Maizey Plastics Introduces Line Bender 700

Maizey Plastics Introduces Line Bender 700

Maizey Plastics introduced its Line Bender 700 at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa Expo, held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 13-15 September.

Line benders are commonly used to bend materials such as Plexiglas, PVC, Polycarbonate, ABS and Polypropylene by softening the media with the use of a heating element.

Maizey’s manually operated line benders are robust, versatile and produce high quality linear bends. The machine includes adjustable temperature settings and heating gaps that allow for customisation to suit different material types and thicknesses of the sheets.

Also new to the show were Maizey’s PT05, PT06 and TH38DB heat presses, engineered to permanently imprint designs or graphics produced on heat transfer materials on fabric with the application of heat and pressure.

Also showcased were a range of GrafiTack etched glass self-adhesive films, with a sandblast effect for use with a vinyl cutter/plotter; as well as the Plexiglas Opal Wh52 acrylic sheet developed for backlit applications using LED’s or fluorescent tubes.

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