Titan Jet Africa Showcasing Sublimation Solutions At Graphics Print Sign Pop Up Activation

Titan Jet Africa’s focus is on start up businesses and job creation. The company will showcase entry market sublimation equipment and consumables, with a high value centred around the start up kit, at the upcoming Graphics Print Sign (GPS) Pop Up Activation, being held from 29 October – 1 November at Eastgate Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

This equipment will allow users to enter the printing industry by printing corporate gifts and branding products. With the pro kit, T-shirt kit and elite kit, high savings are possible. The company also specialise in large format printers, which take businesses to the next level with a low running cost and high quality printing solutions.

Date: Thursday 29 October – Sunday 1 November 2020

Time: 9am – 6pm daily (shopping centre hours are subject to change)

Address: Eastgate Shopping Centre, Strelitzia Court Entrance 6, 43 Bradford Rd, Bedfordview.

Parking: Underground parking is available for your own cost. You can also download the new Admyt app for parking payment. The open parking opposite entrance 6 is free (Opposite the Mega Mica). There is no entrance fee or registration needed for the activation – simply come through and be inspired. 


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HEXIS Group Launch PVC Film For Large Format Surfaces

The200Evo’s Take Heat Easy® technology is the result of a combination of a solvent based adhesive and a micro-structured liner developed by Hexis’ R&D team. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the initial tack and immediate adhesion, thus making the installation of the vinyl more convenient with an optimal adhesive bonding process.

Ease of repositioning, print quality and optimal durability are all assets that will allow customers to express their creativity with unlimited possibilities and installers to use it conveniently on flat or slightly curved surfaces, for 2D wrapping projects (buses, lorries, fleet vehicles etc.) and large format signage.

Thibault Veuillet, Business Development Manager Automotive, commented, ‘With its excellent sliding properties on the substrate, the film is an ideal solution, especially when an installer needs to quickly and accurately position two printed widths. It is amazingly easy to find the perfect alignment for a design.’

HEXIS have developed and are now launching the V850B laminate with a thickness of 50 μm, which is ideal when combined with the new film. Caroline Mateu, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hexis said, ‘Our research laboratory and our industrial team have combined their respective strengths and skills to complete the design and manufacturing process of these two new products in the most successful way. In the year 2020, despite the current health issues, Hexis continue their race for technological innovation with the launch of the new self-healing X technology for our vehicle body protection films (Bodyfencex) and the antimicrobial Pure Zone® technology for surface protection.’


Midcomp Installs HP Latex Machine

Midcomp recently installed an HP Latex 570 at Tygan Digital And Signage. Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique, delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, and a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

The HP Latex 570 allows the user to load rolls in one minute or less with the spindle-less pivot table and skew automatic adjustment. It runs unattended and produces highly saturated prints with up to 50% more ink density using vivid print modes.

Tygan Digital and Signage specialise in large format digital printing, point of sale and signage. The company offers a complete turnkey solution, assisting clients in every aspect of a project. With years of experience, the business prides itself on its reliability and ability to execute projects nationally.

‘We have travelled a long road with Midcomp and have had the pleasure of dealing with Midcomp Group CEO Rob Makinson and his team for over 10 years,’ said director Monique Meano. ‘When we were in the market to replace our HP 360, there was no doubt that we would turn to Midcomp for assistance. We required a reliable printer that could handle high productivity at cost effective prices. We service many clients in the retail industry and work on extremely tight deadlines. The HP L570 ensures exceptional quality and speed, and the ability to use printed media immediately.’

Meano described the service from Midcomp as ‘phenomenal as always’, and praised its Pay Per Use (PPU) programme, stating that it gives the company a fixed cost per square metre to work on, with no hidden costs and no additional maintenance fees. Pay Per Use (PPU) is a comprehensive and customised programme, created by Midcomp, that ensures users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print.

Tel: (+27 11) 789 1222
Email: sales@midcomp.co.za
Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

Tygan Digital And Signage
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Midcomp’s Latex Printer And Cutting Solution Ensure Client Satisfaction

Since installing an HP L570 printer and HP 160 1.6m vinyl cutter, Print Corp has reported that its business has seen growth in overall operational efficiencies.

Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, and a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

The cutter features a drag-knife with TurboCut and Tangential emulation modes, with a cut speed of up to 113cm/sec diagonal. ‘When we were looking to buy a printer, we had a few boxes to tick,’ said JP Pretorius, owner, Print Corp. ‘We wanted our print work to be ready to use immediately after printing. That is exactly what we got with the HP L570. It does not matter what material you print on, everything is ready straight out of the printer to applicate or laminate.’

‘We had to have a printer that was extremely versatile with regards to media. With the new generation Latex inks, you are able to print on a wide variety of media, even textiles. We had to have a printer that used eco-friendly inks, so the water based latex inks were a perfect fit. We also needed a printer that did not take up a lot of space. With the front loading system of the HP, you can put the printer right up against a wall and save a lot of space.’

Johannesburg-based Print Corp are specialists in signage (light-boxes, billboards, cut-out letters, vehicle branding, flags and banners), wide format latex printing, UV flatbed printing, direct to substrate printing, textured printing, T-shirts and promotional items, logo design, company ‘look and feel’, display designs and promotional material.

Pretorius has been very impressed by Midcomp’s service. ‘We where blown away by Midcomp from the very first day that we met salesperson Darryl Braithwaite. Midcomp became more than just a supplier – we feel like family when we walk into their offices. We were so happy with their way of doing business that we bought a flatbed printer from them as well and they still don’t cease to amaze us with their support and service.’

Pay Per Use (PPU) is a comprehensive and customised programme, created by Midcomp, that ensures users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print. ‘The unique PPU option that we took when we bought the printer gives you such peace of mind that you do not have to worry about ink, service charges, repairs and parts,’ added Pretorius.

Tel: (+27 11) 789 1222
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Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

Print Corp

Mimaki Textile Printers Ramp Up Business Production

The Tiger-1800B MkII is Mimaki’s flagship industrial volume textile printer, available either in dye sublimation configuration for transfer printing or with reactive ink for direct-to-textile printing.

Mimaki Europe has announced that Pakistan-based textile company, Moti Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd., is leveraging multiple Mimaki Tiger industrial textile printing units to take its business to the next level. As a result of the outstanding performance and process optimisation delivered by the Mimaki digital printing equipment, the company has been able to adapt to changes in the textile industry and is now projected to reinforce its market position and expand its capabilities in high-quality textile production.

Headquartered in Faisalabad, Punjab province – the second largest textile hub in Pakistan – Moti Fabrics mainly serves the high fashion industry and uses its cutting-edge technology to print about 100,000 metres daily. Faced with recent challenges in the global textile market, management at Moti Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. embarked on innovating the company’s business model, shifting from conventional to digital printing. In doing so, the company invested in Mimaki’s advanced industrial textile technology and installed three Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII units.

‘We were, and still are, experiencing a massive transformation in the printing segment, with brands demanding high quality products delivered within short deadlines. This change in our customers’ requirements urged us to move to digital printing,’ said Muhammad Asif, CEO at Moti Fabrics. ‘Our choice has already proved sound as our brand-new Tiger-1800B MkII printing systems have enabled us to cope with the high standards of the fashion industry in terms of both quality and delivery times. In addition, we have been able to gradually enhance our production processes in a cost-effective way.’

Of the three Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII solutions operating at Moti Fabrics two are equipped with reactive inks, enabling the company to directly print onto natural fibres such as cotton and linen, as well as onto manufactured cellulose fibres, including rayon and nylon. The third Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII features sublimation inks and serves the ever-growing printed polyester market, allowing the company to strategically diversify its product portfolio.

‘There are several features of the Tiger-1800B MkII that benefit our production and our business at large. The Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS), just to name one, prevents banding and colour-shifting to deliver a higher standard of quality, while the Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) provides uninterrupted production, minimising downtime and ensuring superior results. The sticky belt system together with the large-size ink tanks (with a capacity of 10kg) and the high-performance software RIP TxLink3 are some of the other features that make these printers efficient, user-friendly and reliable,’ said Asif.

Asif concluded, ‘Looking at the future, our aim is to set up a print department featuring only Mimaki’s technologies. We are already considering the next steps to make this possible, knowing that we can count on the support of Signtrade, Mimaki’s dealer in the region and our trustworthy partner.’

Moti Fabrics was founded in 1992 by Asif’s father Haji Muhammad Yousaf and his partner Haji Rasheed Ahmad. Established as a dyeing company, Moti Fabrics was able to gradually diversify the business over the years to become an advanced textile printing specialist. Today, the company is an established provider to the high fashion industry in Pakistan and on an international level.

‘The story of Moti Fabrics is incredibly inspiring. Belonging to a region with such rooted textile printing heritage, the company has been able to embrace a new and challenging business model in order to keep up with the changing demand from the textile industry and has succeeded in this,’ commented Ronald van den Broek, General Sales Manager at Mimaki Europe. ‘Customers like Moti Fabrics make us proud as they demonstrate how our advanced Mimaki Tiger industrial textile series can be the enabling technology for those textile companies planning the shift from conventional to digital printing.’

Graphix Supply World
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Trotec Announces New Laser Machine Software

The new Trotec Ruby software redefines how users work with a laser machine. After three years of continual efforts, the open beta version of Ruby is ready to be released.

The new laser software is defined by its simple and efficient workflow when taking an initial idea to the final product. This ensures profitable order processing, not to mention the delightful user interface.

This new laser software is characterised by its simple and efficient workflow – from idea to finished product. With the use of this platform, it guarantees profitable order processing and provides users with a web-based network, and therefore a digital-to-the-core set-up.

The adaptable software was designed from a zero starting point and because of this, it lends itself to future developments. The new platform opens up possibilities that have long been in demand but were previously unthinkable, such as complete independence from the operating system. This technology will offer laser users unprecedented added value and will be setting new standards.

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Website: http://www.troteclaser.co.za

Vastex Introduces Prepress System For Screen Printing Shops

The package includes a washout booth to clean, inspect and develop screens; a semi-automatic screen coater to precisely apply emulsion; a drying cabinet to cure the emulsion; an LED exposing unit to expose the emulsion and a pin registration system to preregister screens as well as accurately register screens onto the press.

It is comprised of performance-matched components that significantly reduce prepress time and increase registration accuracy. The stainless steel washout booth, model VWB-3627, comes with a frosted acrylic back panel and backlight to aid in visual inspection of the screen and frame during cleaning, inspection and final development.

Foot-pedal operation of the wall-mounted C-1000 semi-automatic screen coater lowers the screen at a constant rate, allowing application of the emulsion with greater uniformity than possible using manual methods.

Variable heat and filtered airflow of the Dri-Vault Model VDC-253610 screen drying cabinet cure coated screens in as little as 20 minutes. The E2-5236 LED Exposing Unit, with 0.37 kW vacuum generator, exposes one 130 x 90 cm screen or two 60 x 90 cm screens in as little as 20 seconds, and achieves tight screen-to-glass contact in as little as 6 seconds for sharp reproduction of fine detail.

The VRS pin registration system allows an operator to align film positives on all screens in register prior to exposing them, and to clamp each screen to the press in register in approximately three minutes per screen, greatly increasing press time, output and profit.

Prepress package components are also offered separately by the company, along with other screen printing and DTG printing equipment, including Infrared Conveyor Dryers, manual and automatic screen printing presses, flash cure units and complete screen printing shop packages geared for beginners up to high-volume commercial printers.


Canon Flatbed Printer Receives Award For Diverse Features

Selected by a panel of expert analysts with years of combined experience in production print products and analysing market trends, Canon’s Arizona 2300 was judged against three key metrics: how ground-breaking or unique the product innovation was, its likely impact on the market segment it addresses, and the expected timeline for availability to the market.

Keypoint Intelligence has recognised the advances that Canon has made in production print with the announcement of a BLI Outstanding Innovation Award in Production Print for the Arizona 2300 flatbed printer series. The winners of this inaugural award ‘feature technologies that improve output quality, enhance productivity, deliver workflow efficiencies, impact sustainability and advance their product segments in meaningful ways.’

The Arizona 2300, which was launched this year on 1 September, was celebrated for its ‘game-changing’ Arizona Flow technology. Using an airflow suction technique, it combines a zone-less, multi-origin table layout with easy-to-use registration pins to better secure a substrate in place on the table. With this technology, the Arizona 2300 no longer requires operator time for masking the table or taping down the media, ‘enabling faster changeover between jobs, shorter set-up times and hassle-free job switching’.

Jens Filipsson, Owner of Wiking Screen and Reklam commented, ‘Our everyday challenges to reduce turnaround times have been solved since installing the Arizona 2300, which offers high speed and improved quality. The Arizona is crucial for our business success and with the flatbed printer, we can take customers’ ideas and turn them into reality. We chose Canon for its quality and value, which has once again been proven with the Arizona 2300.’

Christian Unterberger, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Canon Production Printing, said, ‘We are extremely proud to have had these three printers recognised in the inaugural Keypoint Intelligence BLI Awards. At Canon, investment in R&D comes high up on our list of priorities so that we can deliver on our promise to our customers of ‘no compromise’ on innovation, quality, productivity and versatility. The feedback we have had from our customers on our production print product portfolio has been excellent. We have enabled our customers to improve production efficiencies, expand their application possibilities and, in turn, achieve business growth.’

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Durst Announces Multiple Award Wins For Large Format Solutions

According to Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group, The Printing United Awards, together with the acquisition of Vanguard and the investment in LiftERP, further confirm the Durst Group as a powerhouse in the US Graphics Industry.

‘We look forward to offering the new expanded portfolio worldwide in 2021 and further expanding our leading position in the global LFP market,’ he said. Durst and Vanguard won a combined seven 2020 Product of the Year awards, the most in the history of the company.

Printing United Alliance brings together companies from all over the world in the specialty imaging and print industry. This annual competition showcases the highest quality machines and most innovative advances within the wide format colour printing industry.

The following products won 2020 Product of the Year awards:

• Durst Rho 2500: UV/Latex Hybrid.

• Durst Rhotex 325: RTR Dye Sublimation on Textile.

• Vanguard VDR5-E: Flatbed/Hybrid UV/Latex.

• Vanguard VKM600T: Flatbed/Hybrid UV/Latex.

• Vanguard VK300HS: Flatbed/Hybrid with White UV/Latex.

• LiftERP: Workflow/MIS/CRM.

• Durst Workflow: Software – RIP.

Tim Saur, President of Durst North America stated, ‘As a Durst Group, we essentially won in every price segment available to print providers in the market. Through the talent of our incredible engineering group in Europe, and the design capability of the entire Vanguard team in Atlanta, it is no surprise to me that we won so many product awards.’

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Bandit Signs Continues Expansion With Relocation

Bandit Signs has relocated to the Northlands Office Park at 188 Olympic Duel Avenue, Hoogland, Randburg.

From its humble beginnings in 1991 in the corner of a friend’s factory in Strydom Park with a hand built screen-printing table, Bandit has grown into more than a traditional signage and vehicle wrapping company. There are four separate companies in the group with the anchor company being Bandit Signs.

Bandit has a rich off-road racing heritage. Bandit GFX manufactures motocross graphics and acquired Racestar graphics during lockdown. A new offering is Cover Styl’ South Africa, which has a range of 650 different patterns in the architectural film range. Cover Styl’ also has a training centre located at Bandit, where they train and certify companies to become Cover Styl’ certified installers.

The message here is to refurbish without replacing in an era where people are more conscious than ever to save the planet and not waste. Cover Styl’ installs are fast and offer minimal mess with instant gratification. With the introduction of Cover Styl’, Bandit is pushing into the retail, corporate and hospitality sectors with wallpapers, glass and furniture wraps.

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