL) 5345 mm x 3200 mm (210″ x 126″)
(WxL) 5345 mm x 5200 mm (210″ x 205″)



FOREVER Laser-Transparent (No Background) is the new self-weeding transfer paper for white and light coloured textiles. It leaves no white background in the unprinted areas

The product prints onto polyester, (so no more sublimation is required) as well as cotton.

– Self Weeding
– No Background
– Soft Touch
– Washable up to 40°C



Clarion Moving Media, a leading vehicle and fleet branding division of Clarion Printed Products, has won four notable branding contracts: Dawn Wing Couriers, Polyoak Packaging Group, Momentum Health, and Gordon, Verhoef & Krause.

Momentum Health, has selected Moving Media to increase visibility of its nursing staff while on the road by branding 27 vehicles in Gauteng, while building and renovation specialists, Gordon Verhoef & Krause, has appointed Moving Media as its preferred supplier to wrap its vehicles nationally.

Moving Media will brand the entire Dawn Wing courier fleet, and also brand truck tarpaulins across South Africa for rigid plastic packaging supplier, Polyoak. Moving Media uses a superior quality tarpaulin substrate and glaze to extend the lifespan of truck tarpaulins.

Clarion Printed Products launched Clarion Moving Media as a separate division in September 2010. With over 40 years experience in vehicle branding and print manufacturing the Moving Media division has allowed Clarion Printed Products to take their existing vehicle branding offering to an entirely new level.



On May 1 Evonik Industries established a joint venture, Evonik Acrylics Africa (EAA), with the South African plastics processor Ampaglas Plastics Group for extrusion of PLEXIGLAS® sheet products. The new company is headquartered in Elandsfontein, Johannesburg.

‘In Ampaglas, we’ve succeeded in winning over southern Africa’s largest producer of extruded plastics as a partner,’ says Gregor Hetzke, head of Evonik’s Performance Polymers Business Unit. ‘Our aim in doing so is to further consolidate our good market position through local production in attractive growth regions.’

The goal of the joint venture, in which Evonik holds a 51 percent stake, is the production of high-quality PLEXIGLAS® sheeting and its marketing, particularly in the growth markets of the African continent. The focus here lies on the building and architecture market segments, the design-oriented lighting technologies segment, and furniture, shopfitting, and exhibition booth construction.

‘The new company combines the advantages of both its parents: production of innovative products by high international quality standards, coupled with high flexibility and short response times as a result of local production,’ says Michael Tra?xler, head of Evonik’s Acrylic Polymers Business Line. Evonik ensures a continuous supply of raw materials from its production sites for molding compounds in Germany, China, and the U.S.

Barry du Toit, CEO of Ampaglas Plastics Group, welcomes the joint venture. ‘Evonik Acrylics Africa will significantly raise the bar for extruded acrylic products in South Africa. The result will be high- quality end products in our target markets. With EAA, we want to be able to speedily and comprehensively meet increasing demand in market segments that are important to us.’



Making a first-time appearance at drupa is the award-winning :M-Press Leopard which, along with the :M-Press Tiger, represents offset litho and screen-printing speed and quality in a platform which encompasses the highest levels of versatility and output quality. This revolutionary wide-format industrial production engine now handles rigid and flexible materials up to a maximum size of 1.6 x 3.3m and now offers a choice of manual or auto-loading options.

A recent nominee of a prestigious EDP Award for 2012, the :M-Press Leopard ink-jet platform combines technology from Agfa Graphics and Thieme and offers industrial printing on a variety of materials up to 5cm thickness. Its high levels of precision and design make it easy to produce accurate recto/verso sheets using a simple positioning, register pin and vacuum system.

The :M-Press Leopard’s bed size has now been increased to 1.6 x 3.3m so that it can accommodate the growing range of materials for which larger sizes are standard, such as Forex rigid sheets as well as a significant speed increase by the extra sheet that can be loaded when comparing to smaller table sizes. Handling longer media is catered for efficiently by an increase to 75 vacuum zones for easy positioning of the sheet, while the 29 register pins maintain the correct alignment of the substrate.

Firmly established as a cost-efficient alternative to analogue production, the :M-Press from Agfa Graphics is finding new markets beyond conventional applications such as point-of-sale and retail advertising. Increasingly it is also being used for more unusual options, including décor and packaging, where the opportunity for low volumes and one offs has added to the creative capabilities of both the :M-Press Tiger and the :M-Press Leopard.

Unlike other platforms in the high-end wide-format digital print segment, the :M-Press Leopard is configured to be the most versatile solution on the market. Its ability to work with thin and thick sheets, from small sizes to the maximum accommodated on the table, is complemented by a flexible 75 zone vacuum system that eliminates the need for taping over areas not covered by the material to be printed.

:M-Press is designed to consume very low volumes of :Anuvia ink, thanks to the high density of the formulation. This is aided by the dedicated print shuttle which features 64 Agfa UPH2 greyscale print-heads that feature variable dot sizes, and a page wide print array.

Highly popular for its convenient and versatile manual loading, the additional option of an auto-loader is now available for the :M-Press Leopard. This assists when automating higher volumes of material, and features a pick-up system on one side and an offload facility on the other side of the flat-bed table.

Driven by Agfa Graphics’ :Apogee software which brings full automation to digital print workflows, it is easy to streamline production and job management, control color and simplify the use of variable data printing and versioning via :Apogee Vibe. CIP4 Digital Print ICS compliance simplifies integration into a full JDF environment, and the recently launched :Apogee StoreFront is ideal for PSPs and their customers who want to generate jobs in the cloud via an innovative web-to-print interface.

‘The decision to take the :M-Press Leopard to drupa is based on our desire to demonstrate its superiority against other high-end industrial wide-format ink-jet presses,’ said Tom Cloots, Marketing Manager for Industrial applications at Agfa Graphics. ‘Visitors can see its effortless, advanced performance and extreme versatility across a range of different materials and application, confirming that this solution is a true digital alternative with industrial potential.’



Clip-Tite moved into new premises in Wynberg in April. The new factory is 750 square metres. ‘We moved to increase our factory capacity and the new premises are far more pleasant for our clients than the previous one,’ said Vic Anderson of Clip-Tite Display Systems.

Unit 2
High Point Building
13 Chadwick St (Cnr 5th St)

The new contact details are:
TEL: (+27 11) 440 4910        FAX: (+27 11) 440 4419  

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