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GCC’s Laser Engraver Awarded For Versatile Features

The GCC LaserPro S400 Laser Engraver, which has won a 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award, not only increases speed and throughput by 75%, but also extends the working area to 101.6 x 50.8cm (40 x 20 inch), with Z-axis extended to 27.94cm (11 inch).

The company received valuable feedback from its customers to design this machine, which feature both dust protection and easy maintenance.


– SmartFLOW™ Technology creates a perfect air flow to enhance the vacuum effect and bring out the dust completely while working.
– Newly gantry design to prevent dust. The easy removable cover also makes maintenance much easier.
– Incorporates metal panels to protect key components, but not sealing them entirely that they may cause any maintenance difficulties.
– SmartLID™ – this easy access invention simplifies maintenance.

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Orafol Introduces Application Gel For Car Wrapping Products

The ORAFOL® Application Gel – now included with the company’s standard range of premium car wrapping products – will provide an initial bond to the surface while simultaneously maintaining good slip/floating properties and repositionability of the film.

Adhesion will build up smoothly, reducing the risk of lift-lines and air entrapments. Tested by leading industry experts, the new application gel has already received top grades, as one of a kind.


– Ideal for graphic films that require wet application.
– Prolonged slip-behaviour.
– No dripping during vertical or overhead jobs.
– No premature drying.
– Dries off invisible and residue free.
– The gel comes in 1000ml bottles.


Axaio Announces Automated Printing Solution

Axaio MadeToPrint Server for InDesign Server 2021 (v16.0) automates printing and output processes to produce output cost-effectively and at the highest quality level. The robust and scalable engine enhances the design, layout and printing capabilities of InDesign by enabling fully automated documents to be created.

The multi-instance option of InDesign Server 2021 in combination with MadeToPrint Server allows the processing of a variety of MadeToPrint jobs in parallel, which increases efficiency in high-volume document production to a great extent.

The load balancing maximises computer power and avoids idle times in production. MadeToPrint Server can be configured remotely and guarantees higher reliability, stability and improved performance of all output workflows in InDesign Server-based environments.


World-Famous Reworked Painting Printed With Durst’s Digital Printing Technology

Estudios Durero relied on Durst’s experience to give true artistic value to celebrated Spanish photographer and artist José Manuel Ballester’s reinterpretation of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. For the first time, a modified Guernica has been printed full-size using advanced digital printing and production technologies from Durst.

Estudios Durero and Ballester spent a day in the Customer Experience Centre at the Durst headquarters in Brixen, Italy, with the goal to print the Picasso Guernica interpretation on a Durst Rho 512 six-colour production printer. And they only had one chance – the available material was sufficient for only one print run, which meant no test print on the final material was possible.

Ballester has achieved international recognition for his special art of interpreting famous paintings by eliminating humans and animals. Guernica is a 1937 oil painting on canvas recognised as one of the best-known works of Picasso, who died in 1973. It is regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history.

Ballester’s work, ‘Around Guernica, 2009/2020’, is an emptied version of Picasso’s painting that conveys an updated look at the historical event and human tragedy. It is now a centrepiece at the exhibition, ‘2020/03/15 José Manuel Ballester’, in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, showing Bilbao city during the lockdown. The exhibition, which also includes a selection of large format photographs that reflect Bilbao’s deserted streets and spaces, is open until 21 February 2021.

With ‘Around Guernica’, Ballester adds a new artwork to the project that began more than 10 years ago, when he decided to investigate the architectural and natural spaces that surround the stories of some of the most important works in history, such as ‘The Meninas’ or ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. During the lockdown last spring, the artist received special permission to move around the deserted city of Bilbao and capture incredible landscapes and images never seen before.

These images were the first step of a project in collaboration with Estudios Durero and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which culminated in a photographic exhibition, publication of a book, and the first reproduction and exhibition of ‘Around Guernica’ to the public.

In this way, Ballester adds an artwork to the Hidden Spaces project, which includes some of the transcendental and universal themes for the human being. Along with his proposal ‘May 3, 2008’, ‘Around Guernica, 2009/2020’ addresses the senselessness of human violence and wars, but on this occasion, Ballester maintains a ‘living’ element: the flower that was already shown in the original painting. It symbolises hope, also for these difficult times that we have had to live.

In this context, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao approached long-standing Durst customer Estudios Durero, a company that ‘imagines, creates and develops new forms of graphic production’, to print the reworked Picasso on a unique, hand-woven linen material with special white coating supplied by the museum, especially for the assignment. It had a total dimension of 3.5 x 7.8m.

‘It has been a true honour for us and for Durst to develop this special project together with Ballester and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao,’ said the owner of Estudios Durero, Ander Soriano. ‘No other company could have done it. In Picasso’s original work and in Ballester’s reinterpretation, the painting only uses a very wide range of greys and a very high resolution in all its shades, so the print quality must be exceptionally high to offer a true value to its reproduction. And that would have been impossible without the Durst Rho 512 6 C.’

With reference to Durst, Ballester said, ‘In order to launch this project, in this context, we have had many collaborators. Having the best technology to make this possible was a privilege.’

Rafael Carbonell, Managing Director, Durst Iberica, said, ‘Estudios Durero has been a loyal customer and it was a real honor for Durst to support the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in this special project. When you are printing only black, grey, and white the quality needs to be exceptionally high to give arts its true value.’

Christian Harder, Durst Group’s Head of Graphics said, ‘In conjunction with Durst Iberica, we were extremely proud and delighted to welcome Ballester and Soriano to our global headquarters, where they were able to witness first hand our world-class facilities and technology. The unique linen materials were specially prepared for this art print. In reality that meant one chance, no test printing, and the results speak for themselves. The visitors to the museum exhibition have been amazed at the outstanding print quality.’

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Zünd Installs Digital Cutter

Zünd UK have installed a G3 digital cutter at the Dennison Group. The company supports a wide spectrum of equipment, including pre-press solutions, digital and conventional printers, wide format inkjet and finishing equipment from many of the industry’s premier manufacturers.

Zünd UK installed the cutter at the Dennison Group’s state-of-the-art facility in West Yorkshire to expand the Zünd demonstration centre network in the UK. Zünd cutters modular cutting systems are highly sought-after solutions for processing a wide variety of material including digital print on vinyl, point of purchase (POP) products made from corrugated cardboard, or textiles for soft signage applications.

Nicki Kay, Managing Director at Zünd UK said, ‘Having such a demonstration facility in the North really does open up our reach and accessibility to many more customers in that region. We’re grateful to the Dennison Group for the opportunity and very much looking forward to a long partnership with Roy and his team for many years to come.’

Roy Milner, Managing Director at Dennison Group said, ‘The Dennison Group are proud to be associated with many of the printing and allied trades leading manufacturers. When the opportunity arose to cooperate with Zünd it was an obvious fit into our company ethos. Our team of aftersales field support engineers regularly see and admire Zünd products while visiting our mutual customer, so this partnership made perfect sense.’

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Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Wrap-My-Ride

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s vehicle wrap features a Maserati in a gold chrome wrap.

Vehicle Wrap Of The Week - Wrap-My-Ride

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to

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Stahls’ Announces New Flocked Vinyl For Adding Texture To T-Shirts And More

CAD-CUT® Soft Flock HTV is a durable, flocked vinyl that can also be layered on itself to create multi-coloured, dimensional looks that are perfect for any customer. Amp up designs with over 18 colours ranging from traditional black, white, and royal, to more trendy ones like pale pink, lemon and turquoise.

The vinyl is ideal for adding texture to apparel and more. The product has high-quality, high-density fibres so colours stay vibrant and long-lasting wash after wash. Add a textured and plush feel to any item with this easy-to-weed material.

Soft Flock advantages:

– Adds a premium raised look and feel to a variety of fabrics.
– Allows users to decorate unique fabrics like Sherpa, blankets and towels.
– Easy to create vibrant and long-lasting designs.
– Offers the matte finish customers love.

Soft Flock is a great alternative to embroidery for left chest logos and more. It works well with lightweight garments that may not hold up to the weight of embroidery threads, like traditional cotton T-shirts and polos. Embroidering a large design can also be expensive and takes time. Using Soft Flock lets users achieve the same high-end look without investing in new equipment — all users need is a heat press.


Protection Films Need To Be Carefully Assessed

According to Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager at Drytac, the pandemic has led to a rise in the use of antibacterial and antimicrobial products. However, users need to choose carefully in order to achieve maximum protection, particuarly with protection films.

The global pandemic has changed our world and society in significant ways. Covid-19 has drastically changed our perception of hygiene and cleanliness, spurring the development of films and coatings with antimicrobial performance.

Previously, these coatings and products struggled to find widespread adoption due to difficulties in qualifying their effectiveness on human health and justifying any additional costs. However, the pandemic has drawn attention to measures that can provide additional protection and reassurance to the general public and this has created a new need for antimicrobial surface protection.

It should be noted, however, that not all antimicrobial coatings and products are created equal. Some are only effective against bacteria (antibacterial) while some are effective against a wider range of microbes – such as algae and fungus – offering antimicrobial protection. However, this performance does not necessarily protect against viruses, so users need to choose carefully.

When considering products for use as a preventative measure and increasing hygiene performance, it is important to understand the limitations of the three main antimicrobial technologies: zinc, silver and copper. All can provide protection against bacteria, but only some can offer antimicrobial protection. As damage or cuts on the film can harbour bacteria, it is important for the additive to be imbued in the film rather than in a top-coating, which can be easily scuffed, scratched and worn.

Perhaps the most important thing when seeking out antimicrobial protection is to be extremely wary of some of the claims currently being made in the marketplace. New disinfectant and additives used within antimicrobial solutions must have European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to make valid effectiveness claims. All biocides and pesticides have to be registered.

All governments promote a ‘test, test, test’ attitude when it comes to infection control and protection films are no different. Third-party testing needs to be done to determine any effectiveness on any microbial activity. This simply cannot be a one-off; these need to be part of the quality control and batch-to batch-testing of the product to ensure the desired performance for all locations.

Where products claim to have effectiveness against viruses they must be registered as a virucide. A simple ISO 21702 Coronavirus test on one viral strain such as feline coronavirus (FCoV) or 229E (human Coronavirus) does not qualify something to be anti-viral or effective for other strains/diseases, like Covid-19.

In addition, the claims of the effectiveness and protection of the product cannot extend outside of the classification of the product itself. This means that any marketing information surrounding potential health benefits are a no-no: they can lead to Advertising Standards Authority investigations and create public confusion.

There is no doubt that there will be major growth over the coming years in the requirement for antimicrobial technologies within many market sectors including medical, healthcare and general public spaces. This means that marketing and product information needs to be clear, concise and most importantly factual.

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MagnaColours Receives Environmental Certifications For Inks

Following site audits at the end of 2020, MagnaColours is now certified to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Confidence Level 3 – the highest ZDHC certification level currently available. ZDHC Confidence Level 3 now means that over 55 MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans inks and additives certified to Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport also meet ZDHC’s Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), and are verified as being responsibly manufactured.

MagnaColours has been working hard to remove harmful chemicals and helping printers use more environmentally friendly inks, and is continuing to ensure that its products are safer and better for the environment, printers and end-users.


ZDHC aims to remove harmful chemicals from production and the supply chain to protect workers, consumers and the environment. Through its efforts, the company is reducing not only its chemical footprint and environmental impact, but the impact of its customers as well.

OekoTex® Eco-Passport

OekoTex® Eco-Passport is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry. Each ingredient used in the manufacture of certified inks is checked to ensure it meets the Eco-Passport requirements and is not harmful to human health. The company’s inks certified under Eco-Passport can be used for the production of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 garments.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Core MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans inks and additives are approved for use as inputs in the production of GOTS certified products.


MagnaColours ensures its core inks meet the industry’s toughest restricted substances lists by using its own GNA®, a universal certificate of compliance and sustainability that meets and exceeds the RSL guidelines of major brands. MagnaColours also independently tests its inks to ensure they are approved for use under the strict RSL requirements of major global brands including Nike® and Adidas®.

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Texo Trade Services Announces PVC-Free Textile Wallpaper

The PVC-free textile wallpaper MuroSubli®WR ensures odourless printing, a very wide range of colours and the option of designing the wallpaper (including photo wallpaper) according to personal preference.

The disadvantage of printing wallcoverings with UV-drying inks is that the ink is not odourless. Similarly, printing with latex produces a wallcovering that is sensitive to scratches and cannot be cleaned.

With MuroSubli®WR, the colour is incorporated into the polyester and the inks cannot come off. They remain beautiful and as good as new. The textile is also very easy to clean. The reverse side of the textile comes with a grey coating that ensures the underlying surface does not show through. It is available in widths of 320 and 160 cm, which means fewer or no seams – all the better for the design. It is 50m in length.

MuroSubli®WR always delivers a sleek result with no stretching, crumpling or fraying. Because it has a semi-matte finish, it is also suitable for generously lit areas. It is water and dust-repellent and DIN4102 B1 certified.


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