Georg+Otto Announces Shiny Textile For Signage

Georg+Otto’s Metallic FL 6669FL shiny textile from the Satinette range is available in special chrome and gold colours. The high-quality metallic textile can be used as eye-catching signage.


– Can also be used in colour chrome as a blockout layer between two textiles.
– Printable with sublimation ink (transfer).
– Widths: 303cm.
– Tested according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, product class 2 (skin contact).


Guyenne Flame Retardant Signage Paper Is Printable On Both Sides

Ignisafe Duo M1 220gms is a high-quality paper designed for indoor signage applications, subject to flame retardancy rules. The fact that it is printable on both sides means this paper reduces the amount of media used. It works for all types of large format indoor visual communication. Its anti-reflective satin surface provides a perfect colour rendering.

It is suitable for any type of use on solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV or latex ink plotters. The overall quality and print quality of this paper has been sublimated.


– Colour rendering and intensity have been improved (optimal).
– The matte effect remains the same.
– The paper is even more opaque.
– The paper is even whiter.


– Paper stability.
– Quick-drying.
– High-quality resolution.
– Reduction of the ink quantities used.
– Water-resistant.
– Solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV and latex compatible.


– POS (point of sale) advertising and information at the POS.
– Large format communication.
– Banner.
– Roll-up.
– Posting in public spaces.


The Environmental Impact Of Print Versus Electronic Media

Electronic media have some clear advantages over print, namely that they can do so much more, such as get shared almost at the speed of light. Electronic devices are used for phone calls, taking pictures, playing games and internet access. They also have massive commercial impact, providing new platforms for advertising and marketplaces for trade. However, let us not forget about the green aspects of print.

Paper is a sustainable resource and print has a one time carbon footprint. It is recyclable and an independent archive that is easy and convenient to access. Its user interface is simple, its accessibility universal and it is gorgeous. Even if you never read the books you buy, you own them because they declare something of yourself to the world – look at all those carefully curated backdrops on Zoom.

The main argument however, is what happens to these devices over time – a serious problem and one that goes far beyond usefulness. This problem is not really being addressed. The difficulty is the waste management. Paper and board products have supply chains that encourage waste collection and recycling. A similar model is slowly being built for plastics and other waste. For electronics, the picture is less rosy.

Old electronics must be removed from the waste stream and processed for recycling. Apple has a recycling scheme in place, having worked out some time ago that over its entire economic lifespan an iPad Pro generates over 150kg of CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalent. But it all depends on how much the device is used. A television’s carbon footprint is about 0.088kg per viewer hour. For online streaming, it ranges 0.03 to 0.86, depending on the energy used. This isn’t so much, and what matters more is how the end of life process is handled.

The European Union’s (EU) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, in force since 2003, mandates collection schemes to increase WEEE recycling, which currently stands at around 70% in Europe, depending on how you count it. The EU and its members have put considerable resources into building up the WEEE model. Elsewhere, things are much patchier and there is limited coordination of diverse recycling supply chains.

The reality is that as with most environmental impact concerns, changing lifestyle expectations are the only way to really make a difference. Constantly updating our electronic devices is a luxury we should consider in the context of environmental impact. If print is to have a long-term future, its environmental impact and sustainability are central and must be constantly refined and improved. The same applies for electronics.

This article was produced by the Verdigris Project, an industry initiative intended to raise awareness of print’s positive environmental impact. Verdigris is supported by: Agfa Graphics (, Digital Dots (, EFI (, FESPA (, Fujifilm (, HP (, Kodak (, Practical Publishing (, Ricoh (, Unity Publishing ( and Xeikon (


NEC And BrightSign Partnership Creates Large Format Display Solutions

The new BrightSign, LLC® and NEC Display Solutions combination makes it possible to deliver relevant, targeted digital content to inform, entertain, direct or inspire viewers in retail stores, museums, quick-service restaurants, corporate environments and other public settings. The companies have collaborated to deliver a family of large format displays with integrated digital signage capabilities.

Integrating the media player into the display not only saves on the up-front hardware investment, it also streamlines installation by eliminating the need for additional cables and standalone media players. The full range of NEC MultiSync V Series large format displays are now available with the BrightSign OPS digital signage media player included.

‘As businesses emerge from the pandemic, digital signage plays a key role in welcoming customers and employees back with informative and important digital content,’ said Nils Karsten, Strategic Alliance Manager at NEC Display Solutions. ‘Integrating BrightSign’s OPS media player is the ideal complement to our V Series displays, and we can now jointly deliver an all-in-one, industry-leading and very reliable digital signage solution.’

‘NEC Display Solutions has been a great partner over the years, and we’re especially pleased with our latest collaboration,’ said Jeff Hastings, CEO, BrightSign. ‘Adding our OPS media player gives their customers a great option for any display format, particularly for deployments where minimising external cabling with integrated hardware is a priority.’

NEC has integrated the BrightSign OPS media player into the company’s full range of MultiSync V Series models, all of which offer the combination of a brightness output of 500cd/sqm and an anti-glare surface to deliver advanced visibility under common lighting conditions. The slim and modern design is the perfect fit for integration into any application and environment.

Integration of BrightSign’s HO523 OPS digital signage media player eliminates the need for additional cables, and provides full integration into the BrightSign infrastructure, which includes access to 20+ CMS vendors via BrightSign’s Control Cloud. The media player’s updated BrightSign 8.0 operating system and powerful video engine enable H.265/H.264, provide hardware-accelerated HTML support and enable 4K upscaling.



Printing SA Announces Labour And National Small Enterprise Act Updates And More

Printing SA has announced labour as well as National Small Enterprise act updates, postponed extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations, an International Trade Administration Commission’s customs duty increase and more.

Directive in respect to the access to the labour in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many institutions have not been able to operate as normal, and one such institution is the Labour Court. The court is an essential service but it is still required to operate in a manner that safeguards all staff and members of the public who are part of hearings and court proceedings.

In light of these requirements, the office of the Judge President of the Labour Courts has published directive number I/2021: Directive in Respect to the Access to the Labour Court in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which came into effect on 18 January 2021.

The focus of the directive is to minimise physical contact within the courts while making provision for alternative methods for hearings to take place. To ensure that all activities can run as smoothly as possible, the directive also makes provision for submission of evidence, the removal of matters from the roll and applications for individuals who are found to be in contempt of court.

The provisions set out by Directive I/2021 will remain in place for the duration of the lockdown and may be revised in light of changing risk parameters. Follow this link for a complete transcript of the directive.

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations postponed

The implementation of the EPR regulations has been postponed to 5 May 2021. This follows a meeting with the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), Barbara Creecy, in December 2020. The industries expressed concerns as some issues in the regulations required amendments for some sectors to comply.

The extension will allow existing producers, and producer responsibility organisations, to register with the department before 5 November 2021. The regulations give effect to Sections 18 and 69 of the Waste Act and apply to the paper, packaging (including electrical and electronic equipment, lighting sectors) and some single-use product sectors.

The regulations aim to hold producers responsible for their products and packaging to the end-of-life stage of their life cycle by collecting, sorting, refurbishing, reusing, recycling and/or sustainably disposing of materials. Read more about the Extended Producer Responsibility and Government Gazette Notice G44078 published on 15/01/2021.

Hulamin operations granted a duty increase from 0 to 15% ad valorem

The International Trade Administration Commission (IITAC) has recommended an increase in the general rate of customs duty on aluminium rolled sheets, plates, strips, can stock and foil products. These products, classifiable under tariff headings 76.06 and 76.07, will move from Free of Duty to the WTO bound rate of 15% ad valorem.

The Commission further recommended:

The creation of Schedule 4 rebate provisions to cater for product ranges not manufactured domestically. You can view the tariff subheading catered for by the rebate in the final report.

The proposed duty on the subject products will be reviewed after a minimum of one year following the introduction of tariff support (unless determined otherwise by the Commission) to monitor the performance of the Domestic Industry.

IITAC has published the notice brought in by Hulamin in March 2019 for an increase in the general duty. The subject products are used predominantly in the packaging, transport (road, marine and rail), automotive, marine, construction, general engineering, electronics, energy and white goods industries. Printing SA members were against the increase. View the Commission’s Final Report and Guidelines Relating to the Rebate Provision for the Importation of Rolled Aluminium Products.

National Small Enterprise (draft amendment bill 2020)

The Department of Small Business Development published the National Small Enterprise Amendment Bill in December 2020. The bill aims to increase regulation of the country’s small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMME). The bill will also make provision for the establishment of a Small Enterprise Ombud Service. This will act as a support function to the minister.

The bill will give the minister and ombudsman powers to further regulate small businesses in South Africa, focusing on the issue of unfair trading practices. The minister may also introduce regulations requiring specified enterprises to provide information about their contracting and payment practices, and policies relating to small enterprises. View the notice here.

National energy act (buildings)

On 8 December 2020, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy published regulations for the mandatory display and submission of Energy Performance Certificates for buildings, with a two-year transitional measure for compliance, for affected entities.

These regulations apply to both government and private building owners, or if you are responsible for a building with a total net floor area of over 1000sqm. Owners or managers of these buildings must display a certificate ‘Energy Performance’ at the building’s main entrance. The Energy Performance refers to the net-energy consumed in kilowatt-hours per square metre per year. The Energy Performance includes heating, hot water heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. The Energy Performance certificate must also be submitted to the South African National Energy Development Institute. View the notice here.

Inkish learn with US programme

Inkish has released the dates of their week-long 2021 Learn With Us (Again) Programme, supported by Printing SA. Their programme kicks off from 15 February 2021 with classes taking place daily from 10am-4pm CET, and registration is already open.

The schedule for the Learn With Us (Again) Programme is as follows:

– Monday 15 February: dryers, controllers and printhead technology.
– Tuesday 16 February: label packaging.
– Wednesday 17 February: commercial print.
– Thursday 18 February: substrate application workflow business.
– Friday 19 February: enhancement finishing.

Check out their promotional video and visit the Inkish website for more information.

Printing SA welcomes new recruit

The management of Printing SA is proud to welcome Matshidiso Pitsoe to its Johannesburg Chamber. Pitsoe completed her high school education at St. Catherine’s Convent before spending time at the University of Johannesburg. She is currently in her third year at Unisa, where she is studying BCom Accounting Science and after graduating, she plans on completing her Honours as well. Pitsoe is passionate about anything finance and accounting related. She joins Printing SA on a fixed-term contract and given her abilities, the organisation knows that she will excel in her role.

Printing SA Announces Further Industry Updates Including Extender Producer Responsibilities And MorePrinting SA Announces Further Industry Updates Including Extender Producer Responsibilities And More
Matshidiso Pitsoe.
Tel: +27112871160

Intamarket Graphics Appointed Exclusive Distributor Of TouchShield Protective Film In South Africa

TouchShield™ is a protective film that features protection against 93.41% of viruses and 99% of bacteria, and is certified to ISO 22196 and ISO 21702. Intamarket Graphics has secured exclusive rights to distribute the film in South Africa.

‘We had been inundated with requests for antimicrobial films during the first wave of the Covid-19 infections in South Africa,’ commented Gavin Turner, Managing Director of Intamarket Graphics. ‘Despite much research, I was only able to find antibacterial products in the global market. Where we would consider these products, customers always asked if they eliminated viruses, which of course they did not. Large hospitals, pharmaceutical chains and many of our direct customers urged us to continue looking for a product that also had certified antiviral properties.’

Touchshield™ has recently been awarded up to 93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with international standard ISO 21702. The UK media manufacturer had been working toward the significant milestone since announcing the development in May 2020, refining the unique formulation to meet the esteemed ISO standard.

ISO 21702 measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces of antiviral treated products. TouchShield™ measured an outstanding proficiency in excess of 93% against an enveloped viral strain. With Covid-19 also being identified as an envelope virus, the high efficacy results are an astounding result for the UK firm.

‘The moment I came across the G-Tec Touchshield, I knew I had found what I was looking for,’ Turner continued. ‘We now have an agreement for Intamarket Graphics to represent them in Southern Africa. G-Tec are a highly professional company who has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. We can’t wait for our first stock to arrive in early February and to start delivering these solutions to the market.’

With contacts in the medical space via their sister company and large corporate accounts through their conversion network, Intamarket Graphics is perfectly suited to bring Touchshield™ to market quickly, providing an extra layer of protection against bacteria and viruses throughout the continent.

‘We are elated to have Intamarket on board,’ enthused G-Tec Paper and Film Managing Director Will Duggins. ‘Their business portfolio proves to be a perfect match. We have some fantastic plans underway to help promote this unique solution throughout Africa with this highly professional and accomplished partner.’

Tel: (+27 11) 444 0404
Intamarket Logo

Texo Trade Services Introduces Canvas Products

Poly Canvas and Cotton Canvas are ideal to use for interior decoration, and suitable for eco-solvent, latex and UV inks.

Cotton Canvas

The canvas is made of 100% cotton. The combination of the material and the canvas structure gives the product a characteristically natural look. Prints and colours will reflect beautifully on the matte canvas. Cotton Canvas has a weight of 260g/sqm and is available with a roll width of 152cm and a length of 50m.

Poly Canvas

Poly Canvas is the economic alternative of the Cotton Canvas and is made of 100% polyester. This woven textile with coating has a matte finish and is crease-free. The material weighs 260g/sqm and is also available on roll, with a width of 152cm and length of 50m.


Metamark Wall Covering Used In Burger Restaurant Project

Metamark’s MD-WA Wall-Artmedia decor wall covering was used for an installation at restaurant Beefy Boys, which tasked Hereford-based Signs and Labels to produce and install the work of corporate art.

The restaurant’s story is creatively summarised in a very colourful mural that both informs and does much in terms of its contribution to the place’s ambience. The poppy, advertiser’s colours and general look of the mural can be traced to the expert print job that the Signs and Labels team delivered, and to the Metamark MD-WA Wall-Artmedia that they used.

+27 (0) 87 056 3231

Roland DG Corporation Launch New Wide Format Printer/Cutter Range

The LEC2 series of wide format printers/cutters offer unmatched production capabilities, including creating unique special 3D effects using UV ink and contour cutting printed images on demand.

‘We believe that the LEC2-640/330, with its superior versatility, is a powerful solution to support our customers in the immediate realisation of their creative ideas. With their value-added printing and cutting, incredibly diverse range of media support, and ease of use for even first-time users, the LEC2 series is ideal for a broad range of printing businesses for countless applications, including adhesive decals, labels and stickers, signs, POP, backlit panels, packaging prototypes and interior decor,’ said Kevin Shigenoya, Vice President, Digital Printing Business Division.

The LEC2-640/330 162.56cm (64”) and 76.2cm (30”) models are the latest in a series expanding the UV product line and providing significant improvements in printing expression and functionality. Newly developed EUV5 ink supports CMYK as well as Clear, White and Primer and expands the colour gamut while producing vivid full-colour prints with special effects like simulated embossing and gloss or matte finishes.

A True Rich Colour print setting is designed to maximise the imaging capabilities of the LEC2-640/330 with the new inks for vibrant colour graphics with neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones. The new White ink, which is often used as a base coat when printing on transparent film or dark paper, achieves high opacity while the Primer ink makes it possible to print on media that was previously difficult or impossible.

The latest print head and LED lamps enable an even higher level of print quality and high colour saturation. The print head has been optimised for precision ink firing and control, while the LED lamps are more powerful to make curing the ink even faster. This combination delivers stunning images down to the finest details, from small text to elaborately textured patterns and gradations.

The new LEC2-640 adds support for large signage, displays and interior decor while new media feed options for the LEC2-330 expand its capabilities for use in the fast-growing packaging industry. The optional TB-30 is capable of feeding film as thin as 30 microns for flexible packaging, and the ET-30 can handle a wide variety of paper stocks and aluminium metallised papers for folding carton packaging, including design comps, prototyping, and colour proofing for food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more.

‘In order for customers in the printing business to remain competitive,’ Shigenoya said, ‘it is critical to be flexible and to continue developing new business by adapting new applications in response to market trends and client needs. Roland DG will continue to provide new value to our customers’ businesses and contribute to the development of the digital printing industry through unique, creative products and solutions.’

Roland DG
Tel: (+27 11) 875 9300

GCC’s Laser Engraver Awarded For Versatile Features

The GCC LaserPro S400 Laser Engraver, which has won a 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award, not only increases speed and throughput by 75%, but also extends the working area to 101.6 x 50.8cm (40 x 20 inch), with Z-axis extended to 27.94cm (11 inch).

The company received valuable feedback from its customers to design this machine, which feature both dust protection and easy maintenance.


– SmartFLOW™ Technology creates a perfect air flow to enhance the vacuum effect and bring out the dust completely while working.
– Newly gantry design to prevent dust. The easy removable cover also makes maintenance much easier.
– Incorporates metal panels to protect key components, but not sealing them entirely that they may cause any maintenance difficulties.
– SmartLID™ – this easy access invention simplifies maintenance.


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