Markzware Updates Conversion Application

The stand-alone IDMarkz application allows users to take control of their creations, by giving them the ability to preview and convert InDesign files. It also allows users to move those documents to preferred editing applications, within QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, older Adobe InDesign versions, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator and many other formats.

IDMarkz v1.7.3 includes support for Universal macOS Binary for Apple Silicon. This latest update of the application includes a ‘Check for Updates’ menu item and offers users the ability to elect text directly from the Document View. This IDMarkz update also comes with improvements and some bug fixes.

IDMarkz improvements include:
• Zoom combo box lets you use +/- values, to zoom in and out.
• Page number combo box enables users to quickly scroll to any page.
• About window does not show under the window menu, when open.
• Stories Export now orders the stories as they show in the document.
• Single page exports now include the page number, just like multi-page exports.
• Preview now has improved Drop Shadows and Ovals.
• Stories Export now handles variable data.

Markzware helps to democratise Adobe InDesign content, for use in many popular desktop publishing applications. IDMarkz users can open, preview, export, convert and automate the conversion of Adobe InDesign (.indd) files. For file previews, the IDMarkz app doesn’t rely on InDesign’s often low-resolution or non-existent file previews and uses its own engine and technology, to generate high-resolution previews.


Vycom Expands PVC Sheet Range For Signage And Graphics

DigiLite sheets offer superior ink adhesion for digital and screen printing processes. They can also be stained, varnished, laminated and cut. DigiLite sign materials offer superior UV performance and a satin finish that is ideal for light-duty applications such as exhibit signage, point of purchase displays, indoor and outdoor signage, decorated store fixtures and more.

Vycom has expanded the Celtec® line by adding Black to its DigiLite family of light density PVC sheets. Celtec DigiLite is the latest PVC sheet product designed specifically for use in the sign and graphics industry, offering value and performance in a light-density signboard.

The DigiLite line – available now in Black as well as White – provides quality and performance in an economical sheet that is approximately 15 percent lighter than Celtec premium signboard sheets, offering a more cost-effective solution by reducing shipping costs and providing ease-in-handling.


Summa Announces Improved Flatbed Cutter And More

The new F1432 flatbed cutter, available in December, opens the possibility to process popular 137cm (54″) roll widths more efficiently. Moreover, the increased working length gives a sufficient margin to easily cut 3m (10 foot)  jobs. For many businesses, this size represents the  ideal interim solution between the F1612 and F1832 size.

Elice van Es, Summa’s Marketing and Communication Manager explained, ‘We are seeing a great fit in the market for our new F1432 flatbed cutter. The F Series flatbed cutters are appreciated for their versatility and performance and this new size underlines our philosophy. Thanks to the great number of applications that can be cut, we are convinced this flatbed cutter will benefit many customers’ businesses.’

Another major update on the F Series is the integration of a Safety System on all F Series models. The new system complies to worldwide health and safety requirements and thus represents Summa’s new standard in making the F Series operator’s work environment safer than ever. It features multiple sensors that can quickly detect human movement close to the machine. With the system’s convenient location on the top beam, the flatbed can now be accessed easily and safely. This is in contrast to the former safety poles that are no longer needed.

The ADC feature on the F Series automatically sets the knife depth and the orientation of the knife/tool. The tip of the knife/tool is measured accurately and the down position of the tool is set to the flatbed’s level, guaranteeing a flawless cut at all times. This feature was already included for the right slots of the flatbed’s cutting head and proved its practicality. Summa has also made ADC left standard available for all F Series models, which is the next step in  efficiency enhancement of the Summa F Series.

Along with the F Series enhancements related to hardware, it is the software that enables the operator to make good use of the machine’s functionalities. Therefore, Summa continues to develop its GoProduce software and now presents GoProduce 2.0. It is delivered standard with each new F Series and offers various new functionalities. While the standard integrated software includes many functionalities already, new is the availability of a Pro Pack. This Pro Pack is a one-time purchase and offers even more functionality to the F Series operator who wants to maximise his/her cutting workflow possibilities.

Van Es concluded, ‘Constantly listening to the market and analysing the needs of our customers is an important basis for us in the development of new products. We also believe that hardware and software should always be in harmony, enabling us to offer users a complete solution and deliver true ease of use. Users can create innovative and striking applications and tap into new markets. This is exactly what makes the Summa F Series so unique. The series grows at the customer’s pace and needs alongside evolutions in the industry.’


Caldera Releases Textile Printing Drivers For New Software Version

Caldera has announced drivers for the Epson SureColor SC-F6300, as well as the CSC Screen Zeus X V. Both drivers have been developed to expand CalderaRIP’s offer in textile printing.

The release of two textile print/printer drivers are for CalderaRIP Version 14. These new drivers expand the user’s ability to print on textile substrates and enlarge Caldera’s of dye-sublimation and hybrid direct to garment (DTG) supported peripherals.

The SureColor SC-F6300 dye sublimation printer is perfect to start or complete textile production of flags, backlit polyesters or banners, but also to print various promotional goods. Indeed, the all-in-one offer from Epson coupled with CalderaRIP Version 14 will help users produce high-quality printed textiles and improve productivity.

On the other hand, the Zeux X V is a flatbed inkjet unit to combine with a screen carousel. It features the REi Technology developed by CSC Screen in order to fully bring out the capacity of digital and screen printing. The Zeus X V provides a complete solution by perfectly combining the best from screen printing DTG.

Along with the long list of textile drivers supported by CalderaRIP software, both drivers will allow users to achieve quick, precise and profitable textile printing with peace of mind. Additionally, the Caldera solutions provide advanced colour management features that assure users to easily reach the perfect colours on all their printers, without additional software or training.

Tel: (+27 11) 789 1222

Video: Printing SA Discusses Training Development Processes

The latest Sign Africa LIVE interview series features Ken Leid, Printing SA’s National Training and Development Director.

Printing SA, in partnership with The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA and the Quality Council for Trade and Occupation (QCTO), recently hosted a free Qualification Scoping webinar, highlighting the training development processes as well as the training needs of the various sectors of the industry.

Leid outlines the poll outcome from the training webinar, indicating which areas people are most interested in, as well as the processes involved in the implementation of these areas, and other new training priorities Printing SA is still busy with.

‘The poll during the webinar came up with the top five qualifications that Printing SA, in partnership with the FP&M SETA, need to develop. The top occupation was the commercial digital printer; the printing and packaging sales representative came in second; third was the print cost estimator, and fourthly, in the flexible packaging industry you have the laminator and laminating, with roll label machine technician coming in fifth.’

Tel: +27112871160

Eco-Signage Supplies Announces Textile Framing System And More

The textile framing system is like a textile box, and is put together with connectors. No welding or sewing is required, just hemming tape. It is backlit and features easy portability.

Also new is the vehicle wrapping toolkit. It contains specialised tools for the application and removal of vinyl and features over a dozen instruments in different colours.

Hemming tape
Vehicle wrapping toolkit

With the new interior one-way vision substrate/film, users can print on the face of the film, then apply the film on the inside of a window. It is weather-resistant, vandal-proof and ensures safety and security for buildings due to its one-way vision properties.

One-way vision substrate/film
+27 11 791 0386

Exion Corporation Launches Blue LED Module For Signage

Exion Corporation has announced a new line of blue LED modules, called Tanzanite Blue. The quality of blue LED’s (specifically in signage) in South Africa has been a growing concern for Exion.

‘The colour is often dark and lacks appeal, especially when seen next to other colours,’ said Jay Kim, Managing Director at Exion Corporation. ‘Seeing as blue is my favourite colour, I needed to do something about it. This is why we have introduced these new LED modules.’

Tel: (+27 11) 464 5053
Contact Person: Jay Kim

Graphix Supply World Announces Wide Format Solutions On Sample It Online Showcase


Graphix Supply World has announced wide format Mimaki solutions on the new Sample It online showcase. Without expo’s taking place this year, Sign Africa has a great opportunity for readers to receive a physical sample, brochure or more information on new machines or products they are interested in.


The JV100-160 adopts the recently developed, fast drying eco solvent ink ‘AAS’, which reduces graininess and allows for fine details even when printing images with high volumes of ink. Additionally, this new eco-solvent ink has superior scratch resistance and outdoor durability that allows printers to create a multitude of applications, whether they are for indoor or outdoor use. The new AS5 ink will be available in both a Dual CMYK 4 colour mode and 8 colour mode, which includes Light Cyan (Lc), Light Magenta (Lm), Orange (Or) and Light Black (Lk). The inkjet printer strives to achieve high quality printing with high productivity, all at minimal cost to the user.

In line with its tagline ‘Expert Printing Made Easy’, the series is also fully equipped with features that will improve its usability for operators. The printer uses Mimaki’s new Dot Adjustment System (DAS) feature, developed to support a streamlined and efficient printing process. Dot adjustments are normally done manually every time the user changes the media type, however, this new function performs drop position adjustment for bi-directional printing and media feed compensation automatically to ensure perfect alignments and print quality.

CJV150-75/107/130/160 series

These are affordable, high-specification, high performance, integrated printer/cutters. The series features high print speeds and low running costs. The CJV150 series provides versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for sign makers, display graphics professionals and print shops.

Users can create metallic stickers, decals, die-cut labels, signage, vehicle graphics, banners, posters, POS, backlit and exhibition graphics, garment marking, canvas prints and much more.

To request a sample, brochure, demonstration or chat live on WhatsApp, visit:

Graphix Supply World
Tel: (+27) (0) 21 511 5340

Eco-Signage Supplies Launches Display Solutions And Eyelet Presses

The new A-Frame is foldable, double-sided and allows the user to slide panels on both sides. The display solution is ideally suited for indoor applications such as shopping centres.

Eyelet press and machine

The semi-automatic press is self-feeding – a user can feed eyelets into the box that is attached to the device, ensuring automatic feeding of eyelets. It is ideal for PVC or Correx. The handheld eyelet machine is easy to use and reduces downtime due to its size and portability.

Eco-Signage Supplies Launches Display Solutions And Eyelet Presses 3
Semi-automatic eyelet press
Eco-Signage Supplies Launches Display Solutions And Eyelet Presses 2
Hand-held eyelet machine
+27 11 791 0386

Sytech Supplies Announces New Self-Adhesive Printable Vinyl For Signage

Sytech Supplies has announced new ProMedia Gorilla Tack self-adhesive, printable, vinyl opaque finished PVC release paper.

The product has a double-sided PE coating. It is best used for indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle advertising and product labels. Gorilla Tack is available in white gloss or matte.

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