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R series lasers
With the R Series Trotec launches an affordable range of laser cutters for cutting and engraving of acrylics up to 15 mm, textiles, wood, paper and much more. The R Series meets all your needs and is your perfect laser cutter for all standard sheet sizes up to 1300 x 900 mm. Simply Laser Cutting for signs, gifts, toys, models, prototypes and any kind of decoration and fashion items - powerful, fast, clean, and safe.
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Earn money from day one: be up and running within minutes
With the Rayjet® Manager software, files are sent from all graphics and CAD-programs directly to the laser cutter, compatibility guaranteed. With both the software and the controller developed by Trotec, the motion and laser processes are perfectly in-tune for maximising the system‘s performance. The "one click setup“ enables every user to be up and running within minutes.
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Easy access and ergonomic design for maximum usability
The extraordinarily large view of the inside of the laser working area makes working with the R Series a pleasure. The large viewing pane enables the user to see the job progress at a glance, even from a distance. The ergonomic and open design makes positioning jobs a simple task and guarantees efficient user operation.
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Austrian Engineering &
Quality Standards
R Series is developed by Trotec. We comply to stringent production procedures and European manufacturing standards. The R500 and R400 laser cutter are both equipped with high quality components: a Trotec laser system controller, industrial grade power supplies and linear guides. The robust mechanical and reliable electronic design is proven in thousands of Trotec laser machines.
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Lynn van den Berg
Contact me, if you have any questions.
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T: 011 262 1400
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