17 May 2017

Agfa WebApproval v10.1 Offers Improved Features

Agfa WebApproval v10.1 Offers Improved Features
Easier job handling and improved collaboration are some of the key features of the Agfa Graphics WebApproval v10.1, the newest update of the uploading, page approval and collaboration portal of Apogee Prepress.

The new Pages Overview shows thumbnails for all the pages of a job, making it easy to get a quick overview of the job status. Users can export a softproof of a range of pages, which is handy for outputting hardcopy proofs. Approving a whole range of pages can be done with a few clicks.

The Pages Overview also makes it easier to drag and drop uploaded pages to the runlist. This can be done with multiple files in one go but it is also possible to select just a few pages from a file and drop those on empty page slots, as shown below.

A new pane on the left hand side lists all the preflight messages related to the pages shown on the right. Clicking a message highlights the area that the warning or error message refers to. This makes it easier to review page content and to deal with potential production issues early on.

Users can select an area and insert a comment that applies to that part of the page. Next to page-specific remarks, they can also add job-related comments. Such a visual way of collaborating improves customer service and makes it easier to optimise documents and respect tight deadlines.

The option to view separations has also been moved to this new pane and the zoom function no longer opens a separate window overlay. On tablets and smart phones users can change the zoom level by pinching. Ease of use remains a key focus point of Apogee WebApproval.

By popular demand, the navigation pane to the left can now also display spreads instead of single pages.

In the tile view, a new green ‘finished’ icon indicates which jobs are complete and have been fully approved.

Automation remains one of the key focus points of Apogee Prepress. Printing companies who use their MIS or Management Information System to automatically send job data to the prepress department will appreciate the many WebApproval-specific refinements in the Apogee Prepress JDF module. Job data can include company and user-specific information, eliminating the need to rekey information and minimising the risk of accidental errors.

WebApproval v10.1 is part of the Apogee Prepress v10 suite. It will be available from mid-2017 onward.