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The Most Affordable Channel Letter Bending Machine In The World Feature

05 December 2016 - This feature appears in the latest Sign Africa Journal. The Accu-Bend Ace is available from Channel Letter Bender, the world leader in channel letter bending machines. Made with top-quality components, high-grade materials and the latest technology, Accu-Bend continues to set the industry standard.

The first machine in the world to notch, flange and bend complete channel letters, Accu-Bend is recognised as the market-leading channel letter bending machine. The Accu-Bend’s cutting-edge technology includes a material-feed table for loading full coils of aluminium, and an off load table for supporting the channel letters as they are being bent.

The solid welded steel machine handles .040 (and .063 with an available option) gauge material and can produce single-piece letters, shapes and logos up to 4.6m (15 feet) tall, just like the original Accu-Bend. Simply import .DXF files, and your channel letters are created.

The machine can feed up to 30.5cm (12 inches) per second. When it’s time to switch to a new project requiring a different width return, coil heights can be changed in under a minute. It reduces fabrication time by as much as 75 percent, providing an immediate return on investment. Now with the optional Scoring feature, the Accu-Bend machine can bend the sharpest corners in the world.

Benefits of the Accu-Bend:
• Stop bending by hand, you can now afford to automate.
• Stop farming out letters.
• You can now keep more profits.
• Knock out over 100 letters per day and do it practically labour free.
• Be more competitive.
• You can now win more jobs.