Grafityp Expands Product Range

Grafityp expands product range.

Grafityp has introduced three new products to its range. These include:

Grafiprint FLOORPRINT ‘2 in 1’

Grafiprint FLOORPRINT is a white 230µm monomeric print film with a special anti-skid surface. Thanks to this, the film is suited for indoor applications on the floor. The film is mainly meant for promotional purposes, such as short time floor decoration at trade shows, during open houses, etc. It is available in 1370mm x 25m.

Grafiprint LM112P ’PRINT & CUT’

Grafiprint LM112P is a white glossy monomeric print film, which has been developed especially for ‘print and cut’ applications. The film comes with a special top coating, which allows not only razor sharp print results, but also makes it possible to cut prints immediately after having printed them, even when larger amounts of ink have been printed on the material. Available in 1370mm x 50m, and following soon is 762mm x 50m and 1525mm x 50m.

Grafitack SBT

Grafitack SBT is a beige 230µm PVC sandblast stencil for ‘medium-duty’ sandblasting jobs, e.g. on plastic, stone, glass, wood, etc. The film comes with a removable acrylic adhesive, which guarantees a clean removal after sandblasting. Available in 610mm x 25m and 1220mm x 25m.

The company’s well-known Grafitack SBP (375 µm) is still recommended for ‘heavy-duty’ sandblasting.

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