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The Onset R40i: A First For Africa

10 April 2015 - The Onset R40i, which was launched at FESPA Digital last year, has been developed to address the growing market for an ultra-high-quality flatbed device capable of delivering high production speeds. Built using Inca Digital's unique Scaleable Architecture platform, it provides a truly modular design, which allows the end user to change both the productivity and colour configuration on-site to match changing business needs throughout the life of the printer.

Using Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra print heads, the Onset R40i delivers a 14 picolitre drop size and a genuine 400sqm/hr or 80 full-bed sheets per hour, with automation. The new Onset R40i combines quality with speed to meet the requirements of customers who produce a mix of graphics for both long and short-distance viewing.

Based on the Onset Scaleable Architecture platform, the printer is available in a choice of colour configurations. The machine can be modified from four to eight channels. Compatible with Inca’s flexible automation system, the Onset R40i gives customers the choice to operate manually, or with semi or three quarter automation. Thanks to the continuous feed and print when utilising the automation system, users can reduce labour costs and achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

With the Onset R40i, a maximum output resolution of 1200dpi can be produced on media up to 3.14m x 1.6m in size and up to 50mm thick at the rate of up to 80 full-bed sheets per hour. A choice of uni-directional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements. The Onset also supports Inca’s Print Run Controller soft ware for companies requiring variable data printing capability.

15 Zone Vacuum Bed
All zones are individually selectable by the user virtually eliminating the need to mask the bed for jobs; significantly increases productivity and allows for faster changeovers between jobs.

iNozzle Technology
An onboard scanner locates any under-performing nozzles and automatically assigns a reserve printhead to jet ink to make a perfect image.

R40i Inca Software Suite
Provides operators with a complete suite of productivity-enhancing soft ware including Reporter Pro, Inca Vision and Print Run Control (PRC).

R40i Four To Eight Channels
Your choice of CMYK or CMYKLC LM WW. The six-colour provides the ideal press for customers demanding off set-like quality for closer viewing.

R40i White Option
Can be added to either the 4 or 6-colour press option to precisely print white layers under or over the CMYK content; or use White as a spot colour. Multiple layers can be used to vary opacity to pinpoint accuracy.

Choice Of Automation Systems
Increase the throughput of the R40i by up to 50% by reducing manual change out of materials with the optional 3/4 automation system or fully-automated feed system from Hostert. Both automation options are paired with the Onset take off system, which removes each sheet from the print bed to a finished stack on an automated scissor lift.


Commercial print service provider USS Graphics has become the first company in Africa to invest in an Inca Onset printer. The Onset R40i, which is currently being installed with three-quarter automation at its premises in Epping, Cape Town, will enable the company to expand its service offering and venture into new markets.

The company is one of a very few production houses in South Africa that offers what it calls ‘campaignability’ – the ability to produce all elements of a campaign in one location. This includes small and large format screen, off set and printed applications. With the global shift towards shorter and shorter print runs and the need for variable data, USS Graphics knew it had to adapt its fleet to reflect this market change.

'We didn’t want to invest in another digital device to replace our conventional presses, but rather something that could complement it,' said Louis Burger, managing director of USS Graphics. 'The Onset and its ongoing development has been on our radar since it was launched in 2007, but we started in depth discussions with Fujifilm and other manufacturers offering high end, wide-format digital printers at drupa 2012.'

So, after comprehensive testing and being satisfied that Fujifilm’s support base in South Africa was adequate to maintain a digital printer of this magnitude, USS Graphics placed an order for the Inca Onset R40i. 'It was important for us to find the best device that could deliver the optimum quality vs speed ratio, and the Onset R40i proved to be the ideal choice,' added Burger.

Burger is excited about the wealth of benefits that the Onset R40i will bring to the business: 'Although this isn’t our fi rst digital large-format device, the Onset R40i will set new quality and productivity standards. Not only will it allow us to expand into new markets, but it will also maximise profitability on certain jobs as it eliminates the need for pre-press and make-readies, as well as certain post-press processes.'

'The Onset R40i delivers the ideal combination of speed and quality, making it the ideal investment for print service providers that produce a mix of fast turnaround retail graphics for distance viewing, but also high-quality applications that will be viewed at short distances,' said Tomo Hemmi, General Manager of Fujifilm South Africa’s Graphics and Medical Systems Divisions. 'USS Graphics is setting a new standard for any printer in South Africa that is looking to maximise profitability without compromising on quality or productivity, and we look forward to working closely with them to ensure they capitalise on the wealth of opportunities the Inca Onset device offers as soon as the installation is complete.'