Epson Awarded For Large Format Printers

Epson Awarded For Large Format Printers And More

Good Design Awards are presented annually for designs that benefit and enrich people’s lives and society. Espon has won a 2021 Good Design Award for numerous products, including its large format inkjet printers.

SC-T7750D and SC-P8550D large format inkjet printers (designated in South Africa as SC-T7700D and SC-P8500D) 

These LFPs are for CAD, photo and POP applications. Epson kept the depth within 500mm, making these printers ideal for printing and processing even in limited spaces, such as in the back of small shops. The sides and back are flat so that the units can be installed flush against walls. Moreover, their perfectly flat top and height make them useful as a worktable. The design is the same as that used for office printers so that they fit into their surroundings.

Judge’s comments

These large format, 6-colour pigment ink inkjet printers support B0+ paper and have an exceptionally well-thought-out and polished design. Epson not only considered usability but also where and how they would be installed. The sides and top are flat, and most operations can be performed from the front. With all sides flat except the front, the printers can fit perfectly flush against the wall on three sides. This feature is apparent in the appearance of the products themselves. These printers can be placed back-to-back in the middle of a room to create an island that can be used as a worktable, thanks to the perfectly flat top. Some other interesting design ideas have also been implemented, such as an LED that is provided inside a black peephole in the centre of the top so that users can see prints in progress.

SC-R5050 and SC-R5050L resin ink printer (designated in South Africa as SC-R5010 and SC-R5010L).

These resin-ink printers are for wallpaper and large sign production. This is the first printer in Epson’s SureColor series to use resin ink, which is compatible with a wide variety of media. The high-capacity ink packs reduce maintenance time and, when empty, take up 90% less storage space than used cartridges (when comparing an equal volume of ink from 700ml SC10 ink cartridges for the SC-S80650, SC-S60650, and SC-S40650 and from the 1500ml SC22 ink packs for the SC-R5050 and SC-R5050L). A wide window and LED lighting allow users to quickly check prints, and a resin exterior is used for the parts operated by people for their safety.

Judge’s comments

This is a high-performance machine with a design that is well-organised. The large viewing window – which is in the centre of the dark tone body and can be illuminated by a light inside the printer – and the touch panel are inclined for both good visibility and operability. The quick-drying resin ink is water-based instead of organic solvent-based, and the high-capacity ink packs exhibit design excellence, offering high-level features, usability and environmental performance. With the ability to alternate between two packs of the same colour, the ink packs can be hot swapped without interrupting printing. They also generate 50% less waste than cartridges.

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