12 January 2018

Kornit Digital Strengthens Position In Largest Textile Printing Market

Kornit Digital has reported that its install base in China, the largest textile printing market in the world, has crossed the 125 systems mark.

The Kornit customer base in China includes renowned brands such as JNBY, Lilianz, JoeOne and Seven Brand. Many Chinese Kornit users produce high-margin fashion pieces digitally, either for their own distribution or for leading brands around the globe, benefitting from the current trends affecting the textile supply chain: mass customisation, direct-to-consumer sales models, drastically reduced delivery times, and a strong influence of social media on buying decisions. Typical products produced with the help of Kornit’s industrial-grade technology are jeans, pants, socks, stockings, footwear and functional sportswear.

Kornit’s President of the Asia Pacific region, Buck Kim, said, 'Over the years, Kornit has made significant investments in its infrastructure and manpower in China. We are happy to see that more than 100 Kornit users across the country value our efforts and chose us as their textile printing technology partner. The Chinese government has announced an extensive modernisation of the country until 2050, restricting traditional, polluting industries in favour of environmentally-friendly and sustainable production. Kornit’s digital printing processes, compared to conventional methods, save enormous amounts of wastewater, chemicals and overproduction and make the textile industry cleaner – that’s why we expect significant continued growth for years to come.'

Kornit’s business activities in China began in 2006, when the first direct-to-garment systems were delivered to Chinese users. Kornit celebrated quick successes, and in order to improve service levels and optimise system uptime and reliability, the company founded a service hub in Hong Kong in late 2009. Kornit increased its business activities in China in 2015, by opening a national headquarters in Shanghai with all relevant functions, such as sales, service, logistics, marketing and application consulting.

The best-selling Kornit model in China is the Storm series, which offers a range of industrial mid-range direct-to-garment printing capabilities, available in several configurations with throughputs between 120 and 190 light garments per hour. The Storm Hexa, for example, features a CMYK, Red, Green plus White configuration that makes it ideal for colour-conscious applications. Many of Kornit’s systems are equipped with advanced technology features such as recirculating ink systems, integrated air humidifiers, quick pallet replacement systems and more.

Kornit’s unique direct-to-fabric system Allegro also made its way into the Chinese market. The system is 1.80m wide, and is based on Kornit’s NeoPigment printing technology, which eliminates pre- and post-treatment processes for both natural, man-made and synthetic fabrics.

Unlike typical digital technologies, the Kornit Allegro offers an innovative, enabling solution, saving on energy, water, space, and labour time. Through its simple operation, the system enables the development of new business models that cater for the strong trends of mass customisation and personalisation of textile in fashion and home decor.

All of Kornit’s systems are based on the company’s NeoPigment process. Kornit users benefit from the advantages of state-of-the art ink technology, based on an installed base of thousands of systems globally and 14 years of experience. NeoPigment meets the highest environmental regulations, including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS pre-approval, and is also safe for baby and infant wear.


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