Grafityp Introduces Laminate For Sporting Applications

With LAMx45UV, colour prints are not only protected, but also legible from any angle due to the product’s matte finish.

The laminate is a solution for the long-term protection of UV prints on the sidelines of sports fields, sides of buses, or other signs outside in all weather conditions.


FDC Adds Nine Pre-Printed Patterns To Heat Transfer Vinyl Film Range

Lumina® 9203 features a matte finish with unique printed patterns for decorative graphics. Each of the new patterns is now available, including Aztec, banner stripes, sky quatrefoil, US flags, stars, soccer ball, mint argyle, black quatrefoil and mint petals.

These films do not require a separate mask for application, which saves time and money. This series can be applied to cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends. Additional Lumina® HTV patterns include animal prints, camouflage and slightly textured films.


New Mutoh EMEA Website Optimised For Sign Makers And Print Providers

The new website is optimised for easy viewing and navigation on mobile devices. It is fit for the future and focuses on the multitude of opportunities for wide format digital print equipment for sign makers and print providers.

As part of the re-design, Mutoh has created a new ‘Inspiration’ page. Rather than searching through pages of technical specifications to identify the right printer for their needs, users simply select the applications of interest and they are taken to the relevant printer pages – along with hints, tips, benefits, additional market opportunities and related applications. It is a helpful tool, designed to simplify searching and convey the product’s potential for the applications. The website also features a comprehensive library of embedded video tutorials.

Nick Decock, Marketing Manager for Mutoh Europe explained, ‘The world is changing fast and so are the demands of print buyers, sign makers and print providers. The scope of applications now achievable on Mutoh wide format digital inkjet printers and sign cutters has grown considerably in the last few years. As a result, our vision was to create a web presence that focuses on applications and opportunities alongside product specifics. So the re-design includes industry knowledge, product advice and inspiration as well as product information. We have also future-proofed it by using the latest web architecture and along with a contemporary new design, advanced search facility and easy navigation, we think we have achieved our vision and improved the customer experience.’

Mutoh users can also register for exclusive access to ‘My Mutoh’, a free member account that gives users access to all the tools they need to ensure their device runs smoothly as well as free downloads, technical tips and market information.


CGS ORIS Announces Additional Functions For New Software Versions

The colour server and the proofing software have a completely new look with flat, very clear icons and the user interface has been arranged in an optimised manner for a simplified overview. This is also supported by a new coloured status info. Additional information can be activated about printers, queues, jobs and other processes to have all important details present at a glance.

In addition, the user is now able to make many adjustments within the programs and it is now possible to completely customise the software to their own needs and requirements. This makes working within the software even more intuitive. For new users it is now even easier to get started, and workflows are streamlined enormously.

A nice enhancement is the option to switch between different modes, like light, classic and dark mode. ‘In addition to graphic-based improvements, it was of great importance for us to implement innovative features that generate added value for our customers and which are, from our point of view, trend-setting’, said Marcus Brune, Product Manager at CGS ORIS.

The usage, editing, and also prediction of spectral colour data and the optimisation of spot colours play a central role here. Among others, this was applied in the simulation of overprinting spot colours. Other functions for example relate to the creation of user-defined test charts for all supported measuring devices, the media-relative adjustment of the substrate white point, and scheduled printing.

In addition, new hardware is also supported, including the latest Xrite EyeOne generation and the new Myiro from Konica Minolta. New Canon, Epson, and Mutoh printers have been implemented.


Caldera Releases New Canon Large Format Drivers

Caldera has announced drivers for the new Canon Arizona 2300 series. Launched in early September 2020, the series has been designed for speeding up large format printing production while improving operator efficiency. It has varying ink channel options available to support a diverse range of applications.

These new Canon flatbed printers can now be used with CalderaRIP software (Version 13.1) for a better user experience and faster, cost-effective printing. Caldera offer five different drivers depending on the ink configuration (4, 6 or 8 inks) and flatbed size (GTF or XTF).

Moreover, compared to the previous Canon Arizona 2200 series, the new 2300 series is built around Arizona FLOW technology, a new system which better secures the substrate to the table in order to increase productivity.

For users who have subscribed to CalderaCare, the Double-sided printing automation feature available in CalderaRIP Version 13.1 can optimise their workflow and change the way they produce with the Canon Arizona flatbed.


Drytac Launches Antimicrobial Film

When bacteria contaminate a surface such as a door or touchpad – as a result of human contact, environmental conditions or simply lack of cleaning – they can multiply very quickly. Similarly, fungi and mould can proliferate on a surface.

Drytac’s Protac AMP film with Microban® antimicrobial technology is a new product designed to help protect surfaces from microbes that can cause premature product degradation.

Regular cleaning with an effective detergent will remove these microorganisms. Protac AMP film can help maintain cleanliness in between cleaning. It offers reliable protection from the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and mould.

This 150μ (6 mil) self-adhesive polyester surface protection film incorporates Microban® technology at the manufacturing stage so it becomes part of the material’s intrinsic physical structure at a molecular level. It will not wash off or wear away. Microban® reservoirs in the film disrupt the microbes’ cell walls, inhibiting their growth. The film provides protection 24 hours a day for up to 15 years, and is durable to withstand regular cleaning.

The film is ideal for protecting doors, keypads, counters, tables and any other flat surfaces. It is transparent with a hard top coat and provides scratch and chemical resistance for up to 15 years. Every batch of Protac AMP is tested for antimicrobial performance providing the utmost confidence and peace of mind for any application.

‘Our new film delivers protection in one easy-to-use product,’ said Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac. ‘It is prepared with Drytac’s innovative adhesive, so users can simply apply the film to the surface and leave it to do its job, helping reduce growth of microbes on the surface for many years.’

‘The film has already been used on drinks machines, tray tables on aircraft, and in healthcare facilities and schools, with hundreds of other potential applications. This product can help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.’

(+27 10) 020 9999

Wrap Of The Week: The Graphic Workshop

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s wrap features a Hyundai as well as a Harley Davidson.

The Hyundai’s stripes were done with HEXIS turquoise vinyl, and the text and logos were done with white HEXIS vinyl.

For the Harley Davidson, the blue areas were wrapped using clear laminate carbon fibre vinyl from HEXIS. Black areas and embossing were wrapped using HEXIS black wrapping vinyl. HEXIS red and grey vinyls were also used.

The Graphic Workshop
+27 (0) 82 304 4799

3D Fusion Announces Recycling Initiative For 3D Branded Signage Returns

As part of their new recycling initiative, 3D Fusion will mix custom colours for customers, and buy back customers’ old returns for recycling. The company manufacture their own filament and use it in their 3D printing operations.

Eric Philpott, signage manufacturer and developer for 3D Fusion Machines, explained, ‘We recycle PETG from failed and old returns. PETG is 100% recycled. We use a crusher to pelletise the plastic and mix with virgin and re-extruded materials. We make black filament from the recycled plastic.’

The company’s 3D Fusion printer, made for the signage industry, has been designed to print letters or ‘returns’, namely for three-dimensional branded signage. The returns are very light, and the machine comes with a 5kg roll of filament.

The machine spends only a few hours printing the returns, which previously couldn’t be done in such a short time. While it is printing, the operator can focus on other tasks and leave the machine on its own to print. Only one operator and a laptop is required for the machine, which is wireless and can be operated from anywhere.

+27 (0) 82 293 6196

Color Concepts Launches New Cloud-Based Platform

The ColorBase Exchange platform is a marketplace that matches supply and demand, giving material manufacturers the global reach to build partnerships and generate exposure for their newest products. Resellers will be able to manage their entire workflow through a single channel, while simultaneously increasing their product selection and diversifying supply chain risk.

ColorBase Exchange connects printing material manufacturers to resellers like never before. This new technology revolutionises the way that users do business, streamlining data exchange, procurement, the sales process, customer acquisition, payments and logistics.

‘The past couple of months have shown that a disruption of patterns can lead to entirely new challenges, for both manufacturers and resellers. It also showed the vulnerability of systems and markets and the inability for companies to react fast to an ever changing situation. ColorBase Exchange does not aim to change the current market structure, but rather to optimise it and help resellers and manufacturers to interact more effectively, streamline their processes and adopt new agile methods of manufacturing and procuring materials,’ said Marco Roos, CEO and founder.

This brand new platform expands business opportunities and creates new partnerships and customer relationships worldwide. Color Concepts believes that ColorBase Exchange will contribute to a substantial increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making between supply and demand.


Read The Latest Industry Features

Sign Africa Journal includes exclusive product specials and informative features. Readers will gain an understanding of workflow’s importance in printing, sensory marketing, how 3D printing has come to the fore during Covid-19, using different technologies to extend print services, and more. 


The front cover story focuses on Amrod, which has invested in two HP S1000 printers as well as a Zünd G3 XL-3200 from Midcomp. The new technology will greatly enhance both general output, as well as Amrod’s new display division, which launched on 20 August.

Understanding the importance of workflow in printing

Workflow should be the infrastructure that allows you to do the most work at the least cost, but over time the solutions put in place to meet a specific set of needs, job types and clients begins to wear and rub. Before you write that cheque for a new workflow solution, do a self-assessment that starts with a walk through your workflow.

How print trumps digital in winning trust

We all understand that successful marketing often appeals to our emotions, but it is easy to overlook the importance of the marketing medium in triggering those feelings. Our emotions are intrinsically bound up with all our physical senses, which is giving rise to new schools of thought around ‘sensory marketing’, focused on reaching consumers through all five senses.

Spotlight On 3D printing during Covid-19

3D printing is classified as a critical service as it can be used to manufacture health-related products, supplies, devices and equipment. We are seeing the importance of this technology, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak, with 3D hobbyists and larger manufacturers printing face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, respirator parts and more.

Choose your graphics carefully for the biggest impact

Retailers and other public-facing companies need to grab their customers’ attention – and not just once, but time and time again to retain an ongoing and loyal relationship.

The importance of sustainability in the textile industry

In this Q&A discussion, Simon Daplyn – Marketing Manager at Sensient Imaging Technologies – is joined by Felipe Simeoni, Marketing Manager at Global Química and Moda to discuss the challenges, and opportunities, facing the textile industry in the shift towards more sustainable ways of working.

Show sincere interest in every customer during a crisis

Many people respond to a crisis by being overwhelmed by stress, which turns to fear. It is easy to be afraid when you’re in this situation, but if you remain brave, everyone around you will be too, and together you will be able to turn anything around.

How big is textile printing’s environmental impact?

Clothing will become an increasingly important concern as digital printing technologies start nibbling away at the traditional textile printing space.

Value is key to winning customers

You have to focus on adding value to customers’ businesses right now. Nobody has money to spare in this fragmented lockdown that’s been thrust upon us, but everyone is looking for the same thing.

Use different technologies to extend print service offerings

This is an unprecedented period for most businesses – especially those in an industry that can be competitive and tough-going at the best of times. Despite the obvious challenges print providers continue to face, by leveraging their strengths and capabilities, there may be opportunities to be seized – both currently as we continue to endure restrictions and lockdowns, as well as when we finally put the coronavirus in the rearview mirror.

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