Midcomp Installs HP Latex Printers And A Cutter

Midcomp Installs Latex Printers And A Cutter
Megalodon Branding by Stitched team.

Midcomp installed two HP Latex 570 printers and an HP Latex 160 cutter at Johannesburg-based Megalodon Branding by Stitched. Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, as well as a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

With the L570, experience quick and easy loading in one minute with the spindleless pivot table. Do all tasks from the front of the printer and enjoy unattended printing. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies.

Megalodon Branding by Stitched are manufacturers of a diverse range of products for the signage industry, including sharkfin banners, telescopic banners, banner walls, corporate flags, gazebos, vehicle wraps and much more. The company’s Nik Friebe explained that the 570’s Optimiser feature allows them to print faster at lower temperatures on a wider range of media. HP Latex inks also have superior scuff resistance, which sets the printers apart from others, and eliminates the need for laminating, simply allowing the company to print, cut and apply material to a vehicle.

‘We could only do so much with previous machines,’ said Friebe. ‘We needed something for more outdoor applications, especially vehicles and bikes, so we needed to upgrade the machines. Not having to laminate avoids extra costs. In fact, the only time you need to laminate with the HP Latex is with floor graphics, but that is just because of people walking over them. I have applied graphics to my own personal marketing car and the colour holds pretty well.’ He also said that loading and unloading from the front of the machine is a bonus for user safety and he is impressed with Caldera’s RIP software.

The Latex 160 cutter features a drag-knife with TurboCut and Tangential emulation modes, with a cut speed of up to 113cm/sec diagonal. Friebe praised its speed and ability to read barcodes, which are specific to a cut file, and thereby eliminate any mix up of prints.

The company is also on Midcomp’s ‘Pay Per Use’ (PPU) comprehensive and customised programme, which supports the HP Latex 300 and 500 series printers and ensures that users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print. Friebe praised the programme, as there are no hidden costs, as well as Midcomp’s service. ‘The service from Midcomp is good, whenever I needed something they have always gone the extra mile,’ he said.

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