Aristomat Traffic Sign Cutter Enables Quick Operation

Aristomat Traffic Sign Cutter Enables Quick Operation

The Aristomat Traffic Sign Cutter is robust, simple to operate and freely accessible to work from all sides. Powerful AC-servomotors and the modern CAN-Bus-steering technique enable high throughput.

With up to 54 controllable vacuum zones, the system holds even the smallest of remnants safely on the work surface.

The Traffic Sign Cutter is controlled via PC, with ARISTO software CutterControlPanel available in many languages. The windows user interface offers the user all graphical information of the cutting data. With a mobile control pad essential functions such as navigation or setting the origin allow an effective operation.

Combinable single and multi-functional tool heads offer the possibility of a varied choice of materials to process. This variety of possibilities for material processing can be supplemented with the automatic measuring system AutomaticEye and the providing of data via a mobile barcode reader.

To automate processing, the machines can be supplemented with a revolving conveyor, a powered unwinding device for continual material transportation of roll materials and a winding device. The machine can also be converted to ProductionLineCutters (PLC) with integrated loading and/or unloading table.

The Ultrasonic Cutting Device UCD35K, a specially designed tool for the high standards of cutting reflective vinyl, when it is important to seal edges, cuts and seals the edges in one work process.

The AutomaticEye System featuring integrated colour camera and reflection suppression enables quick and exact cutting of printed patterns, even of large areas with complex cutting contours. Cutting data from a plot file is allocated to the printed pattern by using freely placeable reference marks printed on the pattern.


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