Large Format Specialist Invests In Kongsberg Finishing Solution

With Ontario-based large format specialist Global Imaging servicing a growing number of customers and handling more projects, the company said the investment in Kongsberg digital finishing solutions would help increase throughput speed and boost productivity at the production stage.

Global Imaging has made a significant investment in Kongsberg digital finishing solutions. The designer, printer and manufacturer of bespoke Point of Purchase displays has invested in a new Kongsberg C64 table complete with automated board feeder and stacker.

‘At Global Imaging, we are embracing the fact that advances in technology and materials mean that the only limiting factor to creativity is how far your own imagination can take you,’ said Gerald Maister, Vice President of Global Imaging. ‘The digital revolution has led to a creative revolution, giving us the freedom to work in large scale formats even for one-off custom orders. With this latest investment, we are increasing our own capabilities to deliver against the most creative designs and fulfil the imagination potential of our designers and customers.’

‘Our in-house design team prides itself on delivering the impactful displays our customers want and we believe their imagination deserves an equally imaginative approach to digital printing and display fabrication,’ said Maister. ‘The C64 enables us to deliver the very best finish to make our customers’ visions a reality, while the investment in the automated feeder stacker ensures that we can achieve more in less time. The underside camera alone, which takes away the manual processes of checking each sheet and calculating registration marks, will save us up to 30 minutes on each job.’

Global Imaging took advantage of the wide array of specialist tooling available for the C64, adding the Kongsberg High Frequency Vibracut Knife Tool, which, with its powerful motor, is ideal for cutting heavily recycled board at efficient speeds, as well as the Rigid Material Knife Tool that excels at everything from lightweight detailed work to cutting heavy rigid board like plastic foamed 3mm PVC.

‘The C64 delivers the highest levels of performance,’ said Vince Tuccitto, Kongsberg PCS Territory Sales Manager for eastern Canada. ‘With its state-of-the-art, rock-solid engineering and aerospace technology, it combines a steel tabletop with aluminium honeycomb core, a rack and pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping to deliver the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency. With the addition of the optional tooling combination, the team can manufacture large displays quickly and easily while being confident in achieving the best quality of final print and cut.

‘The new table is also served by the board feeder and stacker that enables Global Imaging to significantly increase its productivity,’ said Tuccitto. ‘With its stack height and quick automatic load cycles, it is the optimal solution for short run production of a wide variety of materials. The Underside Camera scans each sheet from below, on the print side, and automatically locates the registration marks, barcodes and the corner of the sheet,’ he said. ‘This saves anything from 20 to 30 minutes on each set up, further boosting productivity.’


Kalideck Resuming Full Operations Following Damage To KwaZulu-Natal Facility

Kalideck has reported that while its employees in KwaZulu-Natal are safe following the unrest in that region, its facility suffered extensive damage and loss of inventory and assets at the hands of looters. However, due to the company’s national resources (seven branches throughout Southern Africa) and the passion of the Kalideck team, business is resuming as per normal.

The company’s contingency plans for the affected operations are already under way to restore operational capability, especially in the Pinetown branch, ably supported by Kalideck’s branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha), Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg, all of which are fully operational. Apart from the pursuit of normalcy of branch operations, and with the Covid-19 third wave in mind, the company’s executives, managers and salespeople are available to attend to every customer requirement at all times with safety and confidence.

‘Our well documented contingency plans (covering all possible identified risks) sprang into action, and we have drawn inventory and resources from other Kalideck branches, which means that we can provide our valued customers the same superior level of service they have been accustomed to,’ said CEO Raymond Waldeck in a statement issued by the company. ‘A special thank you to all our customers and our suppliers for their unwavering support. Sadly, many of our customers, and in turn their customers, also suffered serious loss in the ensuing mayhem and our thoughts are with them.’

‘We thank each Kalideck employee, especially those who went above and beyond the call of duty to protect and secure the Kalideck properties. It would also be remiss of us not to pause for a moment and remember all those who have lost their lives during this time, those that suffered irreparable harm to person and property and all those that are emotionally burdened,’ added Waldeck.

‘We are not oblivious to the after-effects, but we remain optimistic about the future possibilities for South Africa. As a new day dawns, we find ourselves focusing on the possibilities of what tomorrow may hold for each person and the unwavering purpose to get our country working again. There can be no doubt that South Africa faces many challenges over the next couple of months, but at Kalideck, our resolve remains unshaken for what lies ahead.’

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Kemtek Resume Delivery Schedules Following Unrest

Kemtek Imaging Systems is slowly returning to its standard delivery schedules across the country, but still anticipates some minor delays with stock transfers between Durban and Johannesburg.

The Durban branch has returned to normal working hours. The Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth branches are open as usual.

‘We will continue to monitor the situation across the country and will communicate any changes to the above if necessary. We wish you a peaceful and productive week,’ said Graham Comins, Managing Director.

Please contact the Durban branch via telephone, +27 31 700 9363, or email for further clarification regarding outstanding orders and collection times available.

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Zünd UK Achieves Environmental Management Certification

ISO 14001:2015 is the environmental management standard that provides an international framework to help organisations minimise their impact on the environment and comply with environmental laws and regulations.

Zünd UK is proud to announce that the business has achieved the certification as part of their work towards continuous environmental improvement.

Louise McCord, Operations, Quality and HR Manager at Zünd UK said, ‘As a company that operates all over the UK, we strive to limit the environmental impact of our activities and use our resources sparingly. We try to balance economic, environmental and social responsibilities in everything we do, and to have achieved certification within a few months of deciding to apply for accreditation was an achievement the whole team can be proud of. This gives us and our customers the reassurance that the processes we follow at all times take account of our environmental responsibilities.’

Recent initiatives from Zünd UK include the use of the VYN app, a SmartVideoNotes data application designed to capture and share information from the field, which can then be analysed and reviewed remotely to enable tracking and logging of actionable next steps, based on AI-driven outcomes. The use of the VYN App plays a key part in helping Zünd UK to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint by taking company vehicles off the road for pre-installation site surveys or on-site support call-outs.

The company has also invested in a new fleet of vehicles that meets the Euro 6 emissions standards. Euro 6 is the name given to a set of limits for harmful exhaust emissions produced by any vehicle powered by petrol or diesel engines. Nicki Kay, Managing Director at Zünd UK said, ‘We are also in the process of installing multiple Electric Vehicle charge points at our St Albans, UK head office in anticipation of the mass migration to electric powered travel.’

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Epson Announces Upcoming Addition Of New Print Heads For Signage Applications

The T3200-U3 (‘T3200’) enables simultaneous, high-quality, four-colour CMYK printing at high speed from a single print head. Furthermore, incorporating a heater in the print head makes printing possible even with highly viscous UV ink, and thus can provide an optimal digital printing environment, especially for printing, signage and product packages.

The new products will strengthen the line-up for applications such as signage and easily allow printers to deliver high print quality at high speed. The two-colour T1600-U3 (‘T1600’) will be released to market at the same time. These new products will expand Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead offerings to a six series line-up and provide a diverse range of digital printing environments.

Features of the T3200

– Easily equips printers with the ability to deliver outstanding print quality in four-colour CMYK from a single print head.
– Ordinarily, a pair of two-colour print heads must be combined to print in four-colours of ink. The T3200, however, can eject the four CMYK colours from a single printhead.

Moreover, a precision-processed positioning mechanism will save customers time, trouble and money while providing high-quality printing, because customers will not have to engineer a mechanism to determine the spacing between print heads or make adjustments during installation.


– High-speed printing enabled by a wider effective print width.
– Whereas Epson’s current four-colour print head, the I3200, has an effective print width of 33.8mm (1.33 inches), the T3200 and T1600 have an effective print width nearly double that, at 67.3mm (2.65 inches). Furthermore, the T3200 and T1600 have a different type of piezoelectric actuator than the I3200 to enable the ejection of larger ink droplets at higher frequencies. This facilitates faster printing without compromising the high image quality and easy installation for which the I3200 is known.

The T3200 and T1600 are the first print heads in the Epson PrecisionCore series to have a built-in heater. The heater makes it possible to eject UV inks of various viscosities, expanding the range of applications, especially for signage and product packaging.

The four-colour T3200 and the two-color T1600 can be flexibly arranged to enable customers to develop many different types of printers with different numbers of colours and speeds. For example, the T3200 can be equipped with CMYK ink and the T1600 can be equipped with special inks such as white and varnish.

The two new products will accelerate the digitisation of signage printing and provide customers with an environment in which high-quality, high-speed printing can be more easily implemented in printers. Epson will continue to develop original technology to contribute to the expansion of its customers’ businesses and further accelerate inkjet innovation. The release date is expected to be during the second half of the 2021 fiscal year ending March 2022.


Caldera Announces Software Support For Roland Printer

Driving the Roland IU-1000F with CalderaRIP software is an ideal way to make the most out of the printer’s speed and colour reproduction capabilities. The driver is optimised for the use of Roland’s special inks, and with Caldera’s advanced printing module, the user can manually or automatically manage how to use Primer, White and Clear inks on their print jobs.

Designed for demanding printing production environments, Roland’s latest UV flatbed printer can be driven by CalderaRIP Version 14 to deliver impeccable results on cost-effective applications such as signs, display graphics, interior design, backlit boxes, or canvas murals.

Moreover, CalderaRIP embeds premium components to always ensure printing accuracy and perfect results no matter the application:

– The latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of designs on any surface.

– The X-Rite i1Prism Profiler for ICC profiling allows users to keep control over colours and ensure smooth gradients.

In addition, CalderaRIP comes with a range of features and options perfectly suited for high-demanding printing workflows. For example, you can set up an unlimited number of hotfolders and, since Version 14, benefit from powerful Smart Hotfolders to parallelise job processing and save up to 35% ripping time. For further automation, the unique Smart Import feature allows Smart Hotfolders to automatically extract meta-data from the filename, such as the number of copies, targeted printer or presets in order to speed up job submission of traditional file-based workflows Smart Import is available for customers with an ongoing subscription to CalderaCare.

In addition, Caldera’s true shape nesting feature delivers smarter image placing and optimised layouts for all kinds of shapes, not only rectangular, in order to dramatically reduce media waste and ensure a sustainable production while maximising ROI. Furthermore, the solution generates barcodes or QR codes to improve the finishing process.

Finally, Caldera is a fully scalable solution that is perfectly suited for high-speed, mass-production, print and cut environments. It is compatible with more than 1600 peripherals and its unique client/server architecture allows users to distribute computation power on several computers using the same software licence to drive a company’s fleet of printers seamlessly. Also, the optional GrandCutServer module generates cut files that are entirely compatible with multiple types of routers for a seamless print to cut workflow.

All print and cut drivers are available for download on Caldera WorkSpace.

Tel: +27 11 789 1222

Metamark Vinyl Used In Tea Branding Project

Metamark MD5, a high performance grade polymeric calendered self-adhesive vinyl for printers using a whole range of inks, was used in another branding project. Tea company Clipper wanted to elevate its visible presence at the point of sale and beyond in cafés.

Thanks to some creative work by the Vertiworks team and Clipper, the idea has now seen the light of day and is attracting grateful tea aficionados to Jimmy’s, a well known and much loved local café.

Framed posters promote Clipper’s tea in a very Dorset-like context, highly personalised to the county’s distinctive geography. The cuppa occupies the subject foreground against a backdrop suggesting rolling green bisected at the horizon and transitioning into a blue sky dotted with gulls. The posters are framed in rustic wood and occupy various sites at Jimmy’s. Branded awnings complete the ensemble and it all does a wonderful job of extending the brand’s reach beyond traditional point of sale in the café’s interior.

The intention is to create hyper-local, bespoke campaigns along the same lines on a much more widely distributed basis. Digital print as provisioned by the team at Vertiworks is of course ideal for such an application. Vertiworks can economically produce promotional print, personalised to geography and application, in quantities of one and up. Vertiworks also has a well proven project-management expertise, so keeping track of the campaigning as it hits significant scale is a given.

The printed graphics produced by Vertiworks and used to brand Jimmy’s were made using Matt laminated Metamark MD5. MD5 has become something of a staple with Vertiworks, and its MD-Class credentials will really help with the Clipper project. The product is consistent from roll to roll and batch to batch, and, coupled with Vertiworks’ accomplished print management and production skills, will yield results that tightly adhere to a very well-managed brand specification.

Living as we do in an age where pressing a button results in a print issuing from a wide format printer, it is easy to forget that a great deal of operational expertise and technical capability actually underpin the successful delivery of a project with corners as widely distributed as Clipper’s. Those elements are founded on experience and a conscientious approach to business, neither of which submit to automation.

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Nazdar Announces Availability Of Digital Imaging Inks

Nazdar Ink Technologies’ 566 Series digital imaging inks deliver high print speed capability and high-impact, high-intensity colours equivalent to the original OEM ink set along with consistent and reliable print performance. They are suitable for multiple printing substrates, including self-adhesive, flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh.

The company has announced the UK/EMEA availability of the series, designed for use in Oki™ Colorpainter M-64 LCIS digital printers using Oki™ WX IP6 inks. The low odour formulation is colour matched to the Oki WX IP6 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inks, avoiding the need for custom profiles in most situations.

Thanks to the complete chemical and colour compatibility of the two ink sets, the introduction of the Nazdar 566 Series inks into the Oki™ Colorpainter M-64 LCIS Digital Printer’s integrated 4L capacity bulk-ink system is a simple, seamless and trouble-free process.

Stephen Woodall, Market Segment Manager – Aqueous and Solvent Digital at Nazdar said, ‘We’re delighted to add this new range to our cost-effective and high-quality alternative inks. Nazdar 566 Series inks enable users to meet or exceed the quality, productivity and performance of the OEM inks while benefitting from significant savings.’


Printing SA Responds To Recent Unrest

Dr Abdool Majid Mahomed, CEO of Printing SA, has noted with deep concern the unprecedented series of events resulting in malls, factories and warehouses being looted, vandalised and in some cases being burnt in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. 

‘We empathise with our member companies who had to shut down either for the short or long term due to security concerns – losing production at a time when the economy can ill afford it. Printing SA is here to help, service and advise in whichever way possible. Please contact your chamber managers to assist with any labour and HR matters that have arisen as a result of this turmoil. Thank you, may peace prevail, and recovery efforts be successful.’

Printing SA also supports The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI’s) statement on violence on roads, looting of businesses and damage to property. SACCI condemns this in the strongest terms. Read more.

Further industry updates

Printing SA welcomes new member of staff

Printing SA is proud to welcome Anele Pendule Mgwebi, who has joined and replaces Asisipho Diya, on a two-month long contract appointment.

Mgwebi is an aspiring professional accountant with a in Internal Auditing from Unisa. She has been working as a financial management supervisor for three years for an accounting firm in Mthatha.

Mgwebi enjoys events planning, nature excursions and spending time with her family. She has fallen in love with the accounting profession and plans to further her studies in auditing. She has been working predominantly in the accounting office and would like to advance her career within the business sector. She has also come to enjoy the varied challenges of the accounting office.

The Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTIC) survey: impact of the unrest

South African businesses have come under immense strain due to the recent events of violence and looting that have swept through the country during the past week. This survey requests information on the impacts of the unrest and the support that would be required by affected companies.

The results from the survey will assist the Department of Trade Industry and Competition, and other organisations, to propose support measures to enable the rebuilding and economic stabilisation of the country.

The department kindly requests about five minutes of your time to complete the online survey, and thanks you in advance. All information provided will be strictly confidential and aggregated anonymous data will be used to inform decision making. Click here to complete the survey.

The latest government legislation and regulatory news

On 14 May 2021, The Department of Employment and Labour published notice 44572, introducing the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (OHS) Bill 2020 to the National Assembly to amend the OHS Act, 1993 (Act 85 of 1993).

The purpose of the bill, amongst others, is to align it to international trends and strengthen the safety measures of workers in their respective workplaces. Click here to read an explanation of the OHS Act.

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OneVision’s New Software Shortens Print Make-Ready Times

Print jobs received via a web shop or sales department can be transmitted to the new Generate Print Form software with all job information from the management information system (MIS) or ERP system. Alternatively, job information including customer data can be entered directly into the software and the print files can be uploaded manually.

Generate Print Form can therefore be used by printers who, until now, have worked without a MIS. As a mini-MIS, it can be used to manually create jobs, including job and customer information, job tracking and upload function for print files.

All production machines and materials, including their specifications, are created as master data in the software itself. Users can specify which combinations of press and post-press machines are suitable for which substrate or job. Once these settings have been made, the software intelligently and accurately creates print forms tailored to the quantity and type of print files and the requirements of the production machines. Free-shape artworks are nested or ganged, rectangular elements are arranged in a space-saving manner or placed via step-and-repeat and round objects are positioned via honeycomb nesting.

In addition, classic prepress tasks such as preflighting, colour management, flattening transparencies, file normalisation, etc. are done automatically. If preferred, the user can intervene and adjust the placement by hand. The software allows full automation in the set-up of the print form and prepress control and correction, as well as – if requested – manual intervention.

Output for printing, embellishment and finishing

As soon as a print form is ready, Generate Print Form adds print marks that are needed by finishing machines for cutting or embellishment. Once the user is satisfied with the layout of the print form, production can be started with a simple click and the data is transferred, production-ready, to the press. Finishing and cutting information is automatically sent to the post-press machines.

Significant time savings in form and sheet creation

With the launch of the software, OneVision provides an ideal, intelligent calculation of forms for print jobs, taking into account various parameters such as number of pieces, delivery date and material consumption. The intelligent combination of different print jobs achieves significant time and substrate savings and thus a more economical operation for print service providers.


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