Graficomp Announces Wide Format Latex Solutions On Sample-It Online Showcase

Graficomp has announced wide format latex solutions on the new Sample-It online showcase. Without expo’s taking place this year, Sign Africa has a great opportunity for readers to receive a physical sample, brochure or more information on new machines or products they are interested in.

HP Latex 115 1.37m

Achieve high-quality results on indoor and outdoor signage across a wide range of applications. The product features a print size up to 1.37m roll width, free SAi Flexi RIP and high speed printing – 6sqm/hr – backlits, textiles, and canvas (16 pass). Impress with six colours of HP Latex inks. Latex prints come out dry and ready to be installed. Reduce solvent waiting time and avoid lamination for short-term applications with scratch-resistant prints.

HP L335 Print and Cut 1,6m

Graficomp Announces Wide Format Latex Solutions On Sample It Online Showcase

Expand into wider applications with this 1.63m (64”) true print and cut solution:
• Indoor quality: 13sqm/hr (140 square feet/hr).
• Cut speed: up to 112cm/sec (44 inch/sec diagonal).

Print and cut at the same time — versus print or cut with solvent — with this reliable, dual-device solution, and avoid solvent wait time. Prints come out dry and ready to cut or laminate right away with no degas time – deliver the same day. Avoid lamination for short-term applications — scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks.

HP L375 1,6m with bulk inks

Graficomp Announces Wide Format Latex Solutions On Sample It Online Showcase

Help reduce the cost per print with cost-effective, 3-litre HP 871 Latex ink Cartridges. HP Custom Substrate Profiling and the i1 embedded spectrophotometer make ICC profiling automatic.

Achieve high quality at high speeds with HP OMAS and HP Latex Optimiser and increase unattended printing with confidence. Change 3-litre HP Latex ink cartridges while the printer runs, reach production speeds and avoid wait time — prints come out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver. You can minimise damage risk; scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banners.

To request a sample, brochure, demonstration or chat live on WhatsApp, visit:

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Video: Transferring A Gold Foil Logo Onto Glass

In this video, Uprint Digital Direct’s business manager Jordan Steinbach demonstrates how to transfer a gold foil logo onto glass.


– Dip the cloth into the activator.
– Hand coordination is important.
– Apply medium pressure.
– Heat up with a heat gun at full temperature.
– Focus heat and apply evenly.
– Cleaning is important.
– Heat up the glass.
– Apply the foil with thick cloth.
– Allow for cooling.
– Peel.
– Spray the chemical to make the product dishwasher safe.
– Place in front of a fan for drying before heating again.
– Heat the logo again with the heat gun.

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Durst Launching New Technology Platform For Large Format Printing Market

The Durst P5 350 HS model for large format printing – combined with the Durst Automat, a new solution for a fully automated printing workflow from Durst Software – will make production processes far more efficient for customers and provide an easy management of mixed print environments.

Christian Harder, Durst Group’s Global Sales Director, Graphics Segment said, ‘With around 100 units already shipped all over the world, we are really excited to be launching our latest family member, the P5 350 HS. Those joining us for the virtual presentations will be amazed at the flexibility, speed and efficiency of this new printer.’

The new high performance printer will be unveiled in a virtual presentation at the Customer Experience Centre at Durst’s headquarters in Brixen, Italy, on December 3. The virtual event, ‘Firework of Innovations’, will also have a focus on the Durst Habitat System with UVC-R Technology, launched in August, to improve the quality of life in a new normality in a coronavirus world. The innovative air disinfection system combines air exchange and UV rays together and effectively reduces infectious air and therefore the viral load indoors.

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Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Wrapformula

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s vehicle wrap features a Mercedes C63S AMG in a Stealth PPF wrap.

Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Wrapformula

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to


Printing SA Announces Printing Industry Training Courses

Many people disregard the importance of staff training in the printing industry, especially at the lower end of the company hierarchy. This, however, is where staff training can add the most benefit.

By investing in and empowering staff, business owners do not only equip them with the skills necessary to carry out more duties around the business, but it is also a massive morale booster. Printing SA is offering a wide variety of industry-recognised courses:

Introduction course:

– Foundation learning programme.
– FLC English communications.
– FLC Math literacy.
– Printing and packaging industry programme.
– Occupational Health and Safety programmes.
– Work Life Orientation programmes.
– Introduction to printing course (ID2).
– Technical courses.

Technical Courses

– Technical theoretical modules (TT1, 2 and 3).
– Instructing the Modular Way (IMW).
– Guillotine operator skills programme.
– Folding machine operator skills programme.
– Commercial digital printer programme.

Find out more about these courses and training dates.

Tel: +27112871160

GCC Introduces Enhanced Laser Processing Workstation Solution

GCC LaserPro LFC II workstation inherits the functions from the previous generation. It integrates various processing modes and exclusive accessories into its design to meet customers’ needs.

The LFC II has the same safety standard as LFC, which is an EN-60825-1 class 1 compliant device to ensure operation safety.

Key benefits of GCC LaserPro LFC II workstation:

– Standard 700 x 400mm table for large objects or batch marking.
– EN-60825-1 Class I safety and machine directive (MD) compliance for industrial professionals who prioritise operators’ safety during laser processing.
– Automatic door with anti-pinch device that ensures safety operation.
– Dual start button, which promises advanced security.
– Optional rotary table for loading/unloading materials while the laser is working at maximum throughput.
– Wide range of configurations for automation and applications.
– Pass-through side panels for line integration.
– Easy setup and operation.
– Sturdy and rigid steel chassis that meets industrial requirements.
– Compatibility with all GCC LaserPro StellarMark C and I series laser markers.
– MultiFOCUS function that allows Z axis to automatically adjust and ensure correct focus distance.


Mutoh Europe Announce Take-Up System For Sign And Display Printers

The new IJ-TUP100-01 feed and take-up system will offer print providers all-round flexibility. It is quick and easy to fit to the original stand. The finished output is automatically wound to maximise production efficiency and speed up the workflow. The system is designed for their XpertJet roll-to-roll 162cm sign and display printers.

The new 100 kg feed and take-up system is mounted onto the original stand of any XpertJet 1641SR/1682SR and is an addition to the existing Mutoh 30kg/40 kg take-up units. All standard Mutoh XpertJet printer configurations incorporate a robust and easily accessible newly designed roll off system to allow easy media loading.

The take-up system is the ideal choice for users who frequently print full rolls at a time and/or are using heavy media types or who are using media that is difficult to unwind and feed due to static or a sticky coating.

An extra advantage for print providers investing in a TUP100 system is that they can increase their production efficiency. For smaller print runs and low weight media rolls, they can also keep using the standard 30kg roll off system in combination with the 100kg take-up system.


Tel: (+27 11) 451 8600

Junkers And Müllers Introduce Fabric For Large Scale Digital Prints

Junkers and Müllers’ SilverBloc is available in various widths up to a maximum of 310cm and is therefore also suitable for the realisation of large-scale digital prints.

MEDIATEX® SilverBloc FR is the new blockout quality for versatile applications. Whether as a roll up, banner or free-hanging as a roller blind, the fabric’s stretching and hanging behaviour is impressive.

The shiny silver reverse adds a solid and cool character to the fabric. It can be cut cold, won’t fray and is outstandingly scratch resistant. The white face guarantees particularly brilliant prints with colour depth, whether applied with water-based, UV-resistant or latex inks. SilverBloc is flame retardant and therefore also suitable for use in public buildings. Like all MEDIATEX® textiles, this fabric is Oeko-Tex as well as SCS certified, free from PVC and meets the strict requirements of the REACH regulations.


Markzware Updates Conversion Application

The stand-alone IDMarkz application allows users to take control of their creations, by giving them the ability to preview and convert InDesign files. It also allows users to move those documents to preferred editing applications, within QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, older Adobe InDesign versions, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator and many other formats.

IDMarkz v1.7.3 includes support for Universal macOS Binary for Apple Silicon. This latest update of the application includes a ‘Check for Updates’ menu item and offers users the ability to elect text directly from the Document View. This IDMarkz update also comes with improvements and some bug fixes.

IDMarkz improvements include:
• Zoom combo box lets you use +/- values, to zoom in and out.
• Page number combo box enables users to quickly scroll to any page.
• About window does not show under the window menu, when open.
• Stories Export now orders the stories as they show in the document.
• Single page exports now include the page number, just like multi-page exports.
• Preview now has improved Drop Shadows and Ovals.
• Stories Export now handles variable data.

Markzware helps to democratise Adobe InDesign content, for use in many popular desktop publishing applications. IDMarkz users can open, preview, export, convert and automate the conversion of Adobe InDesign (.indd) files. For file previews, the IDMarkz app doesn’t rely on InDesign’s often low-resolution or non-existent file previews and uses its own engine and technology, to generate high-resolution previews.


Vycom Expands PVC Sheet Range For Signage And Graphics

DigiLite sheets offer superior ink adhesion for digital and screen printing processes. They can also be stained, varnished, laminated and cut. DigiLite sign materials offer superior UV performance and a satin finish that is ideal for light-duty applications such as exhibit signage, point of purchase displays, indoor and outdoor signage, decorated store fixtures and more.

Vycom has expanded the Celtec® line by adding Black to its DigiLite family of light density PVC sheets. Celtec DigiLite is the latest PVC sheet product designed specifically for use in the sign and graphics industry, offering value and performance in a light-density signboard.

The DigiLite line – available now in Black as well as White – provides quality and performance in an economical sheet that is approximately 15 percent lighter than Celtec premium signboard sheets, offering a more cost-effective solution by reducing shipping costs and providing ease-in-handling.


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