Caldera Announces Support Of Mimaki Wide Format Printers With New Drivers

The Mimaki CJV300-Plus Series and the Mimaki JV300-Plus Series can now be used with CalderaRIP Version 14. The new drivers expand the software’s long list of supported peripherals for wide format production. The Mimaki printers are versatile and suit a variety of applications, including fashion apparel, outdoor signboards, posters, labels, illuminated signboards and banners.

A range of new features have been added to the Plus series, allowing it to achieve higher efficiency and economic performance while being more sustainable. Furthermore, these new Mimaki Plus printers benefit from Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 technology, which reduces banding and uneven colour printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.

Caldera’s outstanding ICC profiling engine, the X-Rite i1Prism Profiler, delivers unmatched colour precision, giving users the ability to match the colours requested by customers and ensuring smooth gradients at all times.

Additionally, Mimaki’s environmentally-friendly cartridges can be combined with ink and media-savings features in CalderaRIP in order to set up a sustainable production environment.

The optional module InkPerformer optimises the ink quantity without compromising the quality of prints. The powerful nesting engine embedded in CalderaRIP software will help create optimised layouts to reduce media waste and maximise investment.

Finally, both Mimaki CJV300-Plus and JV300-Plus series come with the new ID Cut function to streamline printing and cutting operations for demanding production environments. Furthermore, Caldera’s Contour Nesting delivers smarter image placing and optimised layouts for all kinds of shapes – not only rectangular.

Driving Mimaki printers with the latest version of CalderaRIP software is the best way to get the most out of your investment and meet customers’ requirements in terms of quality. Indeed, CalderaRIP is a multi-brand RIP solution for macOS and Linux platforms. Highly intuitive and easy-to-use, Caldera’s solution provides colour management tools and is the best ally to deliver high-quality results without compromising on speed and efficiency.

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Rexx Screen And Digital Supplies Announces Heat Transfer Films


Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies has announced the availability of SEF RocketCut heat transfer films.

RocketCut is not only easy to cut and weed but it is also handy when it comes to fast heat pressing time or low temperature. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, standard textiles as well as most water-repellent coated textiles and slightly migrating textiles.


– Water-based PU.
– OEKO-TEX Class I.
– Thickness (without tape): 70μ.

In a hurry? Choose 150°C for three seconds, or 125°C for 10 seconds with sensitive fabric.

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DNA Services Announce Health And Safety Consultancy Division For Signage Contractors

DNA Services Training and Consulting recently launched its Health and Safety Consultancy division. According to the company, many signage industry contractors do not have any idea on what is actually required for a safety file or what the minimum basic compliancy regulations and requirements are for installation/rigging staff.

DNA’s primary objective is to assist its clients in achieving compliance, in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), including regulations and safety standards. A qualified officer will manage all aspects of health and safety on your work site and ensure all the correct procedures are followed, through regular consultancy. DNA’s experienced Safety Officer, Brent Pretorius, will manage the process. The company looks forward to assisting businesses wishing to obtain compliance.

Consultancy services

– Compilation of site specific safety files.
– Baseline risk assessments.
– Issue based (task specific) risk assessments.
– Safety audits.
– Method statements.
– Safe work procedures.
– Incident investigation.
– Hazard identification and risk assessment onsite.

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Uprint A4 White Toner Printer Offers Unique Product Branding Opportunities

The A4 CMYW printer features rich white and stand out full colours, enabled using either UPrint’s unique and patented chemical transfer process or heat transfer process.

This opens the door to countless new products and can add value to any existing business. With Uprint Digital Direct printers, users can brand in unique ways as the company has removed the need for sublimated items to work with its transfers.

The company’s technology can brand on both sublimated and non-sublimated items. When users invest in a A4 CMYW UPrint No Fuser Unit printer, there is no need to worry about the shape of a product, such as UV printing. The company offers six hours of online training.

The unique printing process can brand on any shape: bottle, mug, pen, USB, power bank, stainless steel products and much more. Click here for more product information.

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Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Wrap Vehicles

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s vehicle wrap features a Porsche in a Hexis Satin Deep Black wrap.

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to

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Solimar Announces New Print Production Workflow Platform

SOLitrack version 2.4 print production workflow keeps a continuous record of processing activity that provides a history of the entire workflow that can be viewed and reported on in real-time. The platform constantly monitors the production workflow for errors, notifying appropriate users on issues or events needing attention.

This version includes many new features including web-based job control, proof and approval capabilities and JDF finishing for PDF files — all to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of a remote print production workflow.

Key to the ease-of-use and overall visibility that SOLitrack 2.4 provides is a central dashboard, now available worldwide as a web-based platform with SOLitrack Mobile. The dashboard displays event notifications and tracks Solimar’s Chemistry platform components in detail, providing users in-depth views of their production workflow processes.

‘Many print businesses need their operational staff to remotely oversee and manage processes in their factories. As such, company managers need visibility, live access and control to ensure production processes run smoothly,’ stated Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Senior Director of Engagement, Solimar Systems. ‘SOLitrack provides a comprehensive, reliable production print workflow solution to do just that. It enables companies to track and report on workflow processes from the shop floor or remote locations.’

In addition, the Proof and Approval feature in SOLitrack 2.4 empowers In-Plants and Print Service Providers (PSPs) to automate the approval process of jobs and work orders. From the secure, web-based SOLitrack client, everyone in the approval chain can easily review, approve or reject jobs. Individual components of jobs can be managed with the Piece Level Tracking (PLT) feature. This Proof and Approval process also supports multi-step approvals, including rules for the overall review process, notifications and auto-approvals based on schedules and events.

With SOLitrack’s support for Job Definition Format (JDF) finishing controls, operators can direct jobs to JDF-enabled printers to dynamically apply the appropriate tray calls, stapling, binding or other finishing. The benefit for print service providers (PSPs) is time savings, a simplified print production workflow and overall reduced operational costs.

‘We’re excited to deliver this new functionality and grateful to our Customer Advisory Council members who provided helpful insights to help boost their productivity and empower remote working,’ added Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer, Solimar Systems. ‘We’re working hard to make 2021 a stellar year full of valuable enhancements as well as a celebration of our 30th anniversary.’


EFI Announces Printer For Single-Pass Display Graphics

Operating at speeds that are up to three to four times faster than the most productive shuttle-based/multi-pass printers, the new EFI single-pass for display graphics printer delivers high-end output on a wide range of media, giving customers a lower total cost of ownership and higher profit potential for high-volume demand.

High-volume sign and graphics businesses can achieve a new, higher level of productivity with the first single-pass inkjet printer from EFI dedicated to display graphics. The single-pass for display graphics UV LED inkjet printer, part of EFI’s super-high-speed series of devices, leverages the proven capabilities of the market leading EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus printer for direct-to-board corrugated packaging production. With this new, 1.6m wide single-pass solution, users can reach truly breakthrough speeds, running through skids of synthetic media and paper-based materials at speeds up to 1000 sheets or boards per hour. A future upgrade for the printer will also allow for conversion to roll-to-roll production.

‘When EFI announced EFI Nozomi single-pass technology at drupa 2016, the company was surprised at the level of interest expressed in this printer by display graphics customers, and we have been able to respond to demand with the most productive solution dedicated to that market,’ said Ken Hanulec, vice president of worldwide corporate marketing, EFI. ‘Single-pass technology, done right, has the potential to change every print vertical it touches and give our customers unprecedented new opportunities. As the leader in advanced UV LED digital production solutions, we are excited to bring the very important efficiencies and throughput advantages of EFI’s proven single-pass technology to the display graphics market.’

Users can handle even challenging burst capacity demands with the printer’s remarkable throughput. Plus, the 7 colour printer delivers a wide colour gamut with six colours: CMYK with optional orange and violet inks, plus white. The printer’s on-board quality inspection system checks for colour uniformity as well as for nozzle out and other defects to further ensure optimum print quality.

All of these factors make the printer the digital competitor on a cost basis to many analogue print applications. Display graphics producers can bring digital print’s versatility advantages, such as seamless versioning and design change capabilities, to long-run work.

As a very high volume digital printer, this new single-pass solution delivers the benefits of digital to new quantity levels that some print providers traditionally approached with analogue methods. Users can eliminate the significant waste associated with analogue screens and production make-readies, bringing a significant environmental advantage to digital display graphics printing.

The EFI Fiery® digital front end (DFE) used to drive the printer provides outstanding print and colour quality, with a scalable blade-server architecture with HyperRIP performance, Adobe PDF Print Engine and variable data support. The DFE also features Smart Ink Estimator – an advanced solution that accurately analyses image data for more-precise estimates of ink costs. Fiery Edge, EFI’s next-generation profiling technology, is included as well, delivering even better out-of-the-box colour and quality enhancements.

Scheduled to be available later this year, the printer is designed for robust productivity and high uptime, thanks to its proven, award-winning single-pass platform and an enhanced programme of professional services from EFI. The professional services programme also provides extensive remote support to deliver faster and more effective service. New remote solutions include innovative data and intelligence offerings centred around EFI IQ cloud platform applications that help users glean greater management insights about their production operations to further improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

The new single-pass printer is one of three solutions – including the VUTEk® h5 UV LED hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll printer with three-quarter automation and the new EFI VUTEk XThybrid – that comprise EFI’s super-high-speed portfolio of advanced, high-volume display graphics products designed to drive the analogue-to-digital transformation in printing.


Video: Health Squared and Agility Discuss Health And Wellbeing In The Printing And Signage Industries


The latest Sign Africa Live interview series features Marcia le Roux, sales executive for Agility Channel.

She outlines how employers and employees in the signage and visual communications industries have been affected over the past year by the Covid-19 pandemic, from both a physical and mental wellness perspective.

She also illustrates the benefits of prioritising health and wellbeing in the workplace, and how people can benefit from attending the free webinar on building a happy and healthy workforce, which is being hosted by Health Squared and Agility in partnership with Printing SA on 18 February at 11am SAST. Register here for the webinar.


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Caldera Releases New Epson Drivers

Epson’s new resin printers, the SureColor R5000 and SureColor R5000L, can now be used with CalderaRIP Version 14.

Caldera’s new Epson drivers for CalderaRIP Version 14 expand the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals and further enhance its user experience. These new Epson printers meet today’s printing challenges thanks to its resin-based inks. Compared to solvent and eco-solvent inks, resin inks used in the SureColor R5000 and R5000L dramatically reduce drying times. This improvement makes lamination and delivery possible during the same day, compared to the 6-24 hour drying time needed when using eco-solvent inks.

Moreover, the automation features included in CalderaRIP software make it the ideal solution to push production to the next level. Coupled with CalderaRIP V14, the Epson SureColor R5000 can be used for a variety of applications:

– Canvas printing, using the Canvas bleed dedicated feature.
– Vehicle wrapping, using the Tiling+ feature.
– Wallpapers, made easier with the Step&Repeat feature.
– Point of sale (posters and banners), with the Nest-o-Matik feature.
– Window printing, using the double-sided print and cut feature.
– Lightbox calibration, using the TotalColor spectrophotometer.

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Daktronics Releases Latest Digital Billboard Solution

The DB-6600 features the latest generation LED technology, which increases operating efficiency.

‘With technology, the future depends on the choices you make now,’ shared Lori Sieler, Daktronics Out-of-Home (OOH) product manager. ‘When we looked at the future needs in OOH, it was clear that the industry’s digital billboards need more memory and power to properly handle the trends we see today, as well as those we forecast 10 years down the road.’

Key features of the DB-6600 include:

– Additional memory and processing power that better supports the latest trends in programmatic advertising, audience measurement and mobile integration, future-proofing digital billboards.
– Neighborhood-friendly targeted light output and adjustable brightness (8500 nits shipped).
– Industry-standard 400mm x 400mm module, reducing the number of components and failures.
– Factory-integrated SmartLink, allowing remote power control.
– Parts support for 12 year and 10 year brightness guarantee.


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