12 January 2018

EasyCut Studio Announces Version 4.102 Of Design And Cut Software


The new version of EasyCut Studio 4.102 supports over 100 new vinyl cutters including Goldcut JK Series, Redsail, Liyu, KingCut, Roland PNC, Secabo, Creation PCut, TENETH, UKCutter, VicSign, Ioline, etc. as well as cut selection only and mirror options for Roland cutting machines, and other improvements.

The easy-to-use Design and Cut software allows users to cut professional customised designs and signs with cutting machines, giving them the ability to use fonts, import custom artwork and draw their own shapes. It works well for the advertising industry, car and beauty industry, fashion design, etc. The software supports over 500 vinyl cutters in total, including Liyu, Pazzles Inspiration, Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait, Redsail, Roland, GCC, Saga, ASC365, Seiki, Bosskut Gazelle, Craftwell eCraft, BlackCat, Cougar/Lynx, SilverBullet, USCutter, Vinyl Express machines and more. The software is available for both Windows and macOS and is fully compatible with Windows 10 and the latest macOS 10.13.

A fully functional free trial version can be downloaded from


EasyCut Studio