Be Inspired To Start Your Own Business At The Graphics Print Sign Pop-Up Activation

Explore affordable business opportunities – even ones you can start from home – in graphics, signage, digital printing, branding, T-shirt printing, vehicle graphics, laser engraving, 3D printing and more at the Graphics, Print and Sign (GPS) pop-up activation, taking place at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg. Sign Africa is a media partner of GPS.

Personalised items like mugs, coffee tumblers, phone covers, notebooks, bags, decor, stationery branding, promotional gifts, and unique T-shirts are in-demand. Sticker, label and business card printing are also profitable. The activation will feature industry experts, who will demonstrate products to produce these items, and who can guide you on everything you need to profit from these items, and much more. Whether you are looking to be your own boss with a new start-up, or invest in a profitable solution to supplement your existing income, the GPS activation will have a solution tailored to your need.

Date: Thursday 29 October – Sunday 1 November 2020

Time: 9am – 6pm daily (shopping centre hours are subject to change)

Address: Eastgate Shopping Centre, Strelitzia Court Entrance 6, 43 Bradford Rd, Bedfordview.

Parking: Underground parking is available for your own cost. You can also download the new Admyt app for parking payment. The open parking opposite entrance 6 is free (Opposite the Mega Mica). There is no entrance fee or registration needed for the activation – simply come through and be inspired. 


Gerber Cutting Technology Increases Production Capacity

Over the last several years Albanian workwear company AFM Distribution has experienced tremendous growth and is looking to enter the competitive export market. In order for AFM to successfully expand their company and ensure they are offering the best quality and price for each of the 60,000 garments they develop per month, they needed a solution that could efficiently reduce time to market and cut costs.

AFM Distribution is leveraging Gerber Technology’s integrated solution to reduce costs, labour and material waste so they can expand their business. Since implementing Gerber’s solutions, AFM has improved their profitability by approximately 25%, which has enabled them to invest in more staff training and specialisation.

‘Many people believe that technology is going to replace their employees, but as we have seen with AFM, that is not the case at all,’ said Richard Jessup of Gerber Technology. ‘By correctly leveraging technology, AFM was able to improve the livelihood of their employees by adding to their skillset and giving them opportunities to grow. We are proud to help AFM not only streamline their production but also empower them to create jobs.’

AFM’s manufacturing site in Vora is equipped with the GERBERspreader™ XLs50, the Gerber Paragon® HX,and Gerber’s software solutions: AccuMark®, AccuNest™ and AccuPlan™. Since AFM uses expensive fabrics and materials, it is critical that they maximise material usage and cut with absolute precision. With the powerful combination of AccuPlan and AccuNest, AFM can digitally send Cut Plan solutions, which include multiple markers, fabrics, colours and corresponding spreads and ply count, to quickly produce and track down the cutting efficiency of thousands of garments. Since implementing Gerber’s powerful design and production tools, AFM has been able to deliver as many as 1800 parts per shift, assuring quality from the first layer of fabric to the last while saving money and improving material utilisation.

‘The GERBERcutter® provides maximum precision, especially when cutting notches and holes,’ said Ardiana Karakashi, AFM’s finance director. ‘This is particularly critical as the company manufactures workwear, which can have as many as 200 notches. By leveraging Gerber, the cutting quality is assured from the first layer of fabric to the last. Moreover, we can rely on the first-rate technical support provided by Gerber Italia.’

(+27 11) 444 0404

Sytech Supplies Announces Desktop Cutting Machine

Sytech Supplies recently announced the availability of the Silhouette CAMEO 4 desktop cutting machine. With CAMEO 4’s smart cutting technology, users can now choose to cut from a mat or go completely matless. It also gives them the ability to cut directly from a roll using the built-in roll feeder and crosscutter.

Features include:

– Built-in roll feeder allows for easy load and cut for rolled vinyl and heat transfer.
– Built-in crosscutter lets users trim vinyl or heat transfer right from the roll.
– Full 30.48cm (12 inch) cutting width when using a cutting mat.
– Cut up to 3m in length with selected materials.
– Matless cutting capabilities.
– 3mm clearance for thicker materials.
– Automatic tool detection.
– Sleek, compact aesthetic with a sliding lid and feather-light backlit touch panel.
– Wireless cutting with Bluetooth® connectivity.
– Print and Cut registration capability.
– PixScan™ compatible.
– Driven by Silhouette Studio®, giving users limitless design options to customise their projects.

+27 87 056 3231

Wrap Of The Week: Long Life Lettering

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s wrap features a VW wrapped in Avery Dennison vinyl. The design was done by In-Detail Advertising.

Image credit: Pantone SA Facebook.

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to

Image credit: Pantone SA Facebook.

021 421 5211

Companies Are Looking To 3D Printing To Strengthen Their Supply Chains

Surveying thousands of manufacturing executives across the globe, HP’s Digital Manufacturing Trend Report finds that companies are increasingly investing in advanced 3D printing solutions that provide the agility, speed, and flexibility necessary to grow their business and become more resilient in an ever-changing environment.

At its global Innovation Summit, HP and members of its worldwide partner and customer community, along with industry experts, showcased the power of digital manufacturing to transform industries. Underpinning the event was a new HP study delivering insights on digital manufacturing technologies and trends such as industrial 3D printing. HP’s Summit featured discussions with executives from Additive Integrity, Decathlon, Forecast3D, IDC, Nissan, SOLIZE Products, the World Economic Forum and more.

One of the key insights from the global manufacturing industry is that regardless of sector or location, companies are looking to 3D printing to strengthen their supply chains, become more agile, and create more innovative product development and manufacturing strategies. This is underscored by a rising investment in 3D printing, support for 3D printing as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, and a greater desire for closer ecosystem collaboration to drive adoption.

Manufacturing decision makers also see opportunities for accelerated innovation, recognising that 3D printing is uniquely suited for the mass personalisation of new products, and by also reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable economy.

‘The global manufacturing sector is clearly signalling a desire for greater supply chain resiliency, more manufacturing flexibility, increased speed of innovation, and stronger environmental sustainability,’ said Ramon Pastor, General Manager, HP 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing. ‘And they are seeing industrial 3D printing as a way to not only lower costs and go to market faster, but as a unique competitive advantage that accelerates innovation for customers.’

HP’s digital manufacturing trends report highlights include:

Digital manufacturing technologies are spurring economic advancement and agility

• 99% of global respondents believe that digital manufacturing technologies can lead to economic growth.
• 89% of respondents are looking to evolve their business models because of the current world business environment.
• Over the next 12 months, 71% plan on investing in digital manufacturing technologies, and over four-in-five respondents (85%) indicated that their company plans to increase their additive manufacturing/3D printing investment.
• Three-quarters of respondents said that additive manufacturing/3D printing helps their company be more agile, is a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, and is a backup to traditional manufacturing.
• Nine in ten respondents said they are investigating new production/supply chain models, with 59% evaluating hybrid models and 52% looking into localised production.

Accelerated innovation transforms industries

• The most cited benefit by respondents using additive manufacturing/3D printing is the increased ability to innovate.
• The top new areas of innovation that companies are investigating include mass customisation for direct-to-consumer products, production on demand and digital warehousing/virtual inventory.
• In particular, 91% of respondents want to explore the innovation that mass customisation provides and believe it could be applicable to their business if parts could be personalised through 3D printing/additive manufacturing.
• Medical, industrial and automotive were called out as the industries most ripe for innovation in additive manufacturing/3D printing over the next five years.

Opening up new opportunities for collaboration

• 85% of respondents indicated that collaboration across sectors to embrace new digital manufacturing technologies is important.
• 81% indicated their company has future plans to collaborate with government entities on digital manufacturing products.
• The top barrier to entry in the additive manufacturing/3D printing entry for respondents is finding a qualified workforce.
• To address this skills gap, 64% want to offer more professional training services, and 53% want companies, governments, institutions and citizens to work together to make investments in educational and job-skilling programmes.

Sustainable production will continue to be a business imperative

• The top ways that additive manufacturing/3D printing can reduce waste and promote a circular economy are reducing the amount of materials used and better matching supply and demand, followed by shortening and simplifying traditional supply chains and improving service options that can prolong the life of products.
• 90% of respondents said that the recyclability of additive manufacturing/3D printed powders and parts is important.
• 88% of respondents believe that it is important that governments create a sustainable ecosystem by incentivising investment in and development of socially and environmentally beneficial digital manufacturing technologies.


X-Rite And Pantone Win Industry Award For Colour Measurement Solution

The i1Pro 3 Plus is a spectral colour measurement solution designed for imaging, print and textile professionals who need advanced calibration and colour profiling capabilities to handle wide-format and industrial printing applications.

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC are proud to announce that the i1Pro 3 Plus with i1iO chart reader received a coveted Printing United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year Award for spectrophotometer devices.

‘Winning the Product of Year Award is further validation of X-Rite’s commitment to innovation and delivering colour measurement solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of digital printers and the variety of materials they support,’ said Ray Cheydleur, Printing and Imaging Product Portfolio Manager, X-Rite. ‘With the i1Pro 3 Plus and i1iO, printers can create ICC profiles for almost any substrate and calibrate print production devices for the highest level of colour accuracy.’

The i1Pro 3 Plus features a larger 8mm aperture to support new materials used in digital printing applications such as ceramics, textiles, glass, metal, wood, vinyl, plastics, thin films, cardboard, paper and more. It simultaneously measures M0, M1, and M2 in a single pass and supports transmission scanning for backlit signage applications. It also offers a polarisation filter that reduces specular highlights and shadows on fabrics and ceramics. With the addition of the i1iO chart reader, the i1Pro 3 Plus can be used in automated measurement workflows, resulting in an easier and faster process from manual readings.

‘One of the things I like best about our competition is that it is juried, and judges are basing their decisions on objective criteria. With outstanding entries like X-Rite i1Pro 3 Plus with i1iO, they had their work cut out for them,’ said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programmes, Printing United Alliance. ‘The Product of the Year competition represents the best of the best among commercial hardware, software, consumables, and industrial and screen equipment. Congratulations to all the winners.’


Primeview Announces LED Video Walls

These premium aspect ratio solutions replace the need for a multi-screen set-up, making Fusion MAX ideal for multitasking and a superior viewing experience. Additionally, the 3840 x 1080 resolution (double the pixel count of two 16:9 Fusion MAX Full High-Definition screens combined) helps ensure that documents are easier to read and digital files are easier to view simultaneously.

Primeview’s new line of indoor turn-key LED includes the world’s first 32 x 9 aspect ratio standard, 3840 x 1080 pixel resolution, bezel-free panel display, and eliminates the concerns required with other custom video wall options.

Available in a striking 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm or 2.5mm LED pixel pitch, it excels as a solution for digital-signage, executive boardrooms, gaming, and control rooms. Its scalable building blocks of Fusion indoor LED means it can be installed in a variety of spaces for maximum impact such as customer innovation centres, sports venues, distance learning and e-sports.

The new Ultrawide solutions are built to boost productivity by combining superior picture quality with a 32:9 aspect ratio to deliver the immersive experience that businesses need. It is also a natural fit for professionals in finance, utility, oil/gas, architecture and design firms looking to upgrade their technology to improve output in a socially-distant, now larger executive boardroom.

The building blocks of the Fusion Max 32:9 Series of turn-key LED solutions is the Fusion Line of LED. Fusion LED comes standard with a 3-in-1 Integrated Board Design (power, receiving card and bridgeboard, 100k hours rating, 160/160 wide viewing angles, wall mountable framing accessories and a no-hassle 5-year onsite parts and labour warranty.


Printing SA Announces Further Industry Updates For October

Printing SA has announced the latest industry developments, including Occupational Health & Safety Measures (OHSA) measures in the workplace, learner grants, the public procurement draft bill and the implementation of lean principals in the printing industry.

OHSA measures in the workplace

On the 28 September 2020, The Minister of Labour and Employment issued a directive outlining the Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health & Safety Measures for certain workplaces. The directive was issued in terms of Regulation 4 (10) of the National Disaster Regulations.

This new directive has come in the wake of Government’s decision to move South Africa down to Lockdown Level 1 and will ensure the re-opening of even more sectors of the economy while putting in place regulations that keep employees and management safe.

Within the directive, the department has set out clear guidelines outlining the requirements for social distancing, the supply of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and ventilation in the workplace, to name a few.

As part of its continued dedication to its members, Printing SA has compiled a summarised version of the Covid-19 directive focused on the OHSA measures to be taken in the workplace.

To accompany the summarised version of the directive, Printing SA also included a Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template. The template will help identify risks within your organisation and act accordingly to reduce or neutralise those risks.

Learner grant amount adjustment from department of higher education and training

In light of the detrimental effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on many employers’ ability to continue training, the Department of Higher Education and Training has taken steps to adjust the grant amount allocated to companies for new artisan apprentices. Click here to find out more.

Public Procurement Draft Bill: standing committee discussing the Bill in parliament

Printing SA would like to make its members aware of the new Public Procurement Draft Bill, which is being discussed by Parliament’s Standing Committee, and how it would impact the industry.

Fundamental Key Points:

The Bill seeks to replace the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (2000)/Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2017, related procurement law as well as the preferential point system. The draft bill proposes the creation of institutions necessary to ensure the integrity of the procurement system and to address potential violations.

What is proposed?

Several key issues with the Bill were raised as concerns and some members said there were gaps that require further interaction with it. Some of the issues raised by members include:

1. The entire procurement system – does the company deserve to be awarded the contract, and most importantly, was it value for money?

2. The transparency and the advancement of local production (localisation) should be key.

3. There is no mention in the Bill on how to deal with blacklisted companies from doing business with government.

4. The Bill proposes another tribunal and another structure, whereas the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA) is in place that deals with oversight.

5. The Bill appeared to be systems and process orientated. It left the human element out.

6. The Bill should deal with one of the largest mandates of government, which is to redress the imbalances of the past.

7. Parliament may ask government to provide a socio-economic impact analysis before the Bill is processed, as it may have unintended financial consequences.

The Chairperson concluded by highlighting the challenge of procurement and tendering, which was to make sure that the process is free, fair and transparent. He asked to send the Bill to the Committee for further research and input. The process will allow the Bill to be debated and amended if necessary.

What does this mean?

Printing SA is monitoring developments with this Bill that could have serious implications for the localisation of procurement. At this point, there is nothing to worry about. Click here to read more.

Implementation of lean principals in the printing industry

All industries across the world are looking for ways to improve their business’s efficiency and adopt Lean Principles. The Printing Industry in South Africa is no stranger to this as more businesses begin adopting global trends.

To help find out more about Lean Adoption and the effects it has on the printing industry, Tshimangadzo Mudau, a final-year Masters student in Philosophy of Engineering Management at the University of Johannesburg, is conducting a survey and would like to invite all members of Printing SA to participate. To take part in the survey, which closes on 20 Oct 2020 and should only take 10-15 minutes, please follow this link.

Tel: +27112871160

Chemosol Showcasing T-Shirt Printing Solutions And More At GPS Pop Up Activation

Chemosol has announced it will be showcasing a wide variety of start-up business solutions at the upcoming Graphics Print Sign (GPS) Pop Up Activation, to be held from 29 October – 1 November at Eastgate Shopping Centre, Johannesburg. 

These include:

Epson SC-F500

The printer allows users to produce printed phone covers, mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, cushions, a wide range of gifts and promotional goods, and more. It uses 140ml bottles to give a lower total cost of ownership to small businesses, and it requires no specialist knowledge to set up, operate or maintain. To keep businesses agile and responsive to customer needs, this dye-sublimation printer has been built with ease of use, productivity and efficiency in mind.

Epson L120

Epson L120

The Epson L120 ink tank system printer brings speedy performance with low running costs to all your personal and work projects. Compactly designed to take up lesser space than its predecessors, the Epson L120 offers the ideal printing solution for your home and office.

Multifunction Combo heat press machine


The press can apply transfers, letters, numbers and images onto T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, ceramic tiles, cups, mugs, plates, caps and other items.

Temperature/time control ensures safety, accuracy and practicality. The heating plate and working face are constructed with pure aluminium which tends to not twist easily under pressure and provides a longer lifetime than others made of metal.

CY-G3 heat press

This is an electronic automatic magnetic drawer high pressure heat press. When ready, the heat plate opens automatically, saving labour and ensuring safety.


The MF20-P-C Desktop Fibre Laser Marker is suitable for a number of applications, including metal accessories marking, metal name card marking, switch marking, metal handicraft and marking electronic components.

Features include ideal desktop design with elegant shape contour, electric focusing, double red pointer positioning focus, easy operation, no consumables, light weight and easy to carry.

Dinkum Desktop Cutting Plotter


Dinkum is a DIY machine, which uses a small blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl and fabric up to 30.5cm (12 inch) width. The Dinkum includes SignMaster for a user friendly operation experience.

The Mini Mug press will also be showcased.

There is no need to register for the event, simply come through and be inspired. For more information, visit:

(+27 11) 058 3500

3D Fusion Showcasing 3D Printers At GPS Pop Up Activation

3D Fusion will exhibit its 3D printers at the upcoming Graphics Print Sign (GPS) Pop Up Activation, to be held from 29 October – 1 November at Eastgate Shopping Centre, Johannesburg. 

The company will showcase its spiral version models, which primarily create round/bowl products, but at a faster pace than the layer version. A wide variety of products can be made, including: stationery holders, cupcake trays and vases, which are ideal for the craft industry, and require no human labour.

3D printing with 3D Fusion printers is designed to make a signage manufacturer’s life easier, and is a must-have for every signage company. Large format 3D printers are transforming the way advertising is created. This new generation fabricator is very economical and time-saving. It does not need any support, and small quantities of material are used.

The custom-designed bed-size is 800mm x 600mm and can print up to 130mm high. The filament used for printing is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG), which endures high UV-levels.

The company currently has 12 colours available, but any Pantone colour can be matched on request. The unique dual-extruder system is designed to print at a very fast speed of up to 50mm/s with a 2.7mm nozzle.

The semi-automatic bed levelling system is implemented to print a return 100% accurately with no wastage. CURA, the open source software used, is straightforward and can easily be mastered.

There is no need to register, simply come through and be inspired. For more information, visit:

+27 (0) 82 293 6196