04 August 2017

Keymark Exhibiting Signage Finishing Solutions At FESPA Africa And Sign Africa Expo


Keymark Media will showcase its latest solutions for signage and graphics at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa Expo, taking place from 13-15 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Products being demonstrated include:

BU-1600 C2 PLUS

Features include:
- Maximum working width: 158cm.
- Maximum speed: 5m/min.
- Rollers' diameter: 12.8cm.
- Motor power: 60W.
- Electrical requirement: 1N/PE 220V/110V.
- Machine weight: 230kg.

BU-1600 RFZS
This dual roller hot laminator features:
- Maximum working width: 160cm.
- Maximum speed: 5m/min.
- Rollers' diameter: 12.8cm.
- Heating temperature: 150 degrees.
- Paper Size: 160cm.
- Type: Cold and Hot Laminator.
- Lifting height for roller:: 2.3cm.

BU-1600 E Cold
Typhoon E Cold series is an entry level fully automatic roll to roll model with ABS tooling side cover construction. Features:
- One sided hand crank lift up system.
- Drop in type interchangeable 7.62cm (3") aluminum shaft.
- Button-type control panel.
- Variable speed control.
- Forward and reverse direction control.
- E-stop and photocell installed for safety.

BU 1600 WL Liquid Laminator
- Maximum working width: 1580mm.
- Maximum speed: 1.5m/min.
- Laminating temperature: 100-130 degrees Celsius.
- Motor power: 90W.
- Heater power: 6500W.
- Electrical requirement: 1N/PE 220V 27A.
- Laminating thickness: 0.007 - 0.01mm.

Flatbed heat presses

Both the FOT-H and FOT-S machines are suitable for thermal transferring on garment, flat sheets, cut pieces, skis, metal plates, seat pads and foot pads. The FOT-H Vacuum Flatbed Heat Press is equipped with strong vacuum and hydraulic pressure for black ink to penetrate deeply into spandex. It is easy to lay cut pieces and transfer paper on fixed positions and the press features a vacuum that removes excess. The FOT-S flatbed heat press features a three-way open shuttle for making long fabric; evenly distributes temperature and pressure and a simple mechanical design for easy maintenance.



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