14 March 2017

Exion Corporation Introduces TPS Machine Into The Market

After years of market study on the demands of the South African signage industry and successful distribution of the V3 channel letter bending machine, Exion Corporation has decided to introduce the TPS fully automatic channel letter bending machines into the South African market exclusively.

TPS is a Chinese company specialising in channel letter bending machines and has sold over 1300 of them all over the world in the past 13 years. They are well established and popular in the European and North American markets. For example, Gemini Signs, one of the biggest signage manufacturers in the USA, is equipped with eight TPS channel letter bending machines.

Exion Corporation’s Jay Kim explained, ‘The strong points of TPS machines is the beautiful finishing and the fact that some of the world’s best parts are installed in the hardware point. However, the stronger points lie in their software. Firstly, many PhDs are involved in the software development division to keep upgrading the software. Secondly, it is easy to set up parameters defined on materials. In comparison, with other company’s machines, specialised engineers must come to change the parameters every time the material is changed, which costs extra time and expenditure. Thirdly, it is user friendly and you need just a half day’s training. And whatever material you use, you are getting perfectly accurate output because of the software.’

The TPS machines can bend aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised iron. The minimum bending radius is 7mm in stainless steel and 20mm in aluminium return. The height of the return can be from 20mm to 180mm, which can bend very small to big letters more than two metres high.

‘I have crosschecked TPS with its European and American clients and they said that it is not an ordinary Chinese company. TPS is professional and their clients are happy, not only with their products but also with their after sales support,’ added Kim.

Exion is planning an open house day in April to demonstrate the machine.


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