Free Webinar: Be Inspired To Thrive, Disrupt And Elevate Digital Print

There are a few boxes to tick when it comes to digital printing, and Printing SA’s free webinar will help you focus on growing your digital print business.

Be inspired by the panel of experts to thrive, disrupt and elevate digital print with this free webinar hosted on 26 November. Printers need to focus on marketing to be more customer-centric. Focusing on the experience and information customers have about their digital print services and solutions is key to increasing the bottom line.

Attend the webinar and get a one hour free consultation (virtual or face-to-face) with any one of our panellists, valid until 31 January 2021.

The webinar will be chaired by Abisha Katerere, Head of Marketing and B-BEE Specialist at Printing SA. Katerere brings with him nearly 15 years of experience in marketing and branding spanning across the hospitality, fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG), public sector and entertainment industries, having worked as Brand Manager and Marketing Manager for companies such as SAB&T BEE Services, Nexia SAB&T Auditors and Accountants and Plan B Marketing and Advertising. A natural-born communicator, public speaker and presenter, Katerere has considerable experience with a never-ending passion for new media and networking.

From development of business strategies to relationship building and client engagement, Katerere has a deep understanding of traditional and emerging media landscapes as well as what it takes for brands to succeed. Big picture thinking, strong networking skills, enthusiasm and sense of humour are combined with dedication, a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a solid understanding of online and live activations. The former student of Griffith University holds a business and marketing degree.


Jean Lloyd, Owner, Jean Lloyd Consulting

A digital technology specialist with decades of experience, Lloyd is a results-driven international business leader that has lived and worked abroad, holding positions on various boards of well-known global technology brands. She is instrumental in introducing new digital technologies into many countries and markets, contributing to its year-on-year growth and success. Lloyd advises on end-to-end digital solutions, specialising in industrial inkjet technology.

A trusted independent advisor for equipment suppliers, Lloyd has also successfully assisted hundreds of printers and brand owners across the globe in their business transformation and offers a range of specialist consulting services focused on industrial inkjet presses, printhead technology and production print toner equipment. She is a digital print evangelist that is very passionate about the industry and the opportunities it creates.

Tertius Van Eeden, Managing Director of Print On Demand

Van Eeden has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 16. He has 20 years of experience in the print industry and has pioneered the path for digital across the country for many of print’s big names. Van Eeden acquired Print on Demand five years ago and has turned it into the gold standard for inkjet printing in South Africa, once again being the visionary behind the shift from stockholding to Print on Demand and Book of 1. He is a trusted advisor to publishers on what the future of print will look like and how to leverage the tech stack of Print on Demand to thrive in the new world.

Vanessa Wilson, Owner and Publishing Director of Quickfox Publishing & Owner of, an independent online bookstore

Wilson has worked as a production specialist for SA’s largest educational and academic publishers, and for the past 13 years has been helping authors and companies publish their books independently – locally and internationally. A trained graphic designer-turned-publisher, she has also worked in design agencies, pre-press companies, and owned her own digital press. She co-authored two bestselling titles, and is principal author of ‘Publish Like A Pro: The Complete Guide to Successful and Profitable Self-Publishing’. She has extensive experience with global POD platforms, and straddles the fence as both a print consumer and a reseller via print management services. She runs publishing workshops and regularly consults with businesses and authors to help solve their publishing, POD, ebook and distribution needs.

Kylie Lloyd, Cross Media Marketing & Web2Print Business Development Manager at Remata Print & Communication

Lloyd is an experienced marketing resource with a demonstrated history of working in the Retail and Fast Food industry. She passionately tackles the Graphic Arts field with an active interest in variable data and omnichannel integration. She is skilled in tactical approaches, brand awareness development, data-driven solutions, analytical thinking and creative engagement. Strong networking professional with a focus on streamlined print and digital strategies, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Date: Thursday, 26 November 2020
Time: 11am-12pm (SAST)

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Midcomp’s Latex Digital Printing Machine Increases Business’s Output

The addition of an HP Latex 335 digital printing machine – installed by Midcomp – to Design Guys’ print stable has been pivotal in increasing general print output, as there is no need to wait for prints to de-gas, and as a result, the company can print and send directly to any of its national clients.

The HP Latex 335 is a 1.6m wide print and cut system, designed for printing indoor and outdoor materials. It delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based inks and produces durable, scratch-resistant prints comparable to hard-solvent inks. Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality, high productivity, and a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

‘Colours are accurate and sampling is a breeze. In fact, this printer has taken a lot of work away from some of the other machines,’ said Design Guys’ national manager Andre Bernard, who was also impressed by Midcomp’s service. ‘The service is in a class of its own, especially when comparing it to the service we have received from other print suppliers. They have been absolute professionals from the start and even after the sale was completed – this is where other companies generally disappear. They still check in and make sure that everything is going smoothly. From machine sales to consumables and technical support, they have been faultless.’

Design Guys’ service offering is extensive. More than two decades ago, it comprised mostly of safety and warehousing signs, but as the industry grew, its offering had to keep pace. The company now fabricates intricate signs using all manner of raw materials from plastics, woods, metals and even on occasion concrete and other non-traditional raw materials.

The company generally does not deal with the public, keeping its production pool clean to provide its long standing clients and targeted industries the service that they enjoy and have grown accustomed to. ‘We pride ourselves on these tight-knit relationships as they have been pivotal to our success, and have enabled us to reach new markets outside of South Africa and insulate us during these tumultuous times,’ added Bernard.

Tel: (+27 11) 789 1222

+27 (0) 82 560 1239

Stahls’ Heat Transfer T-Shirt Vinyl Wins Category Award

Stahls’ recently-launched CAD-CUT® Soft Foam heat transfer T-shirt vinyl has won the Printing United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year in the Media – Special Effect Heat Transfer Material, Cuttable category.

This new vinyl is smooth, pliable and adds a unique dimension to any item. It adds a unique and raised look to any item it is applied to, like popular lightweight and softer hoodies and T-shirts. It also has a smooth and matte finish.

The HTV is a smooth, pliable and dimensional material with a soft feel. This 3D HTV is a little bit of a thicker product that requires more attention when cutting, but will make users’ weeding process a breeze.

‘I love the Soft Foam vinyl, which is ideal if you use flock for a textured or raised look. We added numbers on Adidas jackets and they look amazing and very high-end for expensive jackets,’ said user Bethany Little, Star Sports Keller.


Panasonic Commercialises Transparent OLED Display Module For Digital Signage

The transparent OLED display module is suitable as digital signage (electronic signboard) and also for displaying images in a large space such as a show window. The display section measures less than 1cm (55ZT100: 3.8mm, 55ZT110: 7.6mm) in thickness.

The ultra-thin display panel blends in and harmonises with the surroundings just like a sheet of glass. All parts and members inside the display module are bonded precisely in a vacuum to minimise the reflection loss and improve the transparency.

Panasonic Corporation announced the commercialisation of the 139.7cm (55 inch) transparent OLED display module that boasts high image visibility, with plans to release it globally. As the display panel is see-through, objects behind it are still visible allowing a variety of image presentations such as display of images over actual objects in the background. With such a unique feature, the transparent OLED display is attracting a great deal of attention as a next-generation visual display device capable of enhancing the value of spaces.

The new product uses a self-illuminating transparent OLED display panel that does not require a backlight. Measuring less than 1cm in thickness at the display section, the ultra-thin display panel offers high transparency and renders high-quality pictures with vivid colours. The dimming unit originally developed by Panasonic adjusts the amount of light passing through the panel in order to maintain high contrast and clearly display images even in an environment brightly lit by outside lights (TP-55ZT110).

The product is provided in a highly versatile modular specification. (The product is not delivered as an assembled unit. It is recommended to request a specialised company to install and set up the product) to enable flexible installation not only in homes but also in various other places including commercial complexes, transit advertisements and public facilities. Multiple panels can be adjoined to display images on a larger screen (two display panels can be adjoined in the short-side direction, and theoretically there is no limit to the number of display panels that can be connected in the long-side direction).

From 2016, Panasonic showcased prototype transparent displays at trade shows and exhibitions held in various countries around the world, such as IFA (Germany), CES (U.S.A.), Milano Salone (Italy), China International Import Expo (China) and CEATEC (Japan). During those years, the company continuously evolved the technology while also exploring marketability. Panasonic has decided to commercialise this transparent display module in response to positive feedback and expectations that such a transparent display would bring breakthroughs to image expressions and presentations against the backdrop of advanced communication infrastructure, such as 5G and accelerated diversification of content.

The transparent OLED display panel renders high-quality pictures with vivid colours. The organic light emitting diodes arranged to configure each pixel on the transparent OLED display panel emit light on their own, so the display panel renders vivid, high-quality images without using a backlight. Furthermore, its wide viewing angle enables clear viewing of the displayed image even from an oblique angle.

The originally developed dimming unit ensures sharp and clear image display even in a bright environment. The TP-55ZT110 is equipped with an originally developed dimming unit on the back side. This unit electrically controls the light transmittance and can change the mode between ‘Transparence Mode’ and ‘Black Mode’.

In the Black Mode, the dimming unit reduces the light transmittance to decrease the amount of light passing through the panel from the rear side, thus making the displayed image highly visible even in an environment brightly lit by outside lights. The background is not transparet, so the displayed image is highly visible, with high contrast and deep black levels and without disturbing reflections or glares. The TP-55ZT110 is a multifunctional display unit with the outstanding features of both transparent display and ordinary display.


LulzBot Announces Addition To 3D Printer Line

The TAZ Pro S 3D printer enables 1.75mm material printing for optimal part characteristics. The dual nickel coated hardened steel drive gears in the single extruder M175 tool head provide exceptional pushing power, lightning fast retraction and uninterrupted material flow without fear of grinding or slipping.

This machine produces large functional prototypes, manufacturing aids and print-on-demand parts with professional results. The M175 tool head prints a broad variety of 1.75mm filament – from TPU and nylon to PLA, ABS and rigid carbon-filled high-strength materials that are too abrasive for typical out-of-the-box desktop 3D printers. LulzBot 3D printers support the industry’s most diverse array of thermoplastics from leading premium filament manufacturers including flexible, rigid, composite, conductive, high strength and chemically resistant materials.

The Z-axis belt drive delivers fast cycle times for quicker throughput. The reduction of Z wobble through the belt drive and X/Y/Z backlash compensation improves 3D printed part quality and accuracy. A large print volume of 280 x 280 x 285mm (11.02” x 11.02” x 11.22”) allows for large industrial printing. The filament run-out sensor will alarm before coming to the end of a filament spool, saving users from print failures due to running out of filament. Cura LulzBot Edition Software continues to include pre-configured print profiles, tested for over 35 filament types.


Agfa Introduces Inkjet Printing Solution For Interior Decoration

The InterioJet 3300 inkjet system for interior decoration is built on the same inkjet printing platform as Agfa’s award-winning heavy-duty Jeti Tauro LED UV printing press for sign and display printing applications. It delivers the same printing reliability – now with printheads, inks and a drying system tuned to water-based pigment inks.

The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture. It boasts consistent print quality and enables the creation of customised interior decorations, including brand logos, pictures or seasonal themes.

‘The InterioJet 3300 will accelerate the transformation from analogue (gravure) to digital printing in the laminated surface market,’ stated Tom Cloots, Director Industrial Inkjet for Agfa. ‘It is the ideal cost-efficient solution for medium and short production runs. Its limited start-up time and high flexibility will enable suppliers of laminated surfaces to gain new business by responding to evolving market demands, including printing on demand and just-in-time delivery. The system allows interior decoration designers to let their creativity run free and create customised designs for every order.’

The InterioJet can print on two rolls at a time – each with a width of up to 155cm and a weight of up to 600kg – at a speed of up to 340sqm per hour. It achieves a consistent print quality throughout, as well as across print orders. It excels through its superior contrast, sharpness and colour saturation, matching typical decorative industry colour profiles.

Incorporating Agfa’s signature ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology, the InterioJet boasts a low ink consumption, reducing production cost and footprint. It can be combined effortlessly with various impregnation and lamination processes.

Like Agfa’s wide format inkjet printers, the InterioJet is driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which adds to the system’s performance by controlling, simplifying and automating the entire printing process from prepress to finishing. Asanti’s comprehensive integration of file handling, colour management and preflighting guarantees smooth and error-free jobs.

For advanced workflow and color management integration to the creative and reproduction processes, as well as cross-colour management with the analog printing processes, Asanti handshakes with full compatibility to the latest AVA CAD CAM products.

In accordance with Agfa’s matched components approach – which ensures the accurate alignment of printing systems, workflow software and inks – the company developed dedicated water-based pigment inks for the InterioJet. These eco-friendly inks are light- and waterfast and use specific pigments that deliver a high colour coverage. They have proved to be a perfect fit for standard lamination production processes. Thanks to the thin dried layer, they can be used to print great wood and natural stone designs (such as marble) without surface relief.

Tel: (+27 11) 921 4684

Video: Creating 3D Models With A Laser Machine

Trotec outlines how users can create models using its laser solutions and techniques. Laser machine technology offers users the highest degree of precision in the creation of architectural models. In combination with the right laser materials, users can create true-to-scale 3D replicas with fine details.

Many well-known architectural firms around the world use laser machines to produce 3D models for architectural, interior design, and urban design projects, enabling their customers to better visualise the final product. Learn more

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Grafityp Announces Expanded Vehicle Protection Film Range

Grafityp has launched the Grafiguard Premium Self Healing TPU premium self healing paint protection vehicle films.

These come in three versions:

– GGSHG15 (super high gloss, self healing, 150µm, scratch removal by heating).
– GGSHM15 (matt, self healing, 150µm, scratch removal by heating).
– GGSHBG15 (black super high gloss, 150µm, for creating panoramic roofs).


Tormach Labs Introduces CNC Plasma Table

The 1300PL CNC plasma table has a solid design and uses single-phase 230 Vac power on a 20 A breaker. Because the 1300PL uses a gantry system for the CNC movement, it can cut large and flat stock with ease.

Dimensions include 127 x 130.81 x 9.9cm (X x Y x Z) and the table has a maximum feed rate of 1000 feed in inches per minute (IPM) in X and Y, and 120 IPM in Z. Plasma cutting like this requires a water table for dust control and cooling, so the 130 x 130cm table holds up to 223.3 of liquid.

The machine footprint is a bit larger, at 198.1 x 177.8cm, with 139.7cm overall height. The gantry system is servo driven, while the Z-axis uses a NEMA 23 stepper. The company is offering a full line of Hypertherm torches and consumables.

The 1300PL also provides a torch height control feature, which allows users to cut a wavy piece of metal. As the torch cuts, it can measure the arc voltage between the torch tip and the material, telling the machine if it is getting closer or farther away, and then adjusting.


Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Weprintz


Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s vehicle wrap features a Mercedes Vito with Hexis material. The decals were also used with a Hexis variation.

Wrap Of The Week Weprintz

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