Wrap Of The Week: Cazzmania

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s wrap features a Lamborghini Aventador S.

It was wrapped using 3M IJ180-114 (Tricalore design) with matte lamination 8520 and 3M Satin Black (for the roof).

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to journo@practicalpublishing.co.za

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Fujifilm Installs Superwide Format Solution

Over the years, German company Fokina has built up a diverse portfolio of print and production machinery. One installation in particular is helping to drive quality standards even higher – Fujifilm’s superwide 5m Acuity Ultra, which was installed in March 2020.

One of Germany’s leading providers of large format photographic printing, as well as screen, digital and textile printing, Fokina GmbH is a full service provider for a range of sectors, including point of sale, retail, public facilities and exhibition stands. ‘Our investments in high-tech machinery, qualified employees and intelligent management systems are paramount to our success as a business,’ said Sven Breiter, CEO of Fokina.

‘Companies from all over Germany, the EU and around the world are supplied with our products, so being highly efficient and putting the customer at the top of our priorities is our motto.’

Fokina’s high quality banners, textiles and wallpapers are some of the company’s most popular products. When Breiter noticed demand increasing in 2018, he knew that adding more printing equipment would be necessary to meet these requirements and ensure the company could fulfil its customer’s needs. It was then that he was introduced to Fujifilm’s Acuity Ultra, and he never looked back.

‘We first noticed the Acuity Ultra at a trade fair in 2018,’ Breiter said. ‘We were immediately impressed by the print quality and the speed, so we kept in contact with Fujifilm after the event. We even visited their Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels where we saw the Acuity Ultra first hand. Witnessing its print quality for ourselves reaffirmed our initial view that it was the right machine to add to our already impressive production portfolio.’

For Breiter and his staff, the Acuity Ultra is fitting in very well at Fokina. ‘The team working with the Acuity Ultra are very impressed by the quality it produces as well as its high speed. It’s also incredibly versatile, ink consumption is low and its 5m width has provided us with new business opportunities that we would otherwise not have been able to secure. The combination of the high quality and productivity that it offers is exceptional.

‘We are a family-run business always looking to future-proof ourselves. The print market is highly competitive, and at Fokina we always want to provide the best products at the fairest prices. The Acuity Ultra allows us to do that. It fits in perfectly with our other print equipment here, and has become the heartbeat of our business.’

Breiter also has high praise for the Fujifilm team, ‘The sales and support staff at Fujifilm have been excellent from day one. They are very knowledgeable and always available to talk to us. We’ve always felt in good hands, which is essential when you’re purchasing new equipment. The Acuity Ultra was our first ever purchase from Fujifilm, and we envisage it won’t be the last.’

Nils Gottfried, Segment Product Marketing Manager for Wide Format Inkjet Systems at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe said, ‘Fokina has a varied range of customers in the large format market. The excellent services it offers as well as top level products means it will attract both new and returning customers. We’re delighted the Acuity Ultra has so quickly assumed such a pivotal role in the business and we look forward to working with Fokina as their business develops and grows in the years ahead.’


Customer Appreciates Zünd Cutters For Their Precision

After reviewing the entire cutter market, Zünd finally emerged as the brand best able to guarantee Printmateria technical reliability with performance, precision and reliability.

Over the course of forty years, Printmateria has been able, and has had to adapt to various changes of scenery. One part of the original work of the photographic laboratory has remained unchanged: an innate passion for precision and quality of each project. Qualities even more essential today, that make a difference and are not limited to price comparison. ‘Initially, we were a support to figurative communication,’ said Pino Perri, owner of Printmateria. ‘Along with the images, there was the need to write the texts separately and combine them with pre-set layouts.’

This situation has changed dramatically with the arrival of digital printing. Tackling the situation in time proved to be a decisive choice. ‘The two communication needs, written and figurative, have come together,’ continued Perri. ‘Immediately afterwards, however, it also became necessary to be able to exploit the materials, to be able to transform them.’

In an increasingly crowded and demanding visual communication market, processing images and text was therefore no longer sufficient to remain competitive. Immediately after having also acquired 3D skills, thanks to an anthropomorphic arm, the time had come for the company to take another important step forward. ‘A need arose to use a cutting plotter. Combined with direct printing, it has shortened the production procedure and, above all, has made visual communication an object of sale,’ said Perri. In other words, it was a question of offering the market concrete objects and no longer just printed images.

Finding the ideal solution was certainly a challenging task, although in the end the choice turned out to be easier than expected. ‘After literally reviewing the entire cutter market, Zünd finally emerged as the brand best able to guarantee us technical reliability with performance, precision and reliability.’

That’s how a Zünd G3 3XL 2500 arrived at the centre of the new workshop. Immediately integrating into the Printmateria production processes, the cutter did not hesitate to demonstrate its value and beneficial effects on production, raising quality levels. It wasn’t long before it was joined by a second cutting plotter, the Zünd G3 XL 3200, to support the required production volumes. ‘After trying it in the field and seeing the number of problems it solved, based on our enthusiasm, we decided to buy a second machine six months later.’

From the cutting of standard materials already in use, with particular appreciation for the precision of its handling of FOREX® and Plexiglas®, to the versatility in handling even thicker substrates, satisfaction with the entire line was immediate. Particularly appreciated were the uncompromising management in 45° cuts. ‘It turned out to be very robust mechanically, with a very strong worktop. I also really like the ability to upgrade the system without having to replace the entire frame – an important aspect when considering protection of our investment over time.’

Printmateria’s innate creativity was demonstrated in finding a new tool to express itself at its best. Among the most interesting projects is the processing of prints to make bas-reliefs. ‘At first, we were amazed by the performance and precision of the cut in particular. It is perfectly in line with our philosophy of uncompromising quality.’

‘I was really impressed by the quality of the Zünd service,’ concluded Perri. ‘Their supportive philosophy totally corresponds to our expectations. We are in perfect harmony with their approach in terms of attention and availability. In the end, when it comes to maximum precision, we are talking about exactly these aspects, to the point that more than assistance, I prefer to talk about their care for us, their kindness.’

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Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

Video: How To Brand On Plastic Coffee Cups

In this video, Uprint Digital Direct’s Jordan Steinbach demonstrates how to brand on plastic coffee cups.


1. Pre-heat product before printing.
2. Apply activator.
3. Transfer logo using the delaminated yellow paper.
4. Spray PPX.
5. Use heat gun for 10-15 seconds.

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Grafityp Introduces Printing Film For Cold Temperatures

Grafityp has introduced Grafiprint S22CT – a printing film that ensures no application problems with cold temperatures.

Grafityp has developed the printing film so that users can apply in a cold environment up to maximum -10°C. This film is the ideal solution for outdoor prints around sports fields, sides of buses and more.


Drytac Film Used To Create Eye-Catching Display Signage

Illinois-based HugePrints recently completed a project for the World of Wheels car show in Chicago using Drytac’s Polar Chrome, a silver satin reflective PET film ideal for eye-catching billboards, exhibition graphics, POS displays and public transport advertisements, as well as labels.

A local customer planned to submit three restored motorcycles to the show together with displays listing their key information. The signs were based on an existing one from a previous event at which it had exhibited a car. HugePrints decided to print the motorcycle signs slightly smaller, since the bikes themselves were on a smaller scale than the car, but still wanted them to stand out and draw attention.

Ben Boese, President of HugePrints, said, ‘Just hearing the word ‘chrome’ made us think Drytac Polar Chrome would be a good fit for a car show. This was our first time using the material and the first time working for the customer, so it was a little bit of a gamble. Luckily, it printed flawlessly on our HP Latex 360.’

The signs were 6mm PVC, and bent to shape with the printed graphics applied on top. HugePrints added a protective glossy laminate and finished the displays with a carbon fibre vinyl and knifeless tape to free-hand a curve at the bottom and add contrast – matte black against the glossy chrome, carbon fibre texture against the smooth gloss, and black against the colour print.

Boese added, ‘The customer was thrilled with the end result, saying that the reflective material made the print almost look 3D. And the three bikes took first, second and third place awards in their category. We’d like to think that the chrome shine of the signs helped draw more favourable attention from the judges.’

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Graphix Supply World Announces New Inkjet Printer

Graphix Supply World has announced the new Mimaki UJV100-160, a roll-to-roll UV-curable inkjet printer. The applications achievable with this technology include posters, POP, soft signage, stickers and window decoration, to name a few.

The array of substrates this solution can handle does not compromise the quality of the printed output or the system’s high productivity. It is truly a versatile solution that will enable users to grow their business.

Some of the applications include:

– Outdoor signboards.
– Illumination signboards.
– Posters.
– Banners and flags (fabric).
– Swing P.O.P. (PET film).
– Labels.
– Wallpapers.
– Uncoated papers (bond or Tyvek paper) etc.

Featuring two newly developed printheads and the new Dot Adjustment System (DAS) feature, the UJV100-160 is a robust and efficient solution for sign makers. DAS automates conventional dot placement (dot position and feeding correction) for maximum image quality, saving operators time and reducing manual errors.

The UV-curable ink mounted on this printer is the newly developed ‘LUS-210’, which has six types: C, M, Y, K, W, and CI (Clear ink will be supported at a later date). A combination of a white ink with superior concealing capability and the spot colour ink of a shiny clear ink allows you to use this printer in various applications, from printing on transparent/coloured media to highly creative varnish print.

Printing at a maximum of 23sqm/h (when printed on PVC and PET using the 4C Draft mode), the high-speed UJV100-160 also uses VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals)-free UV-curable ink for even greater productivity. Not only is this ink a more environmentally conscious choice for the production floor, it is cured instantly after printing, eliminating the drying time that water-based or solvent ink requires. Post-processing and sign application are therefore possible immediately after printing, reducing production time and enabling printers to deliver products to short deadlines. In addition, UV-curable ink supports a wide range of commercially available media, including PVC and paper with no acceptance layer, PET film, and fabric, contributing to associated substrate cost efficiencies and an increased variety of application possibilities.

Customers wanting to print to styrene, ABS or PETG thin sheets will be able to upgrade their UJV100-160 with a table feed option and an anti-static ioniser option, allowing them to print direct to media instead of printing to vinyl and then applying it to the sheets.

High value products such as two-layer print, in which white ink is used for transparent PET film, and varnish print using clear ink (2), can also be handled with the UJV100-160, further increasing the variety of creative applications achievable with this system.

Other features that ensure the UJV100-160 meets the same high-standards for print quality and reliability, which Mimaki’s solutions are known for, are the Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) for missing nozzle detection and auto cleaning and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS), a function that automatically replaces defective nozzles, if there is a problem left unsolved by the nozzle cleaning, to ensure uninterrupted printing and stable image quality. Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS4) prints pass boundaries in gradation to reduce banding, uneven colour, and glossy streaks.

Roberto Franco, CEO of Graphix Supply World, said, ‘The UJV100-160 is going to take the industry by storm with its revolutionary technology. It will give businesses the ability to not only print at the fastest speeds onto any media, but also at the lowest costs in comparison to other large format printers of this size. This state-of-the-art printer promises a more profitable performance, and is giving businesses the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.’

‘Printers asking themselves how they can diversify their product offering or enter new markets with a wider variety of applications will find the answer to these questions is the UJV100-160,’ explained Ronald van den Broek, General Manager Sales EMEA, Mimaki Europe.

Graphix Supply World
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Email: marketing@gsw.co.za
Website: http://www.gsw.co.za

Durst Hybrid Solution Speeds Up Production

The major benefits of the Durst P5 include unattended overnight production, five-layer printing options and multi-roll track systems that mean more than one customer job can be run at the same time at different speeds. Insitu Group has become the UK and Ireland’s first user of Durst’s P5 350 all-in-one hybrid solution for flexible roll and board printing.

This is the centrepiece of a major investment that takes quality and productivity into a new era, as well as opening up new markets. Damian Loach, Insitu Group’s Managing Director said, ‘The P5 is amazing and provides the highest single output of any machine by far. It has trebled capacity. Previously we were losing out on jobs because operational times are now so demanding. You have to be extremely reactive. Often it is a next-day delivery requirement.

‘That is one of the reasons why unattended printing is so useful. We can produce 600 square metres overnight. Another really important feature is the multi-track roll function where orders from more than one customer jobs can be printed at the same time in varying volumes. The Durst Print Workflow software and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics are also key to our success. We can achieve so much more output, thanks to automated functions. The P5 has added to our original printers, giving us a further 178 metres an hour, upping our capacity to 500 metres per hour. This gives us control and capacity with tight timeframes without having to outsource or rely on others.’

The four-colour with white option P5 is the cornerstone of Leicester-based Insitu Group’s print division, Intoprint Digital, which also boasts extensive cutting and finishing capabilities. The Insitu Group started as a shop-fitting business 24 years ago and has expanded into many other markets other than print. Clients include some of the world’s major brands in retail, cosmetic and other sectors. New markets include construction and health sectors.

Loach added, ‘Delivering high levels of service in specific time frames is key. We’ve had an amazing experience with Durst and the support of local engineers is great too. We are really proud to become the first company in the UK and Ireland to receive the P5 and be at the cutting edge of technology. This is the best technology platform available. Despite these uncertain times, we are glad we invested and are confident of future growth, where we expect our print business to grow rapidly in the next few years.

‘We spent a lot of time searching for what we feel is the best machine on the market, with quality foremost as we have a reputation for providing a second-to-none service with some of the world’s most famous brands in the retail, clothing and cosmetics markets. Now we are confident of being able to expand our offerings in much bigger markets. Print is relevant to all our business, getting brand awareness out there in the eyes of the consumers has always been key. The significance of the 5-layer option is that it is essential to world brands, keeping suppliers the same around the globe.’

Peter Bray, Managing Director of Durst UK & Ireland, said, ‘P5 is our technology and innovation platform for large format specialists. Insitu Group was the first of several P5 installations that have taken place this year, which is part of our expanded portfolio that comes complete with integrated workflow and analytics software. It’s a perfect example of how, in an integrated world, printers need to change as well. With the P5 family we provide tools for change and profit as part of our commitment to continue to lead the innovation in the large format market.’


Ricoh Launches Next Generation Direct-To-Garment Printer

The next-generation Ri 2000 for promotional and personalised goods is ideal for innovative digital print providers, custom apparel online retailers, and traditional businesses that want to offer added value by printing on garments.

‘Among the key benefits is that the Ri 2000 shortens traditional production processes for these types of applications,’ said Vaughan Patterson, head of Commercial and Industrial Print at Ricoh SA. ‘It also integrates the process with other print workflows and gives customers more options for lower volume, high quality, personalised jobs to produce colourfast, machine-washable prints using ink that is environmentally friendly.’

The Ri 2000 sets a new benchmark in terms of productivity and efficiency in its class by integrating hardware and advanced software, end-to-end. It will be available in EMEA from November. Other features include:

– Enabling colour consistency, automation of production workflows and creation of white layers for printing on dark garments with ColorGATE’s Textile Productionserver.
– Continuously monitoring ink supply, temperature and humidity levels, reducing human interaction whenever required.
– Intuitively guiding the operator with a 17.78cm (7 inch) colour touchscreen display, providing maintenance alerts for all tasks that are not automated.
– Simplifying maintenance with automated cleaning and an innovative head-cleaning jig that eliminates the need to manually maintain print head nozzles.

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SloanLED Introduces Lighting Solution

Field-cuttable and weather-resistant, the new SloanLED LEDBlade features a linear form factor for easy installation and over 3000 lumens per assembly.

SloanLED LEDBlade is a canopy edge light engine and wall wash lighting solution that focuses light in one direction using asymmetric optics to deliver bright, even illumination, where you want it, without waste.

‘Downlighting installed near a wall can produce a scalloping effect, which is particularly undesirable in the case of canopy fascia lighting,’ explained Barry Blythe, Director of Sign Product Solutions at SloanLED. ‘LEDBlade throws light down the surface to be illuminated, resulting in smooth, uniform wall washes, and dramatic canopy lighting with a clean edge.’