11 December 2017

Botswana News: Signarama Lists Three Vital Interior Signs For Start-Ups

Botswana News: Signarama shares three vital interior sings for start-up businesses

According to Signarama Botswana, signage is often forgotten among the many decisions that new business owners must make. The company lists the three most important interior signs for new businesses.  

1. Reception Area Signage And Branding

First impressions count, and you only have one chance to make that impression. Ever entered the reception of a company that has left you underwhelmed? The lasting impression the reception area makes on potential customers can (and does) alter their perspective of your company and brand. Get it right, with bold and impactful branding, and you create the impression of success. 

2. Meeting Area Branding

Depending on the type of business you’re opening, you’re either meeting clients (or potential clients) in meeting areas or boardrooms, or on the factory floor. Meeting spaces are a representation of a business’s culture. Wall and window decals are great for customising and transforming an internal space into an area fitting of the culture of the business and atmosphere you’re trying to present. 

3. Safe and Secure With Interior Directional And Instructional Signage

Although not as creative and impactful as the options above, Internal Safety and Security signage is important to remember. It is not only a legal requirement, but signs directing employees and visitors to fire escapes, fire extinguishers, stairways and emergency meeting points are necessary in emergencies. Proper safety and security signage can save lives.

So, while you’re doing 1001 other important things to get your new business and offices ready, remember to consider your interior spaces and signage needs.



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