Exion Corporation Contributes To Anti-Rhino Poaching Efforts

Exion Corporation Contributes To Anti-Rhino Poaching Efforts

Exion Corporation has donated R10,000 to StopRhinoPoaching.com, an organisation committed to helping protect and conserve rhino in South Africa. The money was generated from sales of Exion’s Black Rhino range of CNC machines, lasers and laser welders.

Jay Kim, director of Exion Corporation, encourages everyone to take a stand against this scourge and honour the conservation of these precious animals. ‘We need to work together effectively to sustain what we have,’ he said.

‘It’s extremely sad that the rhino horn is not just being used for medicinal purposes, of which there is no evidence to back up its effectiveness, but is also used as a status symbol by wealthy people or CEO’s, who display the horns on their desks, wear the horns as jewellery or use it for making embossing stamps,’ said Elise Daffue, founding director of StopRhinoPoaching.com.

‘I’m very thankful to clients who have been buying our products, as it helps us to support this worthy cause on their behalf. We believe that it is our duty to provide the best service and we will continue to do our best,’ said Bruce Badenhorst, director of new business development at Exion Corporation.

Kim saw a gap in the CNC and laser machine industry for high quality products and excellent service in the ever-competitive signage industry. After identifying a niche market for CNC machines, the Black Rhino brand was born. The brand provided an opportunity for Exion to tie in its interest for rhino conservation.

Exion’s Black Rhino CNC machine can be customised according to the client’s specifications and requirements. Offering such a dynamic to not just the signage companies but to those in the furniture and shop fitting industries, this really gives the buyer peace of mind when looking at the quality and capability of the machines. They cut and engraves with ease on a number of different materials such as acrylic, ACM, aluminium and other materials.

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