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The front cover story focuses on Amrod, which has invested in two HP S1000 printers as well as a Zünd G3 XL-3200 from Midcomp. The new technology will greatly enhance both general output, as well as Amrod’s new display division, which launched on 20 August.

Understanding the importance of workflow in printing

Workflow should be the infrastructure that allows you to do the most work at the least cost, but over time the solutions put in place to meet a specific set of needs, job types and clients begins to wear and rub. Before you write that cheque for a new workflow solution, do a self-assessment that starts with a walk through your workflow.

How print trumps digital in winning trust

We all understand that successful marketing often appeals to our emotions, but it is easy to overlook the importance of the marketing medium in triggering those feelings. Our emotions are intrinsically bound up with all our physical senses, which is giving rise to new schools of thought around ‘sensory marketing’, focused on reaching consumers through all five senses.

Spotlight On 3D printing during Covid-19

3D printing is classified as a critical service as it can be used to manufacture health-related products, supplies, devices and equipment. We are seeing the importance of this technology, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak, with 3D hobbyists and larger manufacturers printing face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, respirator parts and more.

Choose your graphics carefully for the biggest impact

Retailers and other public-facing companies need to grab their customers’ attention – and not just once, but time and time again to retain an ongoing and loyal relationship.

The importance of sustainability in the textile industry

In this Q&A discussion, Simon Daplyn – Marketing Manager at Sensient Imaging Technologies – is joined by Felipe Simeoni, Marketing Manager at Global Química and Moda to discuss the challenges, and opportunities, facing the textile industry in the shift towards more sustainable ways of working.

Show sincere interest in every customer during a crisis

Many people respond to a crisis by being overwhelmed by stress, which turns to fear. It is easy to be afraid when you’re in this situation, but if you remain brave, everyone around you will be too, and together you will be able to turn anything around.

How big is textile printing’s environmental impact?

Clothing will become an increasingly important concern as digital printing technologies start nibbling away at the traditional textile printing space.

Value is key to winning customers

You have to focus on adding value to customers’ businesses right now. Nobody has money to spare in this fragmented lockdown that’s been thrust upon us, but everyone is looking for the same thing.

Use different technologies to extend print service offerings

This is an unprecedented period for most businesses – especially those in an industry that can be competitive and tough-going at the best of times. Despite the obvious challenges print providers continue to face, by leveraging their strengths and capabilities, there may be opportunities to be seized – both currently as we continue to endure restrictions and lockdowns, as well as when we finally put the coronavirus in the rearview mirror.

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Primeview Announces New Displays

Primeview’s new line of outdoor turn-key LED displays include the world’s most flexible, 16 x 9 aspect ratio standard, bezel-free panel display, and eliminate the complexities associated with other custom video wall solutions.

The diagonal displays excel as a solution for hotel rooftops, casino signage, drive-in cinemas, and virtually anything in-between. The scalable building block of outdoor LED means it can be installed in a variety of spaces for maximum impact.

‘Over the last two years, our FusionMAX solutions have become the industry standard for turn-key indoor LED systems. Today, with the addition of the outdoor FusionMAX solutions, our customers will have an option that excels both during the day and night due to its standard 4500 nits brightness with IP65 rated technology. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our global clients are taking extra precautions and have asked us to develop a solution that addresses the new normal of social distancing while also being simple to install. The outdoor line-up of FusionMAX takes away those concerns and puts viewers in a safe place, all while making the solution affordable for the mass-market across all verticals and markets,’ said Shay Giuili, CEO and founder of Primeview Global.

The building blocks of the Fusion Max Outdoor Series of turn-key LED solutions is comprised of front-serviceable 2.9mm and 3.9mm LEDs. The LEDs comes standard with 4500 nits brightness, 14-bit processing, IP65 rating, 100k hours rating, 160 wide viewing angles, pedestal, or wall mountable framing accessories.


Ghost Announces New White Toner Printer

With the current generation of Little Ghost white toner printer, you can use the company’s most advanced white toner printing solution as well as its brand new sublimation enabled Sublime Toner cartridges. With Sublime Toner, users can print their designs on standard copy paper and transfer them to light polyester sublimation-friendly blanks.

White Toner printing with Little Ghost is easy, and makes this technology accessible for everyone. Explore the possibilities of White Toner printing for transfer to textiles, fabrics and hard surfaces. The Little Ghost White Toner printer offers great paper handling as well as print speed, WiFi and network connection. Compared to previous models, Little Ghost convinces with a resolution of 1200dpi for even sharper prints. Use Ghost to create outstanding printed matters such as invitations, letters, cards and more, and use Toner Transfer to print blanks such as T-shirts, bags, textiles and more.

White toner printing is a revolutionary method since it is easy and quick to handle. Users can print almost any design on textiles, fabrics and hard surfaces with this technology, as well as in the colour white on coloured paper, cards or on black and brown craft paper.

The core piece of the company’s bundles is a modern laser printer. You can print motifs, patterns and more ideas on standard paper or request sublimation friendly blanks with powder coating and special sublimation toners as well. First and foremost, however, the product is delivered with white toner, for which a transfer foil is always required in order to transfer the print.

Apart from the fast working method and the easy handling, the quality of the results speaks for itself. Working with a high-tech printer is really easy thanks to the extraordinary handling of papers and the high printer speed. You can let the printer work via your home network or via WiFi when printing the different materials and surfaces.

Popular areas of application:

• Printing letters, invitations, postcards and flyers.
• Blanks as promotional material.
• Textiles like shirts and bags.


HP Continues Its Commitment To A Low-Carbon And Circular Economy

HP Inc. and the Arbor Day Foundation have partnered to plant one million trees by the end of 2020. During Climate Week (21-27 September) HP continued to showcase its commitment to a low-carbon, circular economy through protecting, restoring, and promoting sustainable forests while setting goals and intentions to reduce consumption in operations over the next five years.

HP’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation supports World Economic Forum’s and American Forests’ U.S. initiative that serves as a global movement to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees by 2030. The pledge reaffirms HP’s ongoing commitment to restoring, protecting and improving the management of global forests as part of the company’s vision for print sustainability. In addition, HP pledged to reduce potable water consumption in global operations by 35% by 2025, an industry-leading goal.

‘At HP, we believe the science that confirms this is the crucial decade for addressing climate change and know that ensuring access to critical natural resources like forests and water is a key part of a global solution,’ said Ellen Jackowski, chief sustainability and social impact officer at HP. ‘By collaborating with organisations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, we are helping restore and preserve the world’s forests for generations to come.’

Since January 2020, through its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, HP has also:

– Contributed toward reforestation in California, Michigan, Florida and the Mississippi River Valley. From wildfire restoration and watershed management to endangered species protection, these projects drive positive, long-term environmental impact.
– Honoured HP employees by planting one tree for each of HP’s 55,000 employees around the world. HP employees voted to plant these trees in California, Ireland, Brazil, Indonesia and Texas.

‘Forests are a critical tool not only to remove carbon from the atmosphere, but also to mitigate the immediate impacts of the changing climate disasters on people, wildlife and critical ecosystems around the globe,’ said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. ‘By restoring tree loss, committed partners like HP are making a significant investment in our health and well-being now and for generations to come.’

HP’s partnership with the Foundation is a part of the HP Sustainable Forests Collaborative, which launched in 2019 with the support of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and International Paper. Earlier this year, Arbor Day Foundation, Chenming Paper, Domtar and New Leaf Paper joined the HP Sustainable Forest Collaborative to accelerate efforts on forest restoration. The cross-industry collaboration will demonstrate scientific and commercially viable approaches to keeping working forest ecosystems healthy. Together, HP and the collaborative members encourage other companies to join their reforestation efforts to restore and protect global forests for future generations.

The Arbor Day Foundation partnership adds to a five-year R187 million ($11 million) commitment HP made in September 2019 to protect 200,000 acres of forest in China and Brazil, an area equal to the size of New York City, by collaborating with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The partnership with WWF also includes a R17 million ($1 million) donation from HP to support the development of science-based guidance related to three issues central to sustaining the world’s forests. These comprise the quantity and quality of forests needed in key regions to ensure the forests can support people and nature, including: contributions to a larger global Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), actions companies can take to keep those forests thriving and tools companies can use to better estimate the climate, water and other nature-related co-benefits of their actions.

Today, all HP branded paper is deforestation-free, and HP is on track to derive all paper-based product packaging from certified and recycled sources by the end of 2020, with a preference for virgin fibre from FSC-certified sources.

However, the company believes more private and public partnerships are needed to enable all participants to collaborate, share best practices and take advantage of each other’s strengths. To that end, HP recently made a commitment to the U.S. chapter of the World Economic Forum’s, the global trillion tree movement. The initiative is designed to bring together like-minded companies, governments and organisations to accelerate the restoration of degraded forest ecosystems, fight climate change and protect biodiversity on the planet. Through these types of collaborations, HP believes it can magnify its influence to inspire widespread action across all industries – helping create a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

HP is also announcing a corporate goal to reduce potable water consumption across global operations by 35% by 2025, compared to 2015. Previously, HP committed to reduce potable water consumption by 15% by 2025, compared to 2015. In 2019, HP exceeded its water goal six years early, by consuming 18% less than in 2015. As part of the goal, HP is focusing on high risk and high water-consuming sites. As the private sector continues to look at climate risks from a business and financial perspective, HP will focus on facilities in areas that have seen higher droughts and less potable water for global citizens. Last year, HP received an ‘A’ on the 2019 CDP Water list.


Heytex Announces New Textile Range

Changing requirements and increased environmental awareness require the development of new products, and this also applies to the banner market. With this in mind, Heytex has released its new PVC-free ecotex® line.

The textiles are for medium-term outdoor use and feature high sustainability. In March 2019, Heytex launched its new ecotex® frontlit, and is now extending its portfolio with the PVC-free textile mesh. To complete the range, a backlit and a blackback are also expected soon. The new ecotex® materials are available in production widths up to 500cm (frontlit) and 505cm (mesh) and are perfect for UV, solvent, eco-solvent and latex printing.

Due to their high tear strength and dimensional stability, they can withstand high wind loads and are ultra-light (frontlit is up to 50% less than conventional frontlits). This facilitates processing, reduces transport costs and saves CO2.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and health-conscious, the material is free of plasticisers, phthalates and isocyanate-containing compounds. The ecotex® materials are the unique alternative for outdoor applications when PVC banners are not desired (with a proven durability of 12 months in Northern European outdoor use).

In addition, fire-certified according to DIN 4102 B1 and EN13501-1, they even comply with official building regulations, thus preventing the need to stock both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant products at the same time. Ecotex® textiles feature overwhelming printing dimension with vivid colour fastness.


Ricoh South Africa Moves Cape Town Office

Many of Ricoh South Africa’s Western Cape personnel work from home and increasingly mobile environments as the country eases lockdown restrictions and government promotes resurgent economic activity.

With that in mind, Ricoh South Africa is moving its Cape Town office from The Gatehouse building in Black River Park to The Terraces building in the same park at 2 Fir Street, Observatory.

The move enables Ricoh South Africa to embrace the flexibility in the workplace brought about by rapid digitalisation of South Africa’s business community as a result of lockdown.

‘It has long been our business strategy to support customers in their effort to digitalise and develop advanced workplaces,’ said Jolene Castelyn, head of Marketing at Ricoh SA. ‘However, the pace of digitalisation rapidly increased due to lockdown conditions implemented in March this year. It accelerated the use of hardware and software to enable digitalisation and automation of workflows and business processes for operational efficiencies and business intelligence. With the proper security solutions, customers have changed the ways in which they operate and we are developing in line with this best practice approach.’

During the transition, Ricoh South Africa’s Cape Town office can be contacted at:

Branch Manager, Derek Weatherall: +27 (0) 72 976 5759
Service Delivery Manager, Lance Wilson: +27 (0) 71 687 8739
Service Delivery, Tanya Davids: +27 (0) 76 058 2200
Or the Johannesburg office: (+27 11) 723 5000


Direct Color Systems Releases UV LED Printer

The new UV-84DTS, a 120cm x 243cm UV LED printer, has a wide range of advanced features geared towards precision printing and production. It includes industrial Ricoh print heads, a trouble-free ink delivery system, variable drop greyscale technology, and resolutions up to 1200dpi.

Combine those items with an all-new Color Byte 11 software solution, integrated vacuum table, and a 1.5L bulk ink system, and operators can reliably print job after job. ‘This release positions the company to offer innovative UV printers to a wider audience,’ said Tom Kaplinski, President and CEO. ‘We incorporated the needs and requests of our customers in the development of this release and are proud to add this wide format printer to our complete line-up.’

‘This marks the next step in our history of providing innovative solutions to the printing industry,’ said Steve Mills, global director, sales and marketing. ‘Maintaining our patented technology to produce ADA/Braille signs with many of the popular UV printing applications solidifies the UV-84DTS as a premier solution.’

‘This is a monumental release for the international market as well,’ said Rui Carvalho, Director of Sales and Business Development (Europe, Asia and Africa). ‘Our international distributors around the globe now have a complete line of UV printers to offer customers of all sizes, in all regions – regardless of industry.’


Guyenne Improves Coated Paper For Large Format Printing

The Work Of Art Frame (WOAF 200gsm) is a satin non-glare coated paper designed for large size poster printing with solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV and latex inks. It is a high quality anti-reflective satin coated paper.

The overall quality and the print rendering of this paper that have been improved in terms of: the intensity of the black, drying time and brightness of the white, and the brilliance of the support and the ink.


– Satin and anti-reflective printing surface.
– Excellent stability.
– Reduced drying time.
– High quality resolution.
– Reduction of ink levels.
– Waterproof.
– HP Latex certified.
– Compatible for solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV and latex.

Applications include: point of sale advertising, large format communication as well as indoor and outdoor display.


EFI Printer Expands Business’s Point Of Sale And Display Capabilities

EFI Nozomi C18000 printers are used at leading corrugated packaging and display businesses worldwide, and more than a third of those users print with the white ink available for the printer.

Durham Box is the first packaging manufacturer in the UK to upgrade its EFI Nozomi C18000 single-pass inkjet digital corrugated printer with white UV LED ink from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. The upgrade to print with white ink gives the County Durham, England-based corrugated packaging business the power to expand its customer reach as well as provide its customers a competitive edge – thanks to the ability to print a broader range of high-end packaging, point of sale (POS) display graphics and free-standing display unit (FSDU) designs.

Using EFI Nozomi white ink on corrugated boxes extends the colour gamut Durham Box can achieve and gives the company the ability to accurately represent its clients’ brand colours on brown kraft board. The white ink also allows for accurate printing of photographic images, including vivid designs, while maintaining the eco-friendly look of the brown board surface. Plus, Durham Box can achieve a higher-value appearance for many jobs using white ink as a base under colour designs, as the white ink transforms the matte appearance of CMYK inks on uncoated boards into a highly attractive gloss.

‘Having the ability to print with white ink will give our customers an option that until now has not been available through this technology,’ said Durham Box POS Business Development Director Andy Smith. ‘This will allow Durham Box to work with some major brands creating that total display and packaging solution. Of course, being the first in the UK to offer white ink confirms Durham Box’s intention to be a major provider of 3D/POS/display and packaging across all market sectors.’

The Western Michigan University (WMU) Pilot Plant recently provided an old corrugated containers (OCC) certification for EFI Nozomi white ink, verifying its recyclability and repulpability. This new certification follows the WMU Pilot Plant’s initial OCC certification provided for the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer’s CMYK four-colour process ink set. The certification speaks to the ability of Nozomi-printed corrugated board being able to safely, efficiently and effectively enter recycling streams.

EFI Nozomi inks are the first and only single-pass digital corrugated printer inks to achieve the certification, a key validation developed by modelling wax coating replacement protocols of the Fibre Box Association, a group that represents approximately 95% of all U.S. corrugators. The ability to recycle digitally printed corrugated board remains an important topic as corrugators and boxmakers adopt single-pass inkjet to implement highly efficient supply chains that reflect their customers’ need for customisation and shorter order quantities.

The Nozomi C18000 has also earned high marks for its energy use. Last year, the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies assessed the printer according to the ISO 20690 energy standard, and determined it to be the leading single-pass corrugated production device in terms of power consumption efficiency.

‘Since purchasing the Nozomi last year, the immediate focus was to enhance our packaging offering to existing and potential new clients, offering a fast turnaround, high quality digital solution, especially for customers in e-commerce and display,’ said Smith.

‘This in turn has delivered significant growth for Durham Box. Our customers’ success is very important to us and we wanted to offer them the best technology on the market,’ he added. ‘Getting noticed is critical in the competitive world of retail, and thus, printing a white ink base really enhances the brand identity. White on craft board FSDUs certainly delivers that ‘wow’ factor. And now, this is something we can deliver to our customers.’

Durham Box’s ultra-high-speed single-pass inkjet printer prints up to 75 linear metres (246 linear feet) per minute; it can produce up to 10,000 boards – 890 x 890 millimetre (35 x 35 inch) – per hour two-up. Its low-odour, UV LED inks are GREENGUARD certified, contain no hazardous volatile organic compounds and do not require vapour recovery.