NEC Display Releases UN Video Wall Display Series

NEC Display Releases UN Video Wall Display Series

The 46 inch UN462A and UN462VA displays feature anti-glare panel technology, FHD resolution and a 3.5mm bezel gap. The 49 inch UN492S and UN492VS come with an S-IPS panel along with a narrow cabinet with a bezel gap of 1.8mm.

Other features include:

• Brightness up to 700cd/sqm.
• Direct LED backlighting.
• Auto ID, Auto IP Address and Auto TileMatrix to set up image properties and control across video walls.
• TileCut function to ensure image doesn’t get cut off on non 16:9 video walls.
• DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI Out daisy chain options for 4K resolution.
• Calibration for each display for gamma, RGB and intensity.

Ben Hardy, senior product manager, NEC Display Solutions said, ‘We’ve designed our new UN Series video wall displays to directly address the needs of customers who need video walls for digital signage, presentation, entertainment, or informational applications. With an anti-glare panel and accurate colour reproduction, the UN Series offers close-viewing ability, presenting a cost-efficient indoor video wall option in addition to direct view LED panels.’


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