02 August 2017

Caldera Releases RIP V11.1

Caldera Releases Caldera RIP V11.1
Caldera has released the latest version of its flagship RIP software for sign, industrial and textile inkjet printing: Caldera RIP V11.1. Available on Caldera Usernet and via the online notification functionality, the company has concentrated its efforts on improving the existing modules to offer users enhanced colour management, more automation possibilities, an improved ink savings average and more complete finishing tools.

EasySelect enables Caldera RIP to use the size and type of loaded media in the printer. It allows users to print directly on the loaded media, decreasing loading errors. The level of integration depends on the manufacturer and the model.

Exponential Targets in EasyMedia allow improved ink linearisation when the ink limit needs to be very low to avoid bleeding or oversaturation. Thanks to this new scale, users can reach a new level of colour management accuracy, improving colour reproduction when printing on coated media.

The V11.1 PrintBleed interface has been completely rewritten in response to customer feedback, enabling superior lettering and canvas finishing. In conjunction with Caldera ContourNesting, it gives users the ability to master Print&Cut workflows as never before.