Graphix Supply World Installs Mimaki TX300P-1800

Graphix Supply World Installs Mimaki TX300P-1800

Graphix Supply World (GSW) has received positive feedback from Digital Express, following the purchase of a Mimaki TX300P-1800 direct-to-garment textile printer.

Digital Express was founded ten years ago in Cape Town, specialising in digital and textile printing, and has some of the biggest names in South Africa as clients, including Puma, Pick n Pay Clothing and Primi Piatti.

‘I’ve been dealing with GSW for nearly a decade and we have fostered a very strong relationship,’ said Digital Express’ Dale Clay. ‘We’ve been working together from the day I opened my business and their service has always been top quality. I know I can rely on them.’

With textile printing being one of the company’s main focuses, Clay and his team were looking to upgrade their equipment and turned to GSW for help. ‘We wanted a machine that could print directly onto the garments, that would work well and deliver the best quality. GSW suggested that we try the Mimaki TX300P-1800, and it was a great recommendation that is going to serve us well.’

The TX300P-1800 includes many features found in high-end direct-print models, but with a lower cost-of-ownership model that is suitable for users creating samples or short-run pieces. This model is engineered exclusively for direct-to-fabric printing. It includes new print heads with a high gap setting that enables printing on thick or thin textiles, plus woven patterns or raised fibre surfaces, while maintaining accurate ink droplet placement. Mimaki original inks are specifically designed for exceptional colour reproduction onto natural or synthetic fibres for producing flags, banners, fashion textiles, performance sportswear, interior décor and more.

When asked about GSW’s service, Clay said, ‘They continue to keep me happy. They have been great with setting up the machine, their staff really know what they are doing and are a pleasure to deal with. I know if I need assistance, I can call at any time and someone will be available to help.’

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